Good Progress On My Marble Pot

Good Progress On My Marble Pot, The Bonsai Zone, Feb 2022

There aren’t many people on youtube who would take on a such a risky project without much prior experience with marble and have the courage to post the videos without knowing what will happen at the end. This is why I cant stop watching you, truly inspiring. BTW the pot looks so much better and a tip to get the surface wet when sanding. It will make it easier, keep dust to minimum and you can see the pattern much better while taking off material. Cheers

hi everyone nigel saunders here it is a beautiful balmy day today minus 4 degrees celsius or 24 degrees fahrenheit i’m going to be working on my marble pot today i uh brought my pot into photoshop or which is what i use and i did a few ideas and i’m going to remove material from the center of it and i’ll show you the before like it is now and then the after pick of what i hope to kind of achieve today and then i may even add detailed carvings to that panel on the inside if i feel confident and uh so let’s have a look at those photos now [Music] so if i can get anywhere close to that today i’ll be very happy so i’m going to lay out you know where i’m going to grind away the center section of the pot and then i’ll get to work when i was laying out the pot on the computer it looked best if the the ridges were the same height as the feet so i’m going to measure the feet and they’re about they’re they’re about 13 millimeters so if i come up here i’m going to make it a little thicker and then i can bring it down when i even out my lip because it’s going to be pretty rough from the grinding so i think if i if i shoot for one and a half millimeters or one and a half centimeters here and same up top here about here i think that’ll look pretty good so it’s going to be a lot of grinding today be very very dusty out and i’ll be sure to wear protection on my for my lungs and i’m going to try roughing it in and then i’m hoping i can either you know carve it or smooth it out one of the two okay so there you can see the section i’ve got to take out it’s going to be very tricky grinding that out i’ll have to use the edge of the blade and somehow manage my depth it’ll be tough i’m going to lay out those lines all the way around the pot so having these horizontal lines you know these raised sections will make the pot look shallower and longer which is what i want i want it to look it’s going to have a ficus in it of some kind probably my fusion focus so i want the pot to look long and wide and shallow and i think this will really help achieve that and i’ve got one more face to go here there we go okay that is looking good wires are good all right let’s uh start work i’ve got my dust mask that i’ll put on hopefully my glasses won’t steam up they’re really steaming up last time i’ve made it really hard to see all right let’s head outside okay uh [Music] let’s do this what could go wrong [Music] here’s a look at the progress so far so it’s coming along well i uh i’ll have to get my depths right but i’m just kind of roughing it in working quite well yeah it’s a good base and as i said if i carve intricate patterns in here it’s not so critical that this is absolutely flat so i’ll keep going the biggest problem is my glasses keep fogging up on me it’s very annoying i wish these things sealed better oh well if i leave my glasses away like that all right i’ll keep going trying to get all the way around the piece i am making good progress on the pot i’ve got all the backside the end here roughed out and around here i’ve got the other end all roughed out it’s coming it’s coming along i found the best method is i make a groove kind of along my line and then i clean out the material in the middle yeah working quite well i’m uh i think the pots gonna look really good when it’s done it’s gonna have a bit of pizzazz to it okay i’ll keep working away it is a beautiful day but it does get quite cold working out here yeah beautiful day though after a delicious lunch and i warmed up a bit i’m ready to go back at it okay ready to go i’m gonna start this back face here i have finished roughing out the four sides so here’s a look at it i don’t know if you can see it that well but there it is yeah it looks looks quite nice i still have some touch-ups to do you know getting everything absolutely square and that and now i’ve got to decide about the carving or just making it flat you know maybe if it’s carved maybe it’ll be too much i don’t know i’ll see i’m gonna bring it in the greenhouse now and do do a bit of filing try and true up some of my surfaces yeah do a little refinement work i’m going to start scoring up my corners here so i’ll just use like a file and file it to a sharp corner here and like i said i don’t have to go all the way down i just have to go from the square here or the 90 degree corner and kind of blend it in so it tapers down i’ll also be doing some cleanup work on the sides here so starting to flatten it out so you can see where my high spots are and you know i’ll just work away refining it getting all these edges nice [Laughter] be a lot of work but it’ll be uh kind of fun work so all this marble can be you know filed sanded and polished to get it really really smooth it’ll look really nice when it’s done i think [Applause] [Laughter] get all those edges crisp and clean yeah it’ll look really nice i think here is a look at the progress so i’ve squared up the corners you can see them here i went in with the grinder actually and clean them up a lot faster and then i’ll file them smooth but they’re looking pretty good and then i did a little more grinding underneath uh i fixed up the feet a bit so there’s a look at the feet you can see they’re closer to their final shape i chamfered the edges on them i still have some material to take off the bottom but it’s getting there it’s uh you know roughing it in you can see how much the pot sits off the ground now which is nice the water can drip down and flow out got my recessed part roughed in so yeah a lot of progress quite happy with it and the day is not over yet i’m starting to do some finishing work so i tip the pot up like this and i’m cleaning up all these edges like that and then i can clean up the flat spots like that and slowly i’ll get it all shaped nicely [Applause] but you can see it’s it’s slowly getting there you know i did a lot of roughing out today now i got a lot of finishing work to go [Laughter] i can see why so many sculptures are made out of marble it’s a really nice material to work with yeah the pot sure looks longer with this relief in it it stretches it out that was another reason i didn’t want to round the corners on the end is it would make the pot look smaller or less have less width it would kind of round them off with a rectangular like that you get the full length and it it makes the pot look lower and longer and i like that kind of look for a uh a ficus which will eventually be going in here i’m hoping the fusion ficus looks good in here and it’s the pots big enough and all that we’ll see if not we’ll put a nice tree in it that’s for sure here’s a look at the pot so far it’s coming along nicely it’s a lot of work doing all the finishing i’ve just kind of been concentrating on this front face it’s quite uneven i might have to get like a little grinder or something to smooth that out sanding block or something like that but it’s coming along it’s just a lot of work finishing but you know it’ll be worth it in the end once it’s all nicely polished up here’s a look at the pot from the top view so you can see i’ve started finishing these square corners i like the square corners it makes the pot look bigger too more volume even though it’s more of an illusion but yeah so it’s coming along quite nicely i’m enjoying working with the marble i sure have enjoyed this sunny sunday afternoon working away at my marble pot getting the basic structure all roughed in and i think it’s looking quite good i’m going to go inside now and mist all the trees in my plant room and enjoy the warm weather in there and that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone [Music]

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