Work on the Glass Bonsai Greenhouse

I’m pouring the concrete footings for my Glass Bonsai Greenhouse and
stay tuned for bonsai updates too!

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The hardest part of concrete work is the mixing, man it takes a lot of energy to mix all those bags! Well done! Im loving the Natal Ficus! Cant wait to see it next summer.

Video Transcript

hi bunny how are you hi hi bunny it’s okay hi everyone nigel saunders here today is the day that i’ll be pouring the footings for the new glass greenhouse let’s go in and have a look zinn and i worked away the other day putting the form in there the two by fours leveling it all out digging the trenches out i put the rebar in this morning so that you can see the steel rebar down here and i’ve got wooden blocks to space it up to the right height so it’s halfway up and we put these metal hooks in so it’s secured they won’t wobble around while we’re pouring the cement so it should work quite well i hope we’re going to mix the cement in the wheelbarrow the one that has a hole in it hopefully that won’t matter i’ve got the hose out here for our water supply and the bags of cement are under the tarp over here so everything we need i’ve got a shovel over here too for mixing i’ve got a trowel rusty old trowel for leveling it so i’m going to level the cement off to the top of this wooden form hopefully that’ll work i don’t know maybe i’ll get julian to do that so yeah an exciting day ahead i’m not sure how it’s going to end success or failure maybe somewhere in between i’m not going too deep with my footings they’re just they’re down to the clay which is pretty stable down here so all the topsoil is removed and it’s been you know exposed like this for a couple of weeks now i think and it’s very stable so i’m hoping that’s good enough for the greenhouse the greenhouse does have this pretty strong aluminum frame at the bottom and yeah it should go okay i think even if this does move a little bit i’m hoping the rebar holds it all in place and it kind of you know floats like a floating pad or something that’s the plan anyway okay cement work will begin are you ready oops i missed there a bit [Music] okay i kind of missed a bit there didn’t i then the plan is to trowel it so it’s a little low here but i’ll add more but the plan is to then prowl it so it’s nice and level so we’ll get another bag mixed up just keep going all day so mixing up cement bed number two here that looks pretty good there [Applause] all right into the hole it goes okay i’ll try not to miss this time in the corner here okay i’ll just clean the wheelbarrow out [Music] i kind of missed again here a bit that’s pretty good i’ll get the trowel uh so i’m still gonna have to build that up a bit more it’s a little low still in this area but it’s getting there come over here and work on this corner a bit yep that’s coming along so far the cement work is going well it’s kind of leveling really nicely we’ve done three bags of cement so we’re on number four now work is going well we’re kind of going down the sides now each side yeah it’s looking good nice and smooth a nice base to put a greenhouse on well we’re still hard at it making good progress getting closer to the halfway mark here’s a look at the progress we’ve basically just got to do the one end now so it’s going really really well so far we are getting down to the last few bags of cement over here yeah it’s looking good well the footings are all done now it turned out really good i was quite happy and it didn’t take all day i thought it would take the whole day but it only took about two and a half hours which is pretty good hard work though i’ve got all the equipment washed off and i’ve covered up the cement to kind of keep the sun from beating down on it so it doesn’t dry too quickly here’s the ducks coming to check and see what’s going on hi guys you stay out of my cement okay yeah you guys stayed on my cement curious birds i’ll let that dry for at least 24 hours and then i’ve got to build up a cement block wall which will just be one cement block high so i’ll just have to get out the strings and the mortar and make a nice square level wall and then the capper’s on top of that and then finally the greenhouse frame will go on top i blocked all the entrances so the ducks can’t get in here because i know they’ll be in here nosing around they’re very nosy those ducks yeah so now i can go in for lunch i had lots of concrete left over i’ve got one two three four five six seven eight bags left so i’m sure we’ll use that on another project there’s the newest little babies in there i don’t know if you can see them but there’s a black one and a white one oh there’s some food eat your food up they’re just looking at the camera going what is that big eye looking at me it’s time now for today’s updates david who made the pot for my sarissa has offered to make me another pot which is really exciting so i was thinking i need a pot for my bird’s nest spruce the pot it’s in is a plastic pot and it’s been in here oh many many many years like probably 20 years and it’s a good looking pot but it’d be nice to put it in something that matches perfectly if i can kind of get the perfect pot for this tree so this one is a long kind of rectangular pot and i don’t think it needs all that length on this end i mean it could be a shorter pot for sure doesn’t have to be rectangular it could be anything so interesting i’m going to study the tree and try and come up with the perfect pot for my bird’s nest spruce my lychee tree here that zinn gave me is doing really well look at all the new growth coming on the top of it it’s just fantastic there’s a lot of liverwort in the bottom of the pot i’ve got to get out but the trees looking fantastic it’s really growing well my pink pixie bougainvillea bonsai here has got a really colorful flower on top and just one little cluster there hopefully it’ll flower from all these other shoots oh i think there’s flowers developing on the one over here so i think more flowers will be coming so that’s kind of exciting i’ll be picking up the pot that i made at isabella’s tomorrow if it survived the firing which i think it will and this is the tree i’m probably going to put in it my natal ficus and i give that a recent pruning and you can see all the new shoots growing in on it now it’s looking really cool once all those shoots elongate it’s gonna going to look like it has a nice full canopy up top so that’s awesome so that’s the pot i have planned for this and i just noticed some suckers on the trunk i don’t want those on there so i’m gonna rub those off so you just peel them off i want this trunk to be nice and clean no aerial roots no shoots coming off of it just you know a great big enormous canopy on top my brazilian rain tree here has recovered nicely from the repotting finally it took all summer you can see even in the late afternoon the leaves are still open before they used to close early in the morning and stay closed right until the next day so now they’re coming open much more often which means the roots have recovered and it’s growing once again my delonix regia here is doing really well it’s getting a really thick trunk on it for the height of the tree i don’t have any branches on it yet it just has leaves fanning out from the trunk so i’ll have to do my first pinching eventually but not quite yet maybe the end of summer the rosemary bonsai or my wife’s plant is growing really well once again lots of new shoots on it and they’re getting nice and long so that can get pruned maybe before i bring it in for the winter i think my ponytail palm has been growing really well all summer and my plan was to grow it taller so all these hanging leaves don’t get caught under the bottom of the pot so it’s a little bit of a taller tree and it’s grown well this summer and it’s still got a ways to go before all these trailing leaves kind of up above the lip of the pot but it’ll get there here’s the back of my austrian pine and oh boy has it grown well this year it’s really thickened up the needle density is just incredible so that will have to get thinned before the winter so i’m just letting as much energy build up in the tree as possible until fall and then i’ll be doing a lot of needle thinning otherwise you know there’s no light getting into these branches so you won’t get any back budding all the buds will form on the outer tips of the branches and just keep getting longer so and i think it’s really helped thicken up the trunk this year it’s hard to tell but i think it’s thickened up it’s looking quite nice i think my nightshade vine over here it had flowered and now it’s got some green berries on it there if you can see them so those will turn to a yellow orange and then red i think finally so that’s kind of cool i haven’t noticed any flowers forming in the other tips yet maybe that’ll come later the northern bog forest is just sort of sitting dormant at the moment after the last pruning it hasn’t really done much i think it’s just building up energy for next spring there’s all kinds of buds all over the trees so it should do well next year it’ll be really fun miniaturizing all these larch and spruce and trying to create something really cool for the future my native white pine pines strobus has been doing really well this summer after it’s repotting in spring so much so that it’s put on a second flush of growth this year you can see the new shoots up here which is cool i’ve never had that before so it must mean it’s really healthy and growing with vigor so that’s that’s really good to see my last update for today is my african baobab tree these are the ones that i planted last year so this is their second year and you can see the one here is growing really tall the other one’s staying quite short this is the one i planted this year it’s doing really well too amazing so i’ll have to separate those two into separate pots and yeah get them started on their bone side journey well that was a good morning’s work thanks to julian i got it done fairly quickly faster than i expected so i’m going to let it dry and then we’ll continue on this project in the future and that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone

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