Getting My Bonsai Tools Ready for Spring

Getting My Bonsai Tools Ready for Spring, The Bonsai Zone, Jan 2022

Thanks for the tool review and how to keep them sharp and clean!!! Just a thought… That toolbox seems like it might be better being your “other toolbox”. It’s very big and heavy, and the pockets seem much deeper than they should be for easy grabbing and using of small bonsai tools. What about getting a smaller and lighter toolbox for everyday use that keeps things within easy reach? Again, just a thought!

hi everyone nigel saunders here it was a cold night last night it went down to minus 21 degrees celsius and the greenhouse froze over i made sure i emptied all my watering cans because if they freeze it’ll split them open so i emptied them all into these buckets and you can see they’ve frozen over there’s a layer of ice on top it’s just starting to melt now but yeah it got quite cold in here it went down to minus four degrees celsius in the greenhouse the high today is minus 17 degrees celsius so it’s not warming up a whole lot however it is sunny which is nice today’s video will focus on tools i’m going to get my toolbox all sorted out and my tools all sharpened and cleaned up and ready for spring over the winter i have two rooms where i do bonsai work i’ve got the plant room which is attached to the house and i’ve got my greenhouse out here so my tools are kind of being divided so i think today i’ve got to get them all organized i’m going to start by dumping out my my toolbox and then i’ve got to sort through all the tools and see what i actually use and kind of prioritize those tools in the toolbox and the ones that i don’t use very often i might get a secondary toolbox to put those in i also have a lot of tools that have gone rusty they need cleaning and polishing and sharpening so i’m going to put those in a separate pile and i’ll show you how to sharpen them and clean all the tools up i’ve got some good examples of some really rusty ones that we can try and restore and make into a working tool again on the side of the toolbox there’s a zip up pouch and in that pouch goes this hard plastic toolbox and that’s where i put all my scalpels and sharp instruments that you don’t want sticking out and cutting someone so i put all my scalpels and sharp tools in this plastic pouch and then put it on the side of the toolbox here so i think that’s the first thing i’ve got to organize is this hard plastic toolbox in the toolbox i have oil for oiling my pots which does not need to be in there so that can go out i’ve got sandpaper for sharpening tools this is 1000 grit i’ve got a cloth for polishing that doesn’t need to be in there i’ve got a better cloth i’ve got brass marine wool for taking off rust that can stay in there i’ve got a gouge that i can carve wood away with i’ve got a larger gouge and a fishtail gouge for doing really really large carving i’ve got a stone for sharpening the tools i’ve got polishing compound jewelers rouge for sharpening tools i have my dental pick so that’s empty i’m going to shake it out and then reorganize this part of the toolbox oh i got it on the wrong side it goes on this side that’s why it doesn’t fit yeah it gets strapped in on this side here and i think it goes vertical doesn’t it yeah i’ve been a while since i’ve used this toolbox i’ve got this broom here these are really useful for cleaning up work benches um here’s my old one there’s my old one and it’s really useful i use it all the time especially when you’re working on roots and you know cleaning up things really useful but this one’s starting to wear out so i got a new one it’s quite a bit bigger um i don’t know if that needs to be my toolbox it is useful but uh i think i’ll put this in a different section maybe that other toolbox i was talking about so we’ll leave the brooms leave the brooms to the one side here put the butter knife back in there’s another tool here it’s like a big hand claw useful for you know large trees sorting out the roots combing them out i don’t use it very often because i don’t have a lot of large trees so i’m going to put that aside too and that can go in a different toolbox i’ve got a magnifying headset i’ll show you what that looks when i put it on so this headset it’s got a velcro strap at the back and you put it on and then you you you can see things very up close so if you’re looking for bugs or you want to do really detailed work on your tree you can put these on and it really helps you can really see well you don’t have to hold a magnifying glass in one hand it’s a really useful tool but i don’t think it needs to be in my toolbox so again that’ll go in a different toolbox i’ve got rubbing alcohol it’s really useful for cleaning and disinfecting tools um yeah really good that should be in my toolbox because you know you’re using your tools all the time and you need to disinfect your your tools so that will have to go in the toolbox and it’s quite heavy um i guess what i could do is get a smaller bottle and then put some of this in the smaller bottle so i’ll do that so i’ll keep that aside for now and i’ll have to find a little small plastic bottle that i can tip some rubbing alcohol in and that’ll make it a little more compact i’ve got various bits of wire in here i’ve got like this rubberized wire for you know tying up tomatoes and stuff and plants um my channel is mostly just clip and grow i i don’t do much wiring so there’s no point having all this heavy wire in my toolbox so i’m going to set that aside and that’ll go in my other toolbox i’ve got wire cutters here they’re kind of rusty they need cleaning up they’re they’re useful for wire so i’m going to put that with the wire and that’ll go in the other toolbox i’ve got some really long tweezers now these tweezers they were supposed to be stainless steel but they’re just yeah it even says on it stainless steel china and they’ve gone all kind of rusty uh i guess they could be cleaned up they’re quite big but i i don’t really like them they’re they’re they’re a little i don’t know not as precise as my other ones and they don’t really have much more of a reach if you look at these ones you kind of squeeze these ones here now they’re a little longer i guess but i don’t know i think that’ll go in the other toolbox too maybe if we’re working on larger trees again i’ve got a saw in here it’s all gone rusty needs cleaning up this is a tool i don’t use very often if you’re sawing through roots it’s really handy but i don’t use it that often so that will definitely go in the other toolbox that’s really heavy also i’ve got some cutters here i don’t know these aren’t bone side tools i think that i don’t know what they’re used for but they’re nice i i could clean those up that could be part of my tool boxes they’re they’re quite nice i don’t know you don’t want too many tools that do the same job you want as few tools as possible because every tool you have you have to keep it rust free and sharpen it and i think that will go in the auxiliary toolbox too now i got some wire in here this is a electrical wire that’s been softened i won’t put that in the toolbox either toothbrush that’s always handy um i think that’ll definitely go in the toolbox i’ll put that aside and we’ll organize that later see what else is in here i got all these bottle cap watering tops i bought a whole bunch of them because i’m always losing them or breaking them so i’ve got a bunch of those uh they’re very useful they go on the end of your two-liter pop bottles and you can water all your plants they don’t need to be in the toolbox here they can be in the other one i’ve got a chopstick here i don’t really use chopsticks too much uh they’re useful for sorting out soil and stuff but i got the end of my root rake and i find i don’t use it much so i’ll put that aside now in here i’ve got another toothbrush i’ve got scissors ah these are kind of small i use the big blue ones for doing the hedge pruning i don’t use these scissors much at all so i think they can go with the other toolbox too i just want to keep my essential tools in here so this is starting to get cleaned out this middle pocket here i’m just looking to see what other junk i have in here i’ve got i don’t even know what that is what is that oh it’s twist ties and a rag or a paper towel don’t need that in there and then there’s a bunch of old drainage screens in here some more used wire some organic matter yeah and then there’s just a bunch of old drainage screens and debris in here so i think i think i’ll have to tip this toolbox upside down and get rid of all this stuff that’s falling in there yes it was due for a good clean out this so i’ll keep my drainage screens they’re always good to reuse i’ll put them up on the top shelf with the pots and all this can be recycled or not recycled it can be composted so i’ll do that so that cleans out the middle section so i’ve got this end section here and i’ve got three knitting needles in here so i i prefer these over chopsticks because they’re a little pointier on the end so i don’t need three of them i can just put one in and the other two can go in the the other toolbox and then there’s a pair of scissors in here they’re actually really nice shears but you can see how rusty they are so they need cleaning up so i’ll have to do that there’s some screening for repotting i’m not sure if that needs to be in here i don’t think so i think i’ll put that with my other roll of screening material this end pouch i remember now this is the pouch i used to have all my pot stuff my pots my my items for cleaning my bonsai pots is what i meant to say uh so i had like my my mineral oil in here and the reason i kept it in here is this this is a bag so if it ever leaked or anything it wouldn’t you know stain whatever this is sitting on so i think that is a good place to keep my oil from my pots in there and maybe you know my liquids my rubbing alcohol can go in here too so yeah i i think that’ll be a good place for that so i’ll i’ll reserve this end pouch for liquids now this toolbox is really dirty okay so now let’s rotate around here oops i got a pouch here here’s some more of this brass marine wool it’s kind of dirty that can go in the other toolbox i think or with my sharpening stuff i don’t even know my sharpening stuff needs to be in this toolbox everything in this toolbox should be sharp and ready to use maybe my sharpening stuff can be my other toolbox that i get for it i’ve got spoons in here i got spoons like way too many spoons i i got this really nice one with the rosewood handle that one i’ll keep in there um and then i just really need another smaller spoon and these are all kind of blunt at the tips so i think more of like a teaspoon would be better so they’ll go in the other toolbox there’s something in here oh little tiny tweezers stainless they’re kind of handy because they’re really fine if you ever wanted to pick little insects off your tree aphids or something you could nab them with these so that can go in and that that’s got everything out of this side so let’s rotate around to this side now so i have got smaller knitting needles do i need a whole bunch of them no i’ll just put one in there got these are these are just scissors they’re not like a bone side tool they’re kind of cheap i don’t really need them in there because i got them duplicated with you know some better one-size shears so i don’t really need these i’ll put that in the other toolbox i got rubber in here rolls of rubber so this is useful putting around branches if you’re wiring them or tying them down or you know putting guy wires it protects the bark you put a strip of rubber around the branch and then put your your guy wire around it and pull it down so this is actually fairly useful um i don’t think i need three rolls in here so i’ll just keep the one roll and the other two can go in the new toolbox and here i’ve got that butter knife it’s useful for you know getting stuff out of the pot but then again you know i’ve got the spatula on the end of my tweezers that does the same job so i don’t know if i need this one it’s made in japan this may be a little stronger so maybe i will keep it in there here’s a small spoon so these spoons are useful for placing soil around your trees yeah there’s a little small spoon so i’ll put that in there that’s a useful one there’s my dental tools i’ll keep those out oh i’ve got something else in here there’s even a smaller spoon holy wow i’ve got a lot of spoons in here and then in here i’ve got something i just can’t get it out oh my goodness how many oh i know what this is yeah it’s kind of stuck in there i don’t think i’ve ever used it oh my goodness it’s very hard to get out that’s probably why i’ve never used it come here there it is these are little i guess they’re used for leaf pruning you kind of go i’ve never used them i i’ve got scissors that do the job i mean if you had to defoliate a tree that had a thousand leaves on it maybe these would be better i don’t know i don’t know should i keep them in the toolbox won’t for now no sense duplicating tools so that’s got this end cleaned out so all my four corners are cleaned out i better take my plastic case out i’ll just because i want to tip this to a box upside down this rose cleaned out this rose cleaned out so this is the last row to clean out so i’ve got i got my bypass pruners these are the ones that don’t have a spring on them the spring popped out and i never found it they still work well they need sharpening i have a newer pair that has the spring in so i probably don’t need both in this toolbox so this one can go in my other toolbox as a backup i’ve got my famous pruners that got left out in the weather and uh yeah when i found them again they were all rusty like this it’s too bad so this is one of the ones that’s going to get cleaned up in a future video i’ll polish it all up so it looks like a brand new tool again sharpen it get it working because it’s a really nice tool it’s kind of like a branch pruner and a concave cutter all in one so that’ll get cleaned up and that’ll definitely stay in this toolbox and then i’ve got my maiden usa scissors these are a little smaller i’ve got my blue my large blue ones i use for hedge pruning i don’t really use these ones at all so i’m not going to put them in the toolbox oh there’s still more tools down here [Music] if i can get them out oh my goodness ah the big pliers i’ve got these big needle nose pliers useful for bending wire and things i’ve never used them much so they’ll go on the other toolbox they’re really heavy too i don’t want this toolbox to be too heavy otherwise you hate lugging it around i’ve got here’s a little soil scoop which is really nice it’s it’s a little tiny one and then it’s got tweezers on the one end so that’s kind of a useful tool i’ll keep that one in the toolbox i’ve got my curved scissors they’re useful for trimming moss and roots and everything so they’re good and the rest are all scissors i’ve got scissors galore in here i’ve got fancy seahorse scissors i’ve got stork scissors i’ve got little tiny curved scissors i’ve got little tiny straight scissors i’ve got straight larger scissors and more tiny curved ones so i’ve got a lot of scissors they probably all need sharpening so i’ll do that and i’ll show you how to sharpen scissors and that is it my toolbox is empty there’s a piece of wire down here that is empty so i’m going to take it outside turn it upside down and shake it all out and maybe even run the vacuum in here and try and clean it up a bit there’s all kinds of debris at the bottom that’s collected over the years much lighter now that all the tools are out too i had way too many tools in here that i didn’t use there’s a spider’s nest down in here yeah so i’ll give this a clean out here’s a look at the ground where i shook out all the debris from my toolbox quite a bit of stuff that was in the bottom of it is it ever cold in here it’s gone down to one degree celsius so one degree above freezing in here i had to turn off the second heater because it makes so much noise and it’s just cooled down in here outside it is minus 13 now so it’s warming up pretty good i don’t think it was supposed to get up that high today but maybe with the sun out it’s kind of a little warmer than it’s was expected i took the toolbox outside turned it upside down shook out all the loose stuff in the bottom then i went in the house and vacuumed it out so it’s nice and clean so now i’m going to start putting tools in it and i’m going to make sure every tool i put in is sharp cleaned up and oiled and ready for spring because the sun is out today the greenhouse is beginning to warm up when i left to clean the toolbox out it was only one degree in here one degree above freezing and now it’s at six degrees celsius so it’s a little nicer in here it was getting pretty cold working away at one degree in here the first tool that i want to put in the toolbox is my concave branch pruners the ones that are all rusty i’m going to begin tomorrow to restore them try and make it look like a brand new tool so it works really well yeah it should be fun i hate seeing them like this all rusty it’s kind of sad because it’s such a handy tool to use i was out last night downtown in our city filming this light show that’s on display at city hall so i’ll show you some video of that today’s update is a light display down at our city hall it’s minus 20 degrees celsius out tonight but the place is just full of families checking out the lights and having fun [Music] um [Music] today i started the process of organizing my toolbox and i’ll be getting all my bonsai tools sharpened up and i’ll show you what i use each tool for as i go and i don’t know how long this series will be because i’ve got a lot of tools that i need to recondition and sharpen up to get them ready for spring so that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone [Music]

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