Fuji Cherry Nursery Stock: Bonsai Wedge Cut (Experiment)

Fuji Cherry Nursery Stock: Bonsai Wedge Cut (Experiment)

Wedge cut chop of Fuji Cherry nursery stock bonsai material. In this video I’m taking the first step on the road to bonsai for this nursery stock Fuji Cherry ‘kojo no mai’. I’m eyeing up the material for air layers, and apply a wedge cut to reduce the height of the tree.

Progress update: https://youtu.be/KWE6gm0knbg

Kojo’s heal slowly, and anything I can do to improve the final quality of the tree is worth doing. A wedge cut can enable larger wounds to heal better/faster, so I’m experimenting with one on this tree.

I’ll eventually train this tree as a smaller, shohin or mame, sized bonsai.


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