FREE Tutorial Bonsai Lilly Pilly Repotted

This Lilly Pilly has an interesting base and now that it is in a bonsai pot I will attempt to try and train it in the coming months and years. These are very resilient trees and took punishment when I dug it up.
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That is a serious root base tutorial! The kids are keen to “start trimming” (Sebastian’s words) the Lilly Pilly they got from you at the show, and this has certainly inspired my to want to look at the base. I promised them that we would get to it next weekend, so I will have to send you some photos as we work on it.

Video Transcript

g’day youtube welcome back to my channel bonsai works i’m david unfortunately my sound recording didn’t work on the video on the first half of this video so i’ve got a voice over here you’ll see my mouth moving like in the japanese movies that got dubbed way back in when um anyway this is a lillypilly that i dug up from the ground uh probably six months to a year ago now i can’t remember exactly i’ve done a video on this tree before and a couple of its siblings but um this tree i want to actually have a look closer look at it it’s got a really good nabari or roots spread nabari is the root spread down down low where the roots and the soil meet so the nabari that wideness um i want to be able to raise it so i can actually have a look and my intentions is to put it into this mica mica pot my kid is just a hard plastic now the reason i want to put into there is one reason it’s round so i can actually spin it around and see where the front is i haven’t really decided on the front for this tree just yet so be able to spin it around but also the mic out i can drill holes into the micropot and then anchor branches and trunks to it so instead of wiring up the trunks i can actually put a guy wire tie it to the pot through a hole that i’ve done and bend it so it’s just these trunks are very firm and very rigid so this enables me that part enables me to create the holes thread it through through the wire through and pull it down so that’s the plan so i want to really get stuck into this tree i think it’s really just it grows like a weed it’s very very very rigorous um doesn’t have any issues in terms of health it just just keeps powering along so i don’t think it’s going to have any issues with recovering within a month or two and then i’ll look at trying to wire this tree up and start to place branches and clean it up maybe get rid of some trunks or someone but in the meantime i’m just going to really repot this tree today nice simple um simple lesson nothing too nothing too major but the important thing is getting out of this plastic part so i can work on it in a month or two’s time so we’ll be back soon right everyone so i gave the i’ve taken it out of the pot and i’ve given it a good wash and you can see the all the nice healthy roots um it became obvious that this side definitely has to be the front because of the base and the roots this side is pretty much just your seats kind of just chopped off it doesn’t look the best this side the trunks are more to the front where this side the trunks are more to the back which would look better but that base is pretty horrendous so i’m going to have to go with that as the front and work on it so i’ve really given a good wash of the old soil got a rid of it all i’m going to plant it in at this angle in the pot and the roots are pretty good they’re actually quite flat so it’s pretty much flat there so i’ve worked underneath and cut out the big roots before so that’s good so it should just go straight into that pot um and we should be right here so i’m just going to go ahead and do that remember i mount it up in the middle i’m going to try and put the ties at the back a couple of ties that i want to put so lily pillars are quite indestructible in a way um so you know i pretty much just grabbed this and cut it right out of the ground it was pretty hacked it out pretty much um so we’re gonna be pretty easy to recover from this i think all right everyone so nicely nicely in a pot now nicely repotted um should just you know go along and plod along and survive but you can see now that that’s why i wanted to try and expose this base so i can start to work with the tree um and just to show you what i want to plan on doing is um somewhere in there will be the front somewhere i’m not sure maybe maybe at a different angle slightly different ways but the point of having this pot is that i can put holes and drill holes into it because it’s plastic and start to you know wide wide branches white trees down but i can’t do it now because i’ve just repotted the tree but you can actually start to you know bend branches and tie them up there rather than try and wire the wire to each bridge each trunk so that’s that’s why i want to do that way you know easily to move it through easily i can move the trees around um you know maybe that’s the front there spin it around so it opens up a lot of options um that’s it i can’t really i can’t really work on it just because um i just repotted it i wanted to establish and once it’s established then i can do some work on it so it wasn’t very it wasn’t very um exciting i guess this one but um hopefully you might see the reason why i took it out of the pot the other plastic pot so i can actually start working on it another windy day of course in melbourne nothing nothing surprising um and you know really start to develop some of these branching like it’s quite tall still i want to reduce that but i’m just going to let her recover for a month or two and then work on it because this thing you saw the roots they grow really well you pretty much had no roots when i broke it out of the ground and now it’s cut kicked along really well so another another pot and i mean another tree repotted probably i only got a couple more property to do this season i’ve got one more large spruce i want to do and it’s coming up um and then yeah we’ll look at this later on anyway guys i don’t know hopefully you guys enjoyed that one and i’ll see you soon bye

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