Facts You Should Know About Bonsai

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Bonsai

Today i have two visitors from very far afield i have here Brian from Philadelphia in the United States and i have Alex from Southern Germany he is visiting so we always get visitors from abroad and i love people who visit because i feel they are all part of the family so you know virtually every video that i produced.

Video Transcript

So you recognize the office just now so uh welcome to harness and would you like to say something because i’m always intrigued why people uh like following me because i have been doing the youtube videos not for any other reason but simply to show what you can do with bonsai i don’t pretend to be a great bonsai master because i’m not i’m not like the great kimura that people who can carve and do fanciful things but i just want to spread the joy of bonsai so you tell me in your own words why do you find my videos helpful or entertaining well first of all they’re you know a lot of people say they’re very calming however i will tell you that your method of instruction is very uh simplistic practical and uh it just makes a lot of common sense and so what i’ve been able to do over the past several years that you’ve been doing these and you know after discovering your your classes because that’s what they are um i’ve been able to put together some very nice trees in fact two of my trees made it into the philadelphia flower show which is the uh oldest flower show in the united states and in particular my beach forest that i learned from you oh so that made it to the philadelphia flower show and uh you know you’re you’re like the our mentor our you know our virtual mentor but now personally okay yeah for me i was interested in bonsai since 30 years oh but had a very different life with an artistic career and it was funny because in march 2020 right before the pandemic started i was traveling to japan and we visited this wonderful japanese gardens and that reminded me ah there was something 30 years ago what i wanted to do and then we were locked down and so and okay how can we uh manage our lives and then all of a sudden on one evening i started to uh google for bonsai and it came along your videos and what makes my bonsai video different from other people because i like to see how i can improve it i think it’s the simplicity of the way you you process through it the way you get right into doing the pruning that most people are getting very frightened of doing things and i think you say don’t worry it’s going to be fine that was exactly what happened to me is aha you can do it from the stretch right with very simple things you can go out to the woods dig something out and then start and also try to work and also then they have timing patience and stuff like that but to watch you do a tree you can take a tree from nothing to something in one hour and in fact i am doing a class learned i’ve learned from you i’m doing a class at one of our arboretum uh in the springtime teaching bonsai and i’m going to be using the peter chad i’ll be mentioning your name no i believe that knowledge is not the monopoly of any single person or group of persons right it should be shared widely and i don’t agree with people who keep it all to themselves you know i like to just spread them so that’s my my videos are free i don’t charge for it i just like to spread the knowledge and a lot of people don’t like me doing it but there you are yeah but it’s surreal having watched you for the past few years it’s actually surreal to be here and it’s an honor to meet you oh don’t say that no but it is from our i mean you have to understand you know we’re thousands of miles away and we’re able to meet you winter is not a very nice time because all the benches are empty so there are trees around so i’m really delighted that you are able to come so we will be on the youtube videos and other people can appreciate what you have told me perfectly thank you very much guys you’re welcome [Music] you

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