EXPOSED ROOT BONSAI: Styling and Maintenance

In this workshop guys uh we will be working on this uh ficus nana uh we will discuss all about the how to take care of ficus bonsai and how to style style bonsai six to seven years old is and then [Music] directly downward [Music] one  hello friends this is mackie i just want to plug jaco’s youtube channel while they’re working on this beautiful bonsai to those who don’t know him i made a short introduction about treco in the previous video i really want to see him excel in youtube and be known in the bonsai community both locally and internationally he’s still young but i can really see his potential and it would be a waste if he stops doing this just because he’s not supported enough anyway when he recorded this video he actually went on youtube live in his channel so if you want to watch a whole video without cuts edits and speed change like this one i will link his youtube channel in the description box below this is something new that we’re trying in both our channels we think live videos are great for interaction especially when you have questions in the middle of the workshop that needs answers right away i suggest that you subscribe and turn on your notifications so that you will know when he will go live next time he’s speaking together for the most part but he said he will try to speak in english more in the future to cater to an international audience so yeah please support jacqueline’s sponsor journey by subscribing to his youtube channel that’s all happy bonsai guys three [Music] guys [Music] foreign foreign [Music] [Music] is [Music] guys [Music] [Music] uniform nothing now 45 degrees to 60 degrees guys little [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] do [Music] [Music] do [Music] [Music] layering [Music] [Music] look so thank you for watching guys i hope you have learned in this episode a live workshop and happy

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