DIY Chinese Juniper Blaaws

In this video I take the raw material of a Chinese Juniper Blaaws and wire it into bonsai. This DIY bonsai kit can be bought on our website

The chinese juniper bonsai variety blaaws has been a very popular line on our nursery this year it was with great difficulty that we could get a contract to grow to produce these for us look at them they’re every bit 45 centimeter tall now and they’re almost impossible to get they may have the juvenile foliage but believe you me it’s no different from the kisu chinese juniper and they come usually either with single trunk or multi-trunk but whatever it is you can have so much option to do different styles the cascade style is possible and you can also do the proverbial informal upright or s shape let’s begin by doing the s shape we always begin by taking it out of the flower pot and then we will scrape away the soil from around the trunk to reveal the trunk because there’s invariably quite a lot of trunk below the soil surface don’t remove all the soil sometimes i’ve noticed people who come on my classes they get so enthusiastic they remove all the soil from the root ball you must never do that that will stress the tree just remove it from around the trunk i’m just trying to reveal the trunk and you can see the lovely root base on nibari what they call and i’m going to make it into an s shape you notice that these two branches or three branches are almost the same thickness this is typical of the way chinese junipers grow so when they’re grown like this you’ve got to select what you want and create the branches as you wish so with this one i’m not going to use these very low branches they could have been used as sacrificials but i’m not going to do that i’m now going to wire these two these are fairly similar thickness so i will use that and i’m going to use two and half mil wire two and a half mil should do it so enough you will get enough wire in the kit this is a slightly more expensive thing because chinese juniper is highly sought after tree so we’re going to wire two branches with this single piece of wire in fact after a bit of consideration i think the two and a half mil may not do the job i may need to go through three mil okay let’s give it the benefit of the doubt you will get two and a half or three mil wow so i’m going to wire two branches which are fairly similar in thickness i’m choosing two branches which are fairly similar and then take it up to the top one which is the main one i can already see two other pairs which are crying out to be wired but let’s do this first so all you have to do is wrap it around but be careful not to trap these little small branches they will become bigger branches they grow very rapidly so you get results very quickly every time i make these for a demonstration the trees get sold because people always ask to buy them okay so that is the first two and then there’s another pair which is fairly simplistic this now i can now use the now i will use still the i think it’s two and a half or three remember what i said about finding pairs as long as you find pairs that should be okay i just found another pair which is better suited if you didn’t want to cut these long shoots off you can just let them grow it’ll make the tree bigger and there’s now oh you said there’s still another pair but it’s not the same thickness so i will do a two branch wiring one branch but i will wire it to an existing branch that has been wired so even if you have just one branch on its own you can always apply the two branch principle by doing it this way that means find one branch that you’ve already wired and hook it onto that and wire it up okay i want the main branches now let’s arrange it into the informal upright s shape every other loose branch you find around if you wire them up you can’t go wrong by doing that you notice that as far as i can help i’m not using bonsai tools i’m just using ordinary fel core garden sectors bonsai tools are useful but if you don’t want to use them you don’t have to as you get more advanced you can use bonsai tools but for the time being just use ordinary garden tools i can see i’m not doing my business any service because i’m not able to sell tools by telling you that but it’s just to give you the satisfaction of just using ordinary garden tools now i find another long branch so every visible branch that you think can be wired just why if you wire everything you can then arrange it as you wish so i’ve created the main s shape there are lots of branches as i said if you didn’t want to cut any of this off just put it back in a big flower pot or big bonsai training pot and grow it on and you will get a larger bonsai you can certainly get a larger bond size straight away now this has not been wired let me just show you what i mean i’m just going to wire that top a little more because i ran out of that very thick wire i didn’t need the thick wire anyway i’m just hooking it to one of these branches that have already been wired and i’m going to extend it to the top extending to the top like that so the two branch principle is you see i’m hooking it to this small branch and with this thin one i’m taking it all the way to the top because i want to give it just an extra little s at the top so with that wire i’ve been able to do that you can wire all these as well if you wish so that would be a very credible bonsai to grow on big but if you didn’t want to grow it so big you can reduce the long shoots shorten the wrong shoots then they become more compact you get more ramification and there you are you have the start of a very credible chinese juniper bonsai juniper bonsai cost a lot to buy because the imported chinese junipers are very expensive it is the most popular and sought after species in bonsai at the moment and the blaze is just another chinese juniper it is very similar to kisu as i’ve told you on many of my other videos when a blouse is grown well you just cannot tell the difference between that and the true chinese joker now i’m going to use a slightly deeper and bigger plastic bonsai pot and this is what you will get in the kit like so and that is the bloss juniper planted up you can just put back the original soil that came out of the pot and that’s complete i’m just going to show you another one because i said to you that these bloss juniper come in so many different shapes so what this one it had so many different trunks i made a cascade with it can you see the difference exactly the same but i made a long branch or the leader cascading down so you can create a cascade as well so the bloss is such a versatile tree so this is another useful kit that you can buy through our website [Music] you

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