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Creating Jade Bonsai, Part 1, The Bonsai Zone, Feb 2019

I am pruning a Jade bonsai forest and watering my newer Jade forest for the first time.

I prune a large Jade cutting to get it ready to plant later.

The scientific name for the Jade plant is Crassula ovata.

Creating Jade Bonsai

Hi everyone nigel saunders here today’s video is going to be all about jade bones ice i’ll be working on this small jade forest i’ll be planting this large jade cutting I’ll be repotting this small Jade that I have and I’ll be giving my jade forest its very first watering this coming up today in the bone size own today we’ll start working on my small jade forest I never intended this to be a forest it was just a pot with bonsai soil and I stuck a bunch of jade cuttings into the pot and they’ve grown really nicely and I kind of like the arrangement of them I can do some tweaks but they’ve kind of grown from small cuttings and they’re getting larger and I kind of like it as a forest so I’m going to keep it as a jade forest I’m looking at the forest from the front and I don’t like the pot it’s in it’s a little small and the color is certainly not right for this planting I do like the trees over on the left-hand side they’re kind of wind blown so they look kind of kind of nice and dynamic the tree on the right hand side here it kind of counteracts that or balances the sort of windswept look so it looks okay I don’t really like the tree in the middle there it’s yeah I have a crown of thorns cutting at the back also that I’ll have to remove so I’ll try and find a better looking pot for it I think a slightly larger pot maybe even a little shallower and the right color the feet are a nice color they tone with the bark color on the Jade but that aquamarine blue color on the glaze certainly doesn’t match anything it’s it’s just like a totally different color it doesn’t match the green of the leaves so yeah that’s maybe not so good I’ll have a look around inside here to see if I can find a pot that’s a little more suitable I couldn’t find any pots indoors so I’m heading outside now to see if I can find a pot in the backyard here hopefully I can it’s looking pretty snowy out here let’s check in the greenhouse and see if I’ve got any hidden away in there if there’s any on the benches I definitely won’t be able to find them I’ll leave the greenhouse door open because when it snows in Isis and there’s just no way you’ll get it open so I leave it open just enough for me to squeeze in here okay so I have there’s a clay pot here that is a little small I think I’ve got there’s a big plastic one I’ve got this pot which is all broken apart it’s a nice sized pot that the colors a little better it would it would have done but it’s all broken so I can’t use that I mean it would maybe do as a training pot but I’ve got a couple of pots over here but they’re too small they’re just little tiny ones I’ve got some plastic tray type pots for landscapes I’ll be doing something something with those these summer so yeah I’m not thinking here I don’t think not see anything let’s look on the shelf outside here come over here and I have a lot of pots on the shelf out here there’s blue pots there’s a small green one it’s a small black one there’s a this one’s that one’s not too bad see that one you can’t see that there that one’s alright actually it’s kind of a nice you know all of the kind of green color that one might do Wow look at that is that cool it’s like abstract art that’s amazing let’s go look at this Bruce’s back here look at those you look beautiful covered in snow Wow a cedar tree it’s gotta check out the backyard while I’m back here oh yeah that’s looking pretty white yeah that looks really really nice winter can be very beautiful amazing in the oak tree there still has some of its leaves on the tree I can hear the ice blowing in the wind on the branches there’s my Scots pine you see the nice red color on the bark okay very beautiful out here now the bonsai benches are pretty snowy you’ve got to put a new roof on the plant room this year I’ve got a few drips in the ceiling and leaks from weird joints to the house I gotta fix that I’ve got the pot back indoors now and it’s not quite as large as the old one the old ones it’s the same length it’s a little wider in the spot but it just doesn’t have the same surface area with this lip here it’s a little deeper and I don’t really need the depth I mean these trees have a shallow root system right now it’s like why would I make it deeper so I think what I’m going to do is look around for a better pot I will be visiting the bolts i guy over March break we’re gonna head down I want to buy quite a few pots I think I want to get some big flat oval ones and I’ll try and get one that’s more suitable for my jade forest here I think what I’ll do they the trees need pruning they’re nice and healthy you can see the nice green leaves they’re being growing well we haven’t been getting a lot of sunshine this winter it’s been like cloudy almost every day there was one point in time where we’ve got three sunny days in a row and that’s being the longest and you know up until then I’ve been getting one sunny day like maybe once every two weeks it’s been a very cloudy winter so so you can’t expect your trees to grow with lots of vim and vigor if you’re not getting any sunshine coming through the windows I’ll be doing some hard pruning to these cuttings if they come up they divide from one to two this one so I’ll probably cut it off fairly short kind of get that and I’ll round a profile to the overall shape of the canopies but they’re very you know long no taper you know not much branching so yeah that’ll be the first thing I think I’ll do is I’ll reduce the height of the the trees I’m down here at eye level I’ll just turn it so I can see the front here I do want the trees in the foreground the trees closest to the viewer to be taller and sort of get forced perspective so the ones in the background will be smaller and smaller in diameter which they are pretty well so I’ll take this one off I think right here so here I go and I’m going to take this one off even shorter right here the Jayde’s have rings on them you can see almost looks like bamboo and I like to cut in between those rings because the new leaves come out on the edges of those rings so that’s where I cut in between it allows a bit of die back and keeps your the part you want to keep nice and safe so there’s that first tree reduced down so the ones behind I want to get them even shorter so I’m going to come down to here for that one and the back one even shorter so I’ll come right back to here so just be a stump so that’s kind of got that side cleaned up now I think what I’m going to do instead of rearranging the trees today I’ll leave it until I get the new pot and then I can repot them all at once and I can arrange the planting then because the new pot might be slightly larger and I might be able to incorporate some of these cuttings that I just made into the new planting to make you know maybe a slightly larger forest so for today what I’ll do is just reduce the height of the trees down let them start to recover and grow new leaves and then after March break I’ll repot it into its new pot so here I go with the other trees I want the one at the back here fairly very short so I’m gonna prune it off right here and this tree it has some divisions here so I’ll keep those I’ll put it off here and here and this tree as a sprout coming out there I kind of want it yeah maybe I’ll keep this structure up here I’ll just prune it here like that reduce this one back so that’ll possibly be the tallest tree in the planting here’s a look at the Jade forest after pruning it’s hard to imagine what it’ll look like in the future but you know these will all sprout leaves and branches and will rearrange it put it in a nice pot and it should look quite nice so that’s all for that planting for today here’s a look at all the cuttings that I have left over from pruning the forest it’s quite a lot but I’ll keep them and as I say when I go to repot it I may put the forest in a larger pot and I can use these cuttings to make a denser forest here’s a look at my jade forest that was started this winter it’s in a similar state to the forest they just pruned down but it’s starting to grow its new leaves in so it kind of gives you an idea of you know you prune them back and then they grow new leaves and branches and you can get some really nice miniature looking trees I’ve never really watered this planting I’ve just been misting it so today I’m going to give it its first thorough watering the soil is very dry in the plant room here it’s quite humid and these Jane’s will grow if you have a cutting on your bench they’ll grow aerial roots right in the air because of the humidity in the plant room I’ll show you some of those root hairs that are growing out on my jade cutting I got this large cutting from Joey from the kW of bonsai Society I got it at last month’s meeting in January the third Wednesday in January and it’s just been sitting on the bench since and it’s grown you can see right here there’s root hairs coming out right here there’s a few root hairs and there’s some also coming out down here so just you know and it stayed green it’s been you know quite a few weeks just sitting with no soil no watering I do missed it but now there’s even root hairs coming out here in between the leaves so yeah it’s some over here well some here to root hairs everywhere so so because it’s so humid in the plant room I haven’t been worried about watering my jade forest up here too much because I know the roots will grow in the humid air because of the high humidity in the plant room here I know Jade roots will grow in mid air just sitting on a bench so I was never worried that my cuttings would dry out but now that they’re starting to get leaves I think they can use more water so I’m going to give it a thorough watering I always add a little bit of fertilizer to my rain water so I have a little baby spoon here and I just add that much fertilizer into two liters of water I mix it up and now I can water my forest so here I go it’s very first thorough watering now the soil is very porous so I don’t think I’ll get any problems with root rot I’ll make sure I drain the pot really well so there’s no standing water in it okay I think that will do I think that’s a good thorough watering it’s starting to come out the drainage holes now to make sure the soil is thoroughly drained from your pot it’s a good idea to tilt the pot up so I just put something under the one side I’m just putting a little pot here and all the water will flow out this end drainage hole and you know you won’t have any standing water in the bottom of the pot some pots kind of have a dish shape in the bottom that holds water so this ensures that you get good drainage in your soil after tilting the pot up like this I notice there’s a new pool of water underneath the pot so that worked it drained more water out of the soil which is really important for your succulent bonsai irrigate our both side that use a lot of water you may not need to do this the pumice that I use for soil is starting to turn a green color I don’t know if that’s algae or moss starting to form on the surface maybe a little of both I don’t know but yeah it’s definitely losing that white color so as the soil gets older you’ll find that all these white pumice particles and perlite particles will turn a darker color I’m really happy with the progress of this jade forest I think by the end of summer the trees will have grown lots of branches and leaves and start looking like a real forest and I think the pot won’t look quite so large I think you know as the trees grow it’ll all come into proportion so I’ll put the Jain forest back on the bench and we’ll get on with planting our large cutting my next task will be to turn this large jade cutting into the start of a bonsai tree so I’ve got to look at the cutting it’s you can see it’s rather one-sided it yeah it obviously came off the tree and didn’t get much light in this direction but a lot of loose leaves falling off it so I’ve got to go in and look at the structure and decide what I want to keep and what I want to prune off here’s a look at the Jade cutting I’ve got a leaning up against the stand here I don’t really want to touch the bottom the cut point on the bottom is dried out after you know quite a few weeks so you know if I wanted a shorter trunk I could cut the trunk off cut the bottom of it off here have a shorter trunk but I don’t want to do that because then I’d have to let that cut point dry out again for another couple of weeks and I don’t mind the height of the trunk I think it’s it’s not that tall before you get to the first branch so you can imagine this growing thicker and you know the trunk we’ll just keep looking fatter and less slender I guess is the word to pot the tree up I’ve definitely got to take some weight off the top of the tree otherwise it’ll just tip over in the pot unless you know you put all kinds of rocks around it to kind of hold it in place as a first step i’ll defoliate the cutting defoliation is just a matter of getting each leaf giving it a twist and they come off just like that defoliation will allow me to see the structure better so I can make you know better decisions on the pruning these leaves look really healthy they’re a nice green color the plant should have lots of vigor in it I don’t think leaf pruning it will be of any worry there’s a double leaf here look at that can I grew up like a piece a V one of the nice things about Jade’s is that you can get them pretty well anywhere any garden center has them and they’re not all that expensive and as they get old they can look like a really ancient majestic tree a well done Jade bonsai is quite a sight to behold there’s a difference between a jade bonsai and a jade house plant and you know it’s all to do with the structure and the branching the presentation the age Joey has some really nice Jade bone size in his collection and you can imagine the size of some of his Jade’s if this is a cutting off of it he has some big ones I finished defoliating the Jade there’s a big pile of leaves here and now you can see the structure of the tree much more clearly the cutting is much lighter now it’s actually really light there’s a lot of weight in these leaves all the water must be in the leaves because this is really light that’ll stay up in a pot no problems finding a pot for the Jade might be more of a problem I do have a great big Japanese pot that I have no tree for it’s way too big for this Jade but it would work as a training pot so I think I’ll get that out and see how it looks here’s the large clay pot I have ideally with a bonsai the height of the pot should be about the diameter of the trunk so you can see on this pot you would need a tree that’s really really big I have no tree that size so I’m going to try putting the Jade in here one thing’s for sure it won’t need repotting in a long time it’ll look quite small in this pot but you know I hope to grow it quite large someday so yeah this is about the only pot I have that is even close to being suitable so this will be the pot I planted in Jayde’s will root from the leaves if you were to plant one of these leaves in soil it would grow roots and start a new tree but I don’t need anymore Jade’s I’ve I’m gonna have trouble fitting this one into my plant room as it is so I’ll just compost these leaves before I plant the tree I will give it a pruning there’s an upright branch here that needs to be pruned off so I’ll take that one off there’s two branches here here and here that are kind of the same I will keep the one that’s you know towards the middle of the tree as an upright trunk and I’ll prune the other one off keeping the horizontal branch like that there’s a branch here that’s starting to grow over top of the branch below so I will try and redirect that so I’ll poon it off shorter and try and read your redirect the growth into a new area so each branch has a spot of sunlight there’s a branch here that divides from one into three I’ll take the one that’s going straight up off like that there’s a branch here that’s shooting straight upwards I’ll remove that there’s a branch back here that’s shooting straight upward so I’ll remove that one I don’t mind them going upright or vertical but they have to fan out from the center of the tree I don’t want these vertical poles all around the tree there’s a branch that’s going in towards the structure here so I’ll remove that one again I want all my major trunks to fan out from the center of the tree stub of one I’ll prune off here this this branch here is starting to get quite tall it’s kind of competing with the main trunk here so I’ll take a bit of that off just reducing it in height a bit like that and the rest are looking pretty good no problems

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