Designing an Olive Bonsai tree

Designing an Olive Bonsai tree

In this advanced styling we design a stunning Olive Bonsai tree (Olea sylvestris). It was collected in Mallorca, Spain, a few years before this video was shot. The work was done by Rafael Torres and Bjorn Bjorholm, who teaches several online courses on our website:

Topics discussed:
– Preparing the tree and making sure it is very healthy
– Defining the age of the tree
– Cleaning the trunk
– Creating deadwood
– Tools used to create deadwood
– Using fire to enhance the deadwood
– Design Process and branch selection
– Wiring and setting branches
– Cutting back to younger growth
– Designing the apex
– Care (including fertilizer, fungus identification, etc)
– Repotting (at the end of the video)
– Future steps to take

Learn to master the art of Bonsai!

Spanish version of this movie:

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