Creating My Bonsai Plant Room

Creating My Bonsai Plant Room

I like watching you because, even though I don’t have any real bonsai, I learn a lot from you that is applicable to almost any type of potted plant. Keep up the good work.

hi everyone nigel saunders here we had a warm day yesterday it went above freezing for the first time in a long time so i collected rain water and i got my barrel full over here is my barrel so you can see it’s topped all the way up it was down maybe a third of the way down i’ve got some spare buckets of water on the floor that’s all my clippings from leaves that have fallen off and pruning so everything in the plant room is doing really well i’ve got my sarissa up here warming up now and it’s starting to grow like crazy once again so that’s good to see what else is new um there’s buds coming i prune my ficus elasticas that force way back and the clump style and there’s all kinds of buds coming out on the forest now so that’s kind of exciting i don’t know if i can get in a little closer to show you i’ll try this room is pretty crowded there’s the top of it yeah there’s buds coming out all over it so that’s good to see over here is my jade that i prune back that one that’s really short and squat i’m styling like a baobab you can see all the new growth coming in on that so that’s exciting to see the ginkgo beside it over there the little seedling that’s growing well my bougainvillea is still in flower looking really nice my aloe is continuing to grow you can see i prune it off here and then you can see the green leaves pushing up again you can kind of see it continuing to grow so that should be looking better in a a few weeks i think yeah everything is doing really well this winter the temperatures have been very cool we’ve had a cold winter so far so i haven’t got a lot of growth in the plant room here um it’s just been too cool for the trees to get going but lately it’s been warming up and you can see like on the ficus here you can see all the bright new green growth on it things are doing well here’s my hibiscus that yellow hibiscus i prune back it’s doing quite well um my portulacary afroforest is really doing well those scars are looking really good on the back yeah really happy with that the ficus they’re doing super continuing to fill in those canopies are getting thick a few of the leaves have dropped off the inside occasionally i get a yellow leaf just from lack of light and that’s just natural as it looks you know you let the canopy grow out you’re going to get some of this interior stuff shaded out a bit but it’ll all get hard pruned back eventually i’m going to continue to grow it and thicken up that trunk and get more aerial roots i’m hoping to get some some more hanging down from branches and things i think that’ll look really cool my saber-leaf ficus is starting to push out buds after its last pruning the fiddle leaf ficus the ficus lyrada it’s got all kinds of new leaves and shoots coming on it very exciting not much growth on the christmas cactus yet but i can see little buds developing at the tip yeah i think that’ll be coming out into new leaves soon and eventually it’ll weep again it’ll look quite nice the jade i repotted back there the uh in one of ray’s pots it’s doing really well it’s still got flowers on it which is amazing my uh pink pixie bougainvillea looking really good you can see it down here doing well my ficus religiosa doing really well getting a nice little canopy on it my acacia down there i’m not sure if it’s a sweet thorn or camel thorn looking good coming out my tiger bark ficus let me see if i can get down here the one i prune back quite hard it’s got new leaves coming out on it my ficus elastic of the small one i prune back not much happening on it yet but hopefully soon there’s a pink pixie beside it uh mr flair here growing really well i missed it a lot i uh i get my mist bottle and i come underneath here and i spray all the aerial roots as i rotate it around i do this two or three times a day keep those aerial roots growing and happy yeah so it’s looking really good i think doing well the frank and ficus back there doing awesome looking really healthy the ficus root over temple still doing well the lychee tree that zin gave me again no growth but it’s not dying after that severe root pruning so that’s really good my other one my delonix regia way back here i did a really severe root prune on it i don’t know if you can see it in there let me get the light there it’s just a stick but there’s buds on it new buds so it’s going to come out into leaf soon which is exciting what else is new the ficus over here my mistletoe ficus that jay from blue jay bonsai gave me i haven’t done any work on that that might be coming up on on a ficus friday soon uh what else we got the acacia forest looking really good here way back there is my other chafflera it’s all come out into leaf and it’s looking good my willow leaf ficus here it’s not doing too much it needs to be out in the sunshine it needs a lot of light to kind of stimulate the growth my tiger bark chinese village png down here still doing really well growing well looking good ficus rumpful eye down here looking good nice and healthy i did a severe repotting on that into a root maker pot and yeah it hasn’t it hasn’t died which is good because i did a severe root pruning but it hasn’t grown so it’s just waiting for the right conditions and it’s going to take off it’s got a a good pot full of bone sized soil and once summer comes that’s going to grow like a weed my guava tree up here speaking of growing like weeds it’s just growing tremendously you can all see the trunk is you know thickening up slowly it’s getting there the ficus this is my ficus plane here and it’s doing really well someone mentioned that this tree looks like the creatures in the movie arrive the arrival is it the arrival or just a rival i don’t know it does it kind of looks like those creatures in the movie i think too now the other schefflera i did that repotting and i have all these aerial roots going into the container it’s doing super all kinds of leaves on it happy my hibiscus is back here back here looking good i’ll show you a view of the trunk uh it’s in here my yucca forest back there it’s doing well lots of good green growth on top the two ficus microcarpus here and the vietnam style pots they’re doing well also looking good all the uh little portulacary afros all the different varieties are doing well i’ve got the cork bark ones back here and i’ll give one of those pot fulls to john from the macedo bonsai club i gave one to connor and i’ll keep one for myself all the uh snow queen hibiscus are doing really well there’s that one and then i’ve got a pot full of cuttings down here that’s also doing well my fukin tea down here is doing quite well too it hasn’t grown much it’s just kind of dormant because it’s cool in here but they need a dormant period in the winter the norfolk island pines still looking good beginning to grow nicely now my little ficus too little here lots of new buds and growth all over that that’s looking good the brazilian rain tree it still wants warmer sunnier weather but it’s doing quite well a lot of new leaves came out on it some of the older leaves are still coming off of it falling off doing quite well um so that that isn’t the ficus rumpfy eye that’s the uh ficus bengal antis the ficus rumpfy eye is over here oops is over here right down there so it’s doing well yeah so yeah not spectacular growth this winter just because it’s been so cool outside still winter out there so it was warm yesterday we had plus four degrees which just felt like spring it was just amazing today it’s just above freezing so it’s still another warm day but on the weekend it’s going down to minus 23. oh my goodness it’s like a roller coaster ride minus 23 that’s that’s cold that’s uh you know that’s tied with the i think we had a minus 24 as being the coldest day of this year so far minus 23 is pretty close not far behind so that’s going to be another cold spell so i’m kind of enjoying the warm days while i can working out in the greenhouse collected all that water i got everything in the greenhouse watered yesterday so yeah all the trees are in good shape i watered all the trees downstairs so yeah just waiting for the warmer weather over here are the kapok trees these are cuttings off the original trees that i grew from seed i still have some thanks to bonsai jay he gave me some cuttings back and this is the silk floss tree here which is just growing like crazy i’ll show you the trunk on it this is the trunk and it’s got all the thorns really sharp thorns all over it so i pruned it off here and it’s got a new branch here and a little one off to the side here doing well my wild almonds down here are doing well the jerusalem thorn trees and not much happening on them the trunks are still green but the leaves have kind of dried up and fallen off so i don’t know what will happen to those hopefully they’ll grow again the bull horn acacia there doing really well the monkey ear trees still growing like crazy behind those are some more yellow hibiscus from seeds but i can’t see them from here and there’s another ficus religiosa back there medium-sized one that’s my natal ficus that i prune back quite hard recently it’s waiting to grow the lithops they’re down here and they’re looking really good i don’t water them i just miss them they get kind of misted uh a couple of times a day with a light misting that’s about it and just enough to kind of wet the soil surface and that they seem to be really happy with that last night i had a nice conversation with a bonsai club aquinas college in grand rapids michigan mark the president of the club contacted me and i talked with the students for over an hour it was a great conversation and a lot of fun so thanks a lot mark it was uh nice talking to you tom from the youtube channel grow and clip bonsai for seniors sent me some seeds he sent me some eucalyptus seeds so there is the type they are so thanks very much tom i’ll grow those and see if we can make a eucalyptus bonsai this video was just a quick tour of the plant room so you can see what’s growing and what’s doing well and what’s recovering and what’s not doing so well and that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone [Music]

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