Create Your Own DIY Bonsai Forests

In this video I take the Dawn Redwood and Maple Bonsai starter stock and show you how to create your own forest group.

We’re almost at the end of the autumn and i thought i’d quickly do some little projects for you before the leaves fall i know that there are evergreen trees but look at these maples these are all about to turn red and then the leaves will fall we are going to do some projects which relate to our website which has the products for sale although this is not meant to be a commercial everyone else will learn from it those who live in the uk and the eu can order them but i’m going to do several what we call diy do-it-yourself projects so i’m going to do some maple forest dawn redwood forest and then i’m going to do these young plants which can be turned into bonsai and we are going to market the kit forms so let us begin first with making the forest groups as i’ve always told you the forests are really the simplest thing to make it is to use a simple analogy like flower ranging you arrange a bunch of flowers and it will look nice same with the forest so what we’re going to provide in that kit is a forest of five trees seven trees and nine trees we have these lovely plastic oval pots because with the forest the oval pots are very very suitable so it will come with an oval pot this first size and with some pieces of wire to tie the trees in so all you have to do is arrange it and you have a ready-made forest so there’s no excuse for not knowing how to do it because you can watch this video to do it so let’s begin with the five tree group now may i remind you that the dawn redwood is a deciduous species so you can see that they’re already turning this lovely golden yellow color or orange color and once they turn golden the leaves will drop and fall so when we supply the kits we will supply you with either five seven or nine trees so five trees you may think is a lot but believe you me they will certainly fit into the space and all you have to do is first of all trim some of these long shoots because you don’t want long branches in a forest and as it grows you can adjust it to the height you want even this seems rather tall you don’t have to have it that tall and arrange the entire group in a conical shape that means the tallest one’s in the middle and then shorter ones at the side so there you are you have the five trees put the largest one we will send you a selection of large and small so don’t expect them all to be big because that wouldn’t be really uh conducive to making a balanced looking forest so we give you a mixture of enough of different sizes so there you are five trees you don’t need any extra soil because the same soil that you find in these little pots can be used straight in that so there you are that didn’t even take one minute and the wires that have gone through the pot i will wrap it around the trees so that the trees don’t fall out or escape and if you like you can dress it up with a bit of a moss that you scrape off the ground and it will look very nice so that is the five tree forest so that would come with the smallest size bonsai pot then if you want to make a seven tree forest we will use the middle size the big size you can get 11 or 13 trees but you don’t need that many so let’s pick out seven trees i will just get some trees of other sizes stay there i have a lot of people say to me that they love the forest for the simple reason that they look so natural i’ve always maintained that even at these big flower shows like the chelsea flash show where you sometimes show these 100 and 200 year old trees but people relate more to the forests made with young trees rather than these great big massive old specimens these old specimens have their place but the forests have that special appeal certain species are very suitable you can in fact make forests out of anything you can use lots of oak trees beech trees but the kits we are offering here are the dawn redwood so we will do seven trees i’m not going to make it final thing i will just show you okay you can do this also as you place the trees you can trim the branches close so that you don’t get it that tall i think that’s a bit excessive the height so that’s the first one then the second one again shorten the branches you don’t need the branches long also when the forest is growing you should shorten the branches otherwise it becomes a mass and tangle of branches and the beauty of the force can be lost you see how beautiful those long branches are but sadly we don’t need them that long so keep it short and i always say the more you cut the more ramification you get and ramification simply means you get a lot of buds growing which will give density to the branch structure so that is number four tree we’ve got four we can get three more it’s always important or nicer to have different size trees so as i said you will get a mixture of thick and thin ones so two four five two more to make seven that’s a nice short one just for contrast six seven and for those who want to be mavericks you don’t have to follow the odd and even principle you can use i reckon six you get away with it you can use eight it doesn’t matter so you can see how easily we can fit seven trees in and i haven’t even teased the root ball if i tease the root balls even more i can get 11 trees in but because we are selling these as ready-made kits with this certain number of trees so this is your nine trees and we don’t need to supply you salt because there’s enough soil there and all you have to do is tie it in so that’s a nine tree group so that’s the second so you’re going to get an offer of kits of either five seven or nine trees like that how easy is that but also as you order during the winter these trees will shed their leaves so if you get them without the leaves please don’t think i’m supplying you dead trees because these are deciduous trees and in a couple of weeks time all the leaves will have fallen but by february or march you will get a whole crop of new leaves so this is how we’ve done simple we have shown you how to make simple forest with dawn redwood now let’s move on to something else now let’s move on to these maples look at these beautiful maples these trees are contract grown they’re grown first and apparently they’re only like three years old and although they’re three years old look at them some of them are five feet long four foot six i measured one which was five foot see that is five foot six so if you grow your maples well these are grown from seed you can get six foot tree in two or three years and this tree has grown three feet or more in one year of course these are grown in a greenhouse and they are very vigorous because of that and they’re fed heavily but look at the beautiful maples look at them we sell these maples separately but you can use these for making forests so we can again supply you uh five trees seven trees or nine trees again if i will show you what we do with these so you’ll get these maples with the very long shoots but if you’re making a forest you don’t need them that long you may think it’s sacrilege but see what i’m going to do i’m going to cut all that off extra 2-3 feet going to be cut off you don’t need it so we need them short and in fact they can be even shorter than this so let us make another forest group and i will revert now to the middle size tray the principles are the same the kit you will get depending on number of trees different size pots so let us begin with the five tree group so again take the trees out of the pot of course if you do it in the autumn and right through into the winter you can cut some of the roots or tease it so that you can get them growing close to each other but if you didn’t want to and want to space it quite widely apart you don’t have to tease the roots at all just put them in the tray so this is what you get with five trees so again my tip is to cut the branches short you don’t want them that long and arrange them in a conical shape now don’t be disappointed if you end up with just sticks like this because come the spring you’ll get lots of new side shoots and they will become very nice so this is a five tree maple forest can you imagine it when in its color and all the autumn colors especially it will be really beautiful look at this little robin really loving it so that’s five trees and then we can put a few more to make seven trees there are seven trees you can put it there and this is only the middle sized plastic pot we have so many sizes of oval plastic pots now and you can buy the bigger micro pots and with the mica pot you can get maybe even 20 30 trees in them that some some of them are so big so that is two four three that’s seven trees and i still got room i haven’t teased any of the root ball now let me get another two so when we supply these kits we’re going to supply you with trees of different sizes as i say you shouldn’t be greedy look at this i’m cutting all that off i’m cutting two or more feet off because i want a contrast with different sized trees it wouldn’t look so interesting if they were all the same size so some large trees and some small trees like this tall tree look at it look at all that lovely growth i don’t need it i’m going to cut all that off just to get a shorter tree so this is three three six nine trees [Music] you

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