Craggy Yamadori Elm HUGE Feature Branch First Styling Yamadori Field Elm Bonsai Design

Maximise the design of a gnarly Field Elm on its bonsai journey is pruned, wired and styled ahead of repotting.

Choosing a front and planting angle, pruning, wiring, styling a raw yamadori field elm bonsai material.

This Ulmus minor has a huge (relatively) feature branch that many would cut off as a flaw.

I am going to be styling and reporting this almost minor or feel down let’s dive straight in and start removing some of these branches that we obviously don’t need so this one’s right close into the trunk I’m not going to need it it’s growing at an awkward angle so let’s get rid of that one we’ve got some lower pieces down here not going to need so these can come off as well so the choices that I’m making at the moment are based around cleaning up the trim and removing anything that I’m not going to need regardless of any changes that I’m gonna make during the styling process stuff that I know that I’m never going to use in any kind of final design so for instance this pieces are pointing in a downward angle so that piece can come off we’ve got a number of pieces on the end of this thick branch but because we don’t because I don’t quite know which one I’m going to go with that I’m not gonna make any hard and fast decisions on what happens there but I can come in and remove some of these pieces from the inside from within crotches such as this piece in that crutch there and this piece here which is coming off at a funny angle and then this smaller piece down here I also bring reviews so on that branch those that’s all the decisions I can make in that area here we’ve got a branch on this side of the trunk and inside the bend we’ve got a couple more branches I know straight away that I’m not going to use that one [Music] and I can also take this off as well so it comes up here and splits off at a right angle I know for a fact that I’m not going to use this one that movements not very attractive so let’s get rid of you and in terms of the rest of the branches it’s not immediately obvious what I’ll need to use here whether I continue it upwards or come off at an angle will delay decision will delay a decision on this on the rest of this branch there’s a weak wispy piece on the inside there that’s the tree cleaned up for now then let’s have our little look around [Music] with the tree oriented like this we’ve got a good compromise between the widest base it’s a movement in the trunk and some of the features but we see that the apex end indeed the main trunk is moving right away from the viewer an option to address that leaning away is to tip the tree forward somewhat and that brings the apex and the trunk in to play a bit more and from this position if we rotate almost 180 degrees although it’s a bit difficult to see the base because of the rim of the container tipping it up like this and viewing from this angle we can still see a bit of the base peeping through it’s in shadow a little bit at the moment but you can still see it peeping through we really maximize the impact of this heavy feature branch here and we have some movement through the trunk some nice age and character and we still have the apex somewhere vertically above the base of the tree so it’s no longer leaning away from the viewer or leaning right over the viewer in the previous video I asked for your opinions about whether to keep upright or to turn into a raft it wasn’t quite unanimous but it was heavily in favor of keeping the tree upright so I move forward with a view to implementing enough right tree but having just discussed some of the features and challenges with this tree I haven’t completely ruled out a raft so what I’m going to do now is pull back the surface soil and see if we’ve got anything else going on with the nebari in the base see if that can’t make some of our decisions a little bit easier the roots we found near the surface only reinforced the conclusion that we came to earlier about this cross-section here being the widest part of the base I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I’ll be honest I can’t decide which would make the better front it’s probably quite hard to see but viewing the tree from this angle has the best base but I feel that some of the age and one or two of these wounds being facing directly forward make it less favorable well there it’s a little bit hard to tell what the base looks like because of the pot like this from this view the base isn’t as good but we’ve got better aged through the trunk bit better movement I [Music] think for now at least I’m going to go [Music] I wonder if I’d feel different if I cleaned up this dead area yeah I’m gonna clean up this dead word before I make any commitments just come in here I sometimes quite do such me pure away this dead bark being careful not to disturb anything that we want to keep of course [Music] and there’s the live vein just underneath this area we have lots of disturbs that well that actually does change things for me I wasn’t expecting it to but that does actually change my opinion I no longer think that there’s as much interest on this side of tree as there is on this side of the tree that Deadwood feature was bothering me before I cleaned it up I didn’t like it but now that I’ve cleaned it up I think it’s a feature that adds some age and some value and some character to this side of the tree so I’m going to go ahead and plan to work with this viewing angle the planting angle might need some tweaking but in terms of the front we found it so we can get rid of that because we’ve got other pieces to utilize in that area this can stay is a bit of a back branch I don’t require this piece because we’re going to use this one I kind of like this guy that one can stay both of these can now go because we pulled this branching we can also reduce the width on this side don’t need the length here I’m going to cut back to some pairs of buds reduce the length of that branch I’m gonna simplify the structure of this branch got some nice movement here this little trickle it’s only going to distract detract from that movement so we’ll take that one off this piece is at an awkward angle this small piece is coming from North good location and that’s looking much cleaner for this branch it’s coming up from the trunk and we’ve got this piece that’s almost at a downward angle and it’s a group of three so I can remove that guy I don’t feel this piece coming from the bottom is necessary and now I’m happy with that branch I’m not super excited about about this particular branch it’s not coming from the best angle it’s a bit wispy but because of the but because we’ve got nothing else to work with in this area at the moment I’ll use this one this branch comes off the trunk at an awkward angle I think we’ll be able to wire it into a more favorable position and in doing so this one won’t be necessary so we’ll get rid of that in this area we’ve got one two three branches all coming from the same spot so on the inside here we definitely don’t want that little piece that’s just going to contribute thickening so because we’ve got nothing above this piece I’m going to keep this piece and remove that smaller one and that way the branch can also go here we’ve got two pieces and the trunk line so that’s a three this one’s kind of coming down and it’s in this branches space I don’t have a use for that one so let’s get rid of that there’s a small branch here coming from the crotch that’s just gonna interfere with the taper if we leave it so that one can come off just here we’ve got a group of one one two three three and the trunk line this smaller weaker piece is going down and is coming from the crotch so that one can come off the trunk line continues the same direction the same thickness I think actually I’ll cut back to these two which are in a really good position and a good angle to continue to build the apex from so let’s see if we can find a way in here as branch is making it really awkward [Music] that’s the opposite of cleaning up definitely not left-handed [Music] [Music] so it’s two weeks later now because of you know what I’ve only just got around to finishing the initial styling I’ll put a bit of wire on a couple of places I can’t go to bananas because we’re about to do the repot if you’re not already subscribed please consider subscribing because part two is just about to come out when I put this tree into its first bonsai container

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