Chinese Elm Pruning. Part 2!

Chinese Elm Pruning. Part 2!

3 weeks ago to the date of filming we pruned back this Chinese Elm Bonsai. The pruning was quite hard, the tree had been left to grow out of shape so the hard pruning was needed to add structure back into the tree. Having spent 3 weeks in a warm greenhouse the bonsai has responded amazingly. This video shows process of maintaining balance in growth to the areas we want.

Check out part 1 of this video to see this initial pruning

Video Transcript

We’ll bring it out in a few weeks time and show you how it got on hello back in the studio today with this chinese al bonsai we did a video on this tree three weeks ago in fact it was three weeks ago exactly to this day and three weeks ago we trimmed this tree back quite drastically if you saw the video when we first did it you’ll remember this tree was literally out here the foliage the canopy it got quite overgrown by its current owner and it had come in for a bit of a trim at the time we cut it very very hard back and it pretty much had hardly any leaves on it in that time after i’d done the work i know a lot of you probably seen that video and you thought he’s cutting a lot off and a few people commented so that tree will be okay so we’re confident in the work we’re doing we’ve done this many many times before and this tree once it had once it was trimmed back it just went into a unheated but warm greenhouse and 21 days later we bought it out to show you the amount of growth this tree has put out you know we said when we trimmed it there was lots of buds you could see that were just starting to open but for it to put out and leaf to this extent on every branch in three weeks is is phenomenal i’m very very pleased with the progress it’s making so if you look in here at the tree it’s even throwing shoots out just straight from the trunk you know this had a drastic prune very very hard back prune it had back to just a basic structure so what we thought we’d do now is first of all we brought it out to show you how it’s developed over the last few weeks and some of this long growth here it’s putting out and what i wanted to do is just nip it back a little bit today pouring it back take off some of the little bits we don’t need and then i’m going to let it grow for another three weeks to fill out and give it another prune we initially said to the customer that this wanted pruning and could he leave it with us for about six weeks or so so in another three weeks time we could do a final prune of this and reunite it with its owner so the top of it wants a little bit more developing what i’m going to do again clean sharp pair of scissors and some of this extension growth i’m just going to nip a little bit of this extension growth back here there’s a tiny little stub that it hasn’t leaked from yeah so we can just snip that back another little one here and snip these back i’m just going to work my way around the tree just trimming back so that it doesn’t put on too much excessive length of growth so just a little bit of shearing back on these more vigorous ones and a little bit of removal of the buds that it’s thrown from in between branches we’ve got a structure of branches on here and there’s a lot of buds it’s just thrown out straight from the trunk so i don’t really need these so i’m going to remove them and because it’s just young growth you can just remove it with your fingers and your fingertips take off this sort of growth here look so that we can get a bit more definition through it otherwise it’s just going to grow and become so woolly with that growth that it’s just going to go back to sort of stage it was before so by pinching those out there’s no point of spending the next three weeks putting up growth we don’t need so by doing this sort of interim trim and tidy up the growth it’s going to put out in the next three weeks is going to be considerably more usable which is what we need so it’s worth me just getting in there now and tidying up some of these shoots rubbing them off the trunk and where we’ve got branches emerging and we’ve got little fluffy bits up coming out these have all just emerged in the last few weeks these can be trimmed back with scissors just to tidy up and neaten up this tree so i’m just going to work my way along the branches of the tree doing that sort of growth making it look tidy okay so we’ve finished trimming this now we’ve rubbed off a lot of the little bits of growth the advantageous buds the new growth that was coming out in the sort of nooks and crannies of branches and you can you see when you look in here now we’ve got a clearer trunk line and branches because this was just all covered in new growth and then we’ve shortened back these foliage pads taking back some of this longer growth on these so now we’re going to pop it back in the greenhouse and give it another three weeks for it to flush out again and give it a second prune back and what we’ll do then is we’ll uh this is part two of working on this tree we’ll bring it back out in three weeks or so and we’ll do a part three a final uh final installment and before this tree goes back to the customer so please give us a like subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out the final part of this series working on this chinese elm bonsai thank you very much

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