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I hope you are always healthy and successful, today I will move my coconut bonsai to a flat pot, this is a type of hybrid coconut or vegetable coconut , I bought seeds at the market at that time I bought one that already had shoots, then I planted it in a pot and I let it go, then I program the leaves and this is the result for those of you who might have trouble finding coconut seeds for bonsai, you can use a type of vegetable coconut and the results are no less good, okay … I will prepare the pot and the media for planting the pot that I want to use like this is bigger … yes and for the planting medium I have prepared for the planting medium that I usually use is 1. ground 2.cocopeat 3. burnt husks 4. Fertilizer for the ratio is 1: 1 okay … so this is a big stem because I used to put it in a wet cloth and this is a lot of roots that grow when the roots come out like this, then we have to bandage it with a wet cloth or do grounding and we cover this hole with coconut husk so that the planting medium does not erode when watering I will fill the soil because it is not strong yet, we leave the soil like this or we make it natural and this is the root that hasn’t reached soil so we need to wrap it with coconut fiber, it is better if you have grounding it if you have forest moss it is better and to keep the moisture better, I wrapped it with a wet cloth too okay … so it’s like this and we just let it go ,,,, For the dressing, we have to keep it moist by spraying it or watering it every day and if the roots have reached the ground, we can open it later, I will update the progress in the next video

How to Make Coconut Bonsai 

Bonsai is just one of the interesting decorative plants. Bonsai is a little mini plant of the original plant form. Kinds of bonsai also vary, many different plants are minimized by the technique of crops or trees.

Plants or trees that can be bonsai for example is a coconut tree. Coconut bonsai plant has a distinct shape, and is suitable to be residence decor. There are additionally interesting branched coconut bonsai with a much more one-of-a-kind form.

Bonsai coconut.

Fairly a great deal of passion on the market of decorative plants, specifically bonsai enthusiasts.

Certainly all visitors assume, how can a plant as large as a coconut tree exchanged branched coconut bonsai that has a tiny dimension. Naturally the reader wonders. Well, Listen this post to finish to recognize how to make coconut bonsai branching.

Just How to Make Coconut Bonsai.

Specify Coconut Type.

Preliminary stage to make coconut bonsai. Such as red cream color coconut, coconut milk cream color, as well as albino coconut.

For red ivory coconut has a yellowish red color. When it comes to be a red cream color coconut bonsai will be one-of-a-kind as well as really lovely. For the therapy of red cream color bonsai coconut is also rather problematic.

The most difficult in dealing with the red ivory bonsai is to preserve its red shade. To preserve it we require to use a great deal of plant food. Because of this plant when the lack of substances contained in the fertilizer, the shade of plants will certainly go back to green.

When it comes to milk cream color has a white shade as well as this plant grows in many subtropical locations. Along with bonsai, this sort of coconut is additionally used as a substitute for hand trees to be placed in the park.

The kind of coconut albino has the exact same shade with milk coconut is white shade. Coconut albino has a white color that is not light plain. The color is lighter or near the silver shade. Certainly when it comes to be bonsai, this type of coconut is special and also extremely intriguing.

Well, viewers currently know the kinds of coconut that can be bonsai. Next select the visitor likes or in accordance with the tastes of visitors to be bonsai.

Selecting a Coconut Seed.

Coconut seeds require to be chosen the very best, if the origin of the choice may not expand well. The best coconut seed for bonsai is the old one. Due to the old coconut will be much faster to grow brand-new shoots.

It would be far better to pick coconut seeds straight from the tree. When the seeds that have dropped, might be seedlings will certainly expand with a less than perfect shape. When dropping, or it could likewise coconut shells have been fragile or busted due to impact.

For seed size, pick the size of the covering that is not also large or little. It has big and also effective origins. When the form of the stem later on, seed startings with tiny coconut coverings will certainly likewise assist in.

Figuring Out Coconut Shell Position.

The beginning place for the advancement of coconut is in the covering. It is necessary to identify the setting of the covering according to the wanted bonsai pattern.

First, area seeds that do not have buds on dirt that has a great deal of water content. Seedlings will certainly grow shoots around 1 to 2 weeks.

Placed the coconut covering in an upright placement, coconut covering will certainly be surrounded by origins. Or it might also be placed horizontally, later the coconut bonsai shape will resemble a snail’s home.

Cleaning the Coconut Coir.

When coconut shoots have actually appeared, Coconut husk freshly cleaned. to saturate the coir can by peeling off with longitudinal incisions around the covering.

When reducing the shell, it is essential to be cautious not to problem brand-new shoots and also origins. Furthermore, after slashed, can directly peeled off all coconut husk affixed to the coconut shell.

Cleaning Up Coconut Shell Fine Furs.

The next action after the coconut husk looks tidy is to clean the great hair on the coconut shell. The great hairs can be removed utilizing a blade up until the coconut shell is tidy. Can additionally after clean of the feathers, crushed shell once again utilizing sandpaper.

Preparing the Media to Plant the Shell.

Give a pot with a dimension proper to the dimension of the shell, or able to fit coconut coverings. then load the pot with a blend of manure, water, and dirt, with a measurement dimension of 2: 1: 1.

If the pot is loaded, next is to prepare a bottle of mineral water to be utilized as a cover of the coconut fires. Bottled mineral water was reduced the top of the bottle with an elevation of approximately 5 cm.

Growing Process.

Coconut covering grow can be straight put into pots that contain a combination of manure, water, and also soil. The coconut bonsai cultivators branched off slowly. Place the coconut shell with a sloping position. When putting into the growing medium, do not make the roots break.

Forming the Coconut Bonsai Bar.

This phase is essential enough to make coconut bonsai. What is done so that the bonsai kind continues to be small, it is needed to make syringe in the older shoots.

Exactly how to look coconut bonsai?

When the seeds have actually expanded to 15 to 20 cm, it needs to be lowered under of the shoots. For young shoots do not get to the laceration so as not to rot. Penyayatan done a day at least 3 times or more for optimum outcomes.

Taking Care Of Coconut Bonsai.

The last stage of making a branched coconut bonsai is looking after bonsai. Caring for it is very easy sufficient, readers only need to sprinkle the bonsai daily during the early morning or night. However, if in the dry season, the intensity of the lawn sprinklers regularly.

In enhancement to watering, coconut covering bonsai additionally require to be given plant food. Arrangement of nutrients in bonsai plants can additionally accelerate your fruit bonsai can be productive.

This is the process of making coconut bonsai, so if I might be honest is very tedious but all this repaid with the outcomes I obtain



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