Cascade bonsai creation Cotoneaster – from bonsai stock to cascade bonsai

This very nice cotoneaster bonsai stock goes through the process of creating a cascade bonsai out of it. It had some previous shaping but was very raw. Here I show you how I eliminate what is not required and keep the good points about the tree in order to create a cascade bonsai.

Please note: if you located in Melbourne, I provide bonsai services. Reach out to me on my email address at if you would like to discuss you bonsai needs further.

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Growing Your Own Organic Food With Aquaponics

More people are considering growing their own food, to save both money, and their health. Many however are not aware of using an aquaponics system; that eliminates the hard work of gardening in soil, weeding, and watering. Children to the elderly can have success with an aquaponic system.

I Just Bought 23 Plants, Now What?

Do you have this problem? You have so many things you want to plant, you go buy them, then you have no idea where to put them or if they will even fit?

Materials to Use on Your Organic Compost and Why

You have got to the stage of building a compost box or maybe brought a compost tub and now its time to fill it. But be careful as not all ‘rubbish’ is good for your compost. Besides all the garden debris of leaves, twigs, branches and old plants and flowers, which are good to use you, also have your household rubbish.

Giving Your Garden Everything It Needs

Caring for a garden is more complicated than it seems. You can easily maintain it in an okay condition without too much effort, but if you actually want to make your garden look the best it can, this takes some considerable amount of dedication and knowledge.

Tomatoes Are Good for Your Health, Taste Good, and Are Easy to Grow

Imported tomatoes make up about one-third of all tomato consumption in the states. Yet nothing beats the taste of a freshly grown tomato, and they are easy to grow, even in a small space.

Needs of an Organic Vegetable Garden

You don’t need to be a Gardening Expert to plant vegetables. But if you want to use what is considered an old fashioned but very worthwhile way and one that has proved to be very effective, you should get a better understanding of organic vegetable gardening basics as soon as possible.

Invite the Caribbean in Your Garden

The Caribbean themed gardens have long been perceived as exotic and romantic places all over the world, and beside the fact that they are the perfect venue for utter relaxation and enjoyment; these gardens can also add value to the property and the creative aspect of the home. Contrary to the popular belief, the tropical themed gardens are not high maintenance and their decoration requires loads of creativity, inspiration, and a bit meticulous research and planning. Garden furniture in vivacious colors The first step towards your Caribbean themed garden is…

Top 10 Creatures Living In Your Garden

Our garden is something we take a lot of pride in. Do you ever think about what animals and creatures live in your beautiful space? Our article lists some of these wonderful species.

Tips and Ideas on Tree Planting

Trees are considered as the most important part of our lives. We are not supposed to live without trees. Here, you will get important tips and ideas on tree planting.

Do You Like Climbers? Here’s How To Choose Them According To Seasons

There is hardly any gardener who does not like climbers, as these are some of the best-looking plants with scented flowers, adorning gardens worldwide. Climbers require plant supports that allow them to grow vertically.

Interested in Organic Gardening?

It’s fair to say that when people first look at Organic Gardening it is with little more than a carefree attitude, more of an interest than anything else. A desire to do a ‘little bit’ more than they’re general love of gardening.

Tips And Tricks On Planning A Garden

Planning a garden can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the actions you are willing to take. If you want it to be advantageous, start on it before you even buy gardening materials and plant seeds. Skipping it can get you planting ahead of time. Skipping it can also cause your planting to lose clear direction.

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