Buying a Bonsai tree

Buying a Bonsai tree

About to buy a Bonsai tree? We explain what tree species to select and what to look out for when buying a Bonsai. There are many varieties of Bonsai trees for sale, including outdoor and indoor Bonsai. For more guidelines check:

For a list of Bonsai retailers, worldwide, check:

Most Bonsai enthusiasts started their hobby purchasing a finished Bonsai tree, bought in a Bonsai shop or received as a present. It is a great way to get started and get a feeling for the basic care for Bonsai trees. Once you get enthusiastic about Bonsai you can eventually learn to create them yourself.

If you want to learn more about Bonsai, consider enrolling in one of our Online Bonsai Courses. For the curriculums and free lectures, go to:

This video was filmed in the Japanese garden of Clingendael. We also like to thank Deshima Bonsai.

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