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Jerome gives this bougainvillea its first styling after getting it by propagation. He creates an informal broom style. Check it out!

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Mari & Jerome

I was one of those with less watering, because I was told that you stress the tree to make it bloom. Idk haha I have a hard time producing leaves. Nice video!

Video Transcript

all right [Music] hey what’s up guys jerome here from the bonsai supply and today we’re going to give this pixie bougainvillea its very first dining so you may recognize this tree because i did a propagation video on vulganvilla where i showed how to propagate a bougainvillea and this was the tree that we worked on or that we propagated i should say so if you did not see that video don’t worry at the end of this video i’m going to put the link to this video so you can see how i actually propagated this tree all right so let me walk you through a little bit what happened after i made that propagation video so i propagated this tree and then i brought it up here to georgia and it was overwintered here and then this year was really the first year where i allowed it to really push out now the roots had time to grow even though not a lot of foliage grew through the winter time the roots still grew because it was in a very nice warm humidity humidity humidity humidic environment humidity environment nonetheless in a environment there was humidity so this year it started to wake up and it started to push like crazy and i just uh went with the flow i fertilized and i watered a lot and i kept it clear off of insects so i sprayed against insects and now it is in the middle of july so if you’re watching this video a little later um this video was made in the middle of july which is a great time to work on tropical trees i usually recommend that you work them throughout the summer so you have like june july august and in some climates even september where you can work on tropical trees so now the flowers that you see that are this uh fusia dark pink color these are actually considered the brackets on a bougainvillea and not the flower the flower is on the inside of that bracket and it’s white and pixie brook and various are probably my favorite burgundys because as you can see their flowers grow very tight together in clusters and as do the leaves so i can make a really beautiful compact canopy with flowers and with leaves now uh pixie book and valius come in a couple different colors um this one is obviously the dark purple one there’s a light purple pink one and then there’s also an orange one those are the ones that i have worked on in person and have also seen i think there’s also a white one which i’ve never seen in person but so there’s a lot of different colors now however there are a couple of misconceptions on burgundy’s as well as other flowering trees that i would like to you know kind of clear up today so first of all i get this all the time hey jerome i do not water my bougainvillea and it’s not flowering why is it not flowering because i’m being told that i shouldn’t water my tree in order for it to flower interesting so of course it’s not flowering because you’re not watering right in order for a tree to flower it needs a tremendous amount of water movement that goes up and down the trunk so if you want to have a lot of flowers and you want to have the flowers consistently year after year you want to make sure that you water all right so now that we have all of that cleared up let’s go ahead and start with the foliage and as you know i’m a very big fan of the foliating trees and the way that you can do it is literally you can either push the branches down like that i mean the leaves to the foliated or you can pull it slightly towards you and just pull it off now generally i do not like to work on trees when they are actively flowering as you can see here however when i do the very first styling on a tree i do tend to break a couple rules as you can see this tree is flowering actively it is in the middle of the summer and i should go ahead and defoliate it now so since i do this work the very first time it is okay to defoliate the tree if the new growth has not hardened yet or if the tree is still blooming because i don’t make a habit of this right so i work on it today but then i will never work on it again when it’s flowering i just do this kind of because of a timely manner so um i will come up with a schedule for it to move forward where i will not interrupt its growth and its flowering and so which is which is totally fine now also another little side note on loganville is when you go ahead and style them and wire them be careful they have thorns very tiny thorns what i recommend is that you stop the watering about a day or two before you decide to go ahead and style it because then the branches are a lot more flexible when they have a lot of water in them they become very brittle all right so first of all this is amazing i have a ton of branches that i can work with here today um and now that i have the foliage that once i trim it back i’m going to get about two to three times as many branches back and so that’s another reason why i would go ahead and defoliate so the first thing that i’m going to do here is actually i’m going to fix these straight cuts that i made i basically just made uh flush cuts like straight across cuts on all of these sections here i wanted to see where the tree re-sprouts first and then i can go ahead and adjust these cuts so that’s the first step that i’m gonna do and then the next step is i would have to go ahead and choose the front and then go ahead and remove the branches that i don’t want to keep in the design and then wire the rest of the branches that i do want to keep in the design and then we’re going to go ahead and repot the stream so let’s get to work [Music] so [Music] all right so generally what i like to do is wire the trees when they are still in the original container just because they the roots were able to get established in the soil as well as in the container however since i know i took this tree from i propagated it from a cutting i know that after a year there’s not going to be that many roots down here so here what i’m going to do is i’m actually going to place the branches already and then repot it and then if i have to change the angle slightly on the branches it’s not going to be as invasive as if i style and wire and place all the branches once the tree is already parted because once it’s parted you want to leave it alone you don’t want to go ahead and do any more uh crazy bands or anything like that so that’s why i’m going to go ahead and do that now and i actually decided on having this as the front where this big knob kind of comes at you which almost looks like a very old branch and then branches out into finer branches here i mean it’s going to be a slanting tree i think um i do like the line of the trunk see how it goes how it leans to this side and it comes up into the eight packs here and i’m going to style this tree as a informal upright broom style type of shape so i do want it to look very natural when i’m done once i’m done placing the branches as i was defoliating i was actually thinking in my head already of pot choices and one part choice that came to mind is this one a white kind of a rectangle pot and the reason why i chose white is because i do like the color contrast of the pink and the white and i think it’s going to look absolutely incredible once it flushes out with new growth the pink and the white i think is just gonna look absolutely incredible so definitely let me know what you guys think about my pot choice um let me know below if you like it or not i think it’s gonna look really hot um i was thinking that this part could maybe be i think it is a good size it’s an eight inch pot i think it’s gonna look just right so let me go ahead and place the branches now kind of style the tree and then we get to parting and then i’ll catch you guys right after that now one one thing that i actually want to show you guys when i bend branches on bougainvilleas i kind of hold them at the base of the trunk where the branches come out with one hand and then with the other hand i just ease it down you see that i just ease it into position because book and failures the branches are very brittle and so there you just want to ease the branches into position now you can always so like if this branch you’re not able to put that much movement into it once you get the next set of branches back after the tree starts to push out again you can remove this branch and replace it with a final branch that you can then place into a nicer position if that branch allows you to do so so the first branches that you place are never the final branches they always get replaced [Music] [Music] all right so i clearly did not expect to find this many roots in here after just one year from a straight cutting this is very impressive and this is why you want to use good soil good bonsai soil right from the start because if you take a cutting you put it into good bonsai soil your roots start to grow much faster and much stronger because now they get more oxygen the water drainage is much better and then this is the result so i’m even surprised myself with this one so now let me go ahead and uh reduce the root ball a little bit and then part it into its new part [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] all right so this is the final product for today um i think it came out great considering this is very first styling so this tree has never been styled before and it has so many branches already in place as you can tell i went for a more natural design versus a traditional bonsai design of having that very sharp triangular shape i’m really trying to get away from that triangular shape especially on tropical trees in nature tropical trees have bigger canopies and more of a rounded umbrella shaped canopy versus a very sharp triangle canopy um so this tree is going to go right back out at the full sun and i’m going to water it for the first time today and then continue the water every single day and keep it in full sun once the leaves start to grow back i’m going to go ahead and use our all-purpose bonsai fertilizer and fertilize it with that until i see the first blooms appear and then i’m going to switch to our blooming fertilizer once the flowers are finished once the flowering cycle is done i’m going to switch back to all-purpose bonsai fertilizer and just continue like that throughout the year now i left one branch up here which is going to be my leader i’m going to let this guy shoot up until this cut up here has been completely healed and then i’m going to cut it back into the perimeter so i hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video and please let me know what you think of this bougainvillea enjoy the rest of your week please subscribe to our youtube channel and i’ll catch you guys next time all right [Music]

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