Bonsai Willow Tree

How To Make Willow Bonsai

In this video I show you how easy it is to take a willow cutting and encourage new roots to grow in water.

How to Make a Willow Bonsai

Now you must be wondering what I’m doing with these logs here these logs are coach willow locks and a friend of mine was felling his tree and I told him if ever you fell any tree let me know before you burn it because I always have a use for it on some of my youtube videos some viewers have very kindly said that if I stick a broomstick into the soil it will become a bonsai so the nearest thing to sticking a broomstick is that the soil is this piece of goat willow would it is still life so although it’s not a broomstick I’m sure that if I stick it into the soil I’ll stick it in water it becomes a new plant willows are one of those very prolific growing trees that can produce cuttings by just putting it in water you don’t have to put it in soil so this one is about three quarters of an inch thick I don’t know how many millimeters this would be and this one is about two inch thick it’s got a lovely shape so many of these potential shapes to make instant bonsai see some of these have got a line already in there so I will just put these in water and they will root this must be I think trying your luck it’s every bit eight inches in diameter but I’m sure I will get goods from it but what I may do rather than have such large tall ones I may cut them into half and put it in the water but these pieces only touch I will show you this little bit of what because the owner told me an interesting story if you look at this piece of wood he tied a washing line to the tree and because the washing line strangled a tree it made the swelling and this is the same thing that happens to bonsai if you leave a piece of why just there robbing and called all the way up the trunk you will get that swelling that will happen at that point so I may just cut it there and produce a nice stump we just this is the base so as I say in our nursery nothing is ever wasted we use m33 so all these pieces of wood we will make sure you what we do we will take it to our pond and we will just dump it into the pond and we will wait a couple of months and when it has roots it we will take it up again not even bothered about cutting these into smaller pieces because when it roots I will then cut it so we will take it to the pond to put it in a pond and see what happens [Music] [Music] this is a piece of contorted willow and I’ve just pulled it out of the pond look at the roots that have formed this has been put only in September and it’s now February and look at all the roots so all the dead bits are cut off but the live parts will now be made into bonsai so it just shows you how easy it is to make willow cuttings just by putting it in water so we put the rest of the logs into the water and see how it goes I’m gonna put these willow logs into the water and I’ll stand them so that only the bottom is touching the water because if I just let it light completely like this I will get boots all over their branches so if I keep it like this then I can be sure the roots will be produced only at the base so we need to stand them [Music] even the thick ones we will bring that’s it now we are going to wait for another two or three months and see what happens now these are willow cuttings that we made last year again if you look at it this is a six inch diameter log it’s rooted and all the roots are coming out of the pot and that’s going to be the new leader that I can use so I’ll planted them the soil and this will become a new willow tree but it have a very interesting base this is another very interesting one look at it it’s already got beautiful movement again this was stuck in the pond and rooted and this part has died but I’ve got a beautiful trunk line over here so we’ll cut this and that will become a bonsai just as a sacrificial to thicken that interesting see from this meter and just to show you how vigorous it is in just one year the roots went through the pot and look at those they formed over there I think we will have to plant it in a bigger flowerpot and this is another log that we put in so that can all be carved but this is growing so that can be carved and all that beautiful root and if you wanted to you can make more when you’re cutting this tree is going to be quite interesting look at all the roots and that is going to be the tree a nice line that’s another great big log this is a six or seven inch log and a new shoot has gone from there so this can be grown into a big tree so this how we produce our willow bonsai and just to show you where we got this from we have a big willow tree I don’t know if you can see it because we are shooting in the Sun dad weeping willow was planted only in 1990 30 years 60 or 70 feet maybe taller and we chopped the branches and whatever is chopped is not wasted we make cuttings from it weeping willow is just coming in to leave at the end of so there you are teaching you how to make willow bonsai [Music]

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