Bonsai Trees Sale – DIY Yew Bonsai

In this video I take a small yew tree and wire it into bonsai. This DIY bonsai kit can be bought on our website (EU Only)

We’re going to also do kits of these so-called starter trees now mind you when we refer to starter trees please don’t think that they’re just one year old trees these trees with hard woody trunks like this they were at least three years old so the u is not a very promising subject if you look at this they don’t look like bonsai and they come in all shapes and sizes but mainly single stems some of them have the stem like that i’ll show you what we do with these so these we sell very cheaply so the kit is going to consist of one u a plastic pot either this size or another size you have a choice of pots and with the right amount of wire to shape the tree so because there are three quite different ones i will show you very quickly how i deal with each of these but each of your kits will have the correct amount of wire so again to reinforce all that i’ve shown you during the year so this is two and a half millimeter wire two and a half is a very good size for doing the trunks and once you put that wire on the trunk you can shape it into the proverbial s-shape like so then put it temporarily in the pot to prop it up and then with the fine wires which is the one millimeter wire remember the two branch principle so why the branches in pairs so as a kit how interesting is that you get all the wires that you need why mainly the longer branches if the branches are too short you can leave it till they get a bit bigger but again it’s really to show you the principle of what we do i’m not wiring those very thin ones because they’re not long enough but the tree will still look interesting by the way we were filmed for the television program so you’re going to see it on bbc one i think in february they were filmed on the 4th of november so but it takes several months for them to process it it takes about 4 months before it appears on the air but i do show how to make a piece here that means a christmas tree into bonsai in three minutes as i’ve told you before i’ve done that on television on previous occasion back in the 1980s when i used to do quite a bit of television but they sort me out so you will be seeing this again so as i say you’ll get all the wires that you need for this project each tree will be individually picked by me and then you can use your own interpretation we might just give you a extra pack of soil and then you can fiddle with the trunk shape till you like the shape you can use ordinary scissors or secateurs so that is your very basic bonsai this is going to be a very cheap kit this kit you can buy for literally 10 pounds that means you get the wire tree and the pot all for that and you’ve got to pay the carriage so you may need to order other things to make it worthwhile because the courier charge couriers are not cheap they charge us quite a lot just to send each parcel so you can make that so that’s the first example of the u if i can just reinforce again what i did now this one is a slightly thicker one let me see if the two and a half mil wire will do during the lockdown this is very very good way to pass your time i found that i’ve had so many inquiries during lockdown what can i usefully do to spend my time and this is a very good way to spend your time it keeps you sane keeps your mental faculties going and keeps you from going a bit crazy if i may say so again wire around the trunk like stirring a pot you get the s shape now let’s try another shaped pot i think you’ll have the choice of choosing the type of pot you want and then in this case we will give you some one more wire if there aren’t a lot of branches then keep all of them don’t cut them all off the more you are the more interesting the tree will look and don’t forget wiring is a skill that is perfected by repetition the more you do the better you get at it so why every single branch in pairs we give you a coil of wire don’t be wasteful just use enough wire i’m not going to cut a single branch off because i’m going to use every single branch i sometimes feel guilty to repeat these but as i’ve said in my tutorials there’s no harm in repeating yourself because the more you see it done the better you will be able to learn so wiring every branch in pairs remember in past two branch principle if ever you want to remember peter chan remember him for his two branch principle teaching so easy to forget that if you remember two branch principle you’re well on your way now this is a single odd branch on its own i’m now going up to one mil i’m linking it to a branch that is already wired so the already wired branch is acting as the second branch so although it’s one branch on its own i’m wiring it as a two branch okay now this i haven’t cut a single branch off i’ve used every single branch that there is on this tree remember this is only three minutes work if you leave it a year believe you me this tree will develop so much character you won’t even recognize it so one year is not a long time to wait so there is some patience involved so there you go every single branch has been wired i will just trim it into a conical shape can you see the conical shape so that’s a different one same principle same price tree but some are taller than others so you can get them looking different now this u because of this long side branch you can either put it on its side like so to make an informal upright you can do this you can do these two branches i’ll just show you the different options because every tree is different and that’s why it’s so fascinating because no tree is the same it makes it even more interesting so with this tree let me do the first option which is making it into the normal informal upright with the trunk going up and a little bent so i can do that and then i’m going to do the branch i’m going to link link it to an existing wired branch to give it the anchor so the two branch principle is coming into play there and i’m going to wire the trunk up this way i’m not going to cut that wire off because i’m going to use it for another stuff you can already see it’s different so i always like to think that trees are like human beings no two people are the same everyone has a different character and they’re all nice or they can be made to look nice of course for those of you who are not able to buy these online who live in different countries you can find similar products and do that i haven’t even bothered to wire that but can you see it’s already looking very presentable as an informal upright tree but the purpose of me doing this is that because of this long branch i’m going to do a slightly different style i know i don’t have a cascade pot but this tree is crying out to be a cascade tree i think you’ll need a cascade pot but that is not being supplied as a kit because the cascade pots we sell are mainly ceramic pots so if you make it cascading like that that is going to be your cascade tree so you can do that i know you can plant it in that and make it look cascade so there’s another option so three little use all three different styles okay so much for that [Music] you

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