Bonsai Trees for BEGINNERS #2 | (Watch this!) to make an Amazing Himalayan Juniper!

Beginner friendly, 4-step guide on how to creating your first amazing #bonsaitree from a common juniper plant.

This is a guide to making an amazing looking Bonsai Tree for beginners. The Himalayan/Chinese juniper ‘Blue-Star’ (Juniperus Squamata) is renowned for being trained into Bonsai trees.

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The video goes through
0:00 Juniper Squamata
0:12 Step 1: Expose Roots & Trunk
0:35 Step 2: Shape & Wire
3:30 Step 3: Wire Mesh & Rootball
4:34 Step 4: Add Soil

Additional details:

Placement: Place the tree outside, year-round, in a bright location with lots of sunlight.

Temperature: Junipers do best in USDA hardiness Zones 4-8 and can survive freezing temperatures. During the winter protect the tree once temperatures drop below 15 °F (-10 °C).

Pruning: The best time of year to style a juniper is late winter/early spring just before new growth starts.

Soil: A mixture of organic/inorganic, well draining material. Planting soil, gravel, peat, coconut fiber all work well. Ready made bonsai soil mixes can be bought at retailers.

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