Bonsai Tree Tips: Dealing with Aphids

It is not uncommon for trees to be affected by bugs and pests. In this video I show you how we deal with aphids (insect) on the nursery.

It is not difficult to treat them with a bug spray that you will find at most garden centres.

In case you’re wondering what i’m doing i better take my mask off i’m in the middle of spraying the nursery for aphids and i thought i’d just show you a little video before i start spraying as i always say i’m forever doing jobs and when i start doing a job and suddenly realize that this is something that you viewers would benefit from i stopped and i’m right in the middle of spring and i said to myself i must stop and show you what i’m about to do so i’m going to reverse the camera and show you what the aphid problem looks like so here you go let me change the camera shot so i’ve just taken the spray can off my back and although the nursery looks so colorful and beautiful look at it today is the 6th of april and all the maples in this greenhouse our workshop are all in full leaf the color is absolutely dazzling wherever you look there’s a batch of orange green red you name it the colors are there look at all these beautiful colors beautiful beautiful colors this is benichidori that is deshojo there and some magnolias but you know pictures may appear one thing but the reality is quite another so what do i mean by that if i look closely let me try and bring the camera close and you can see i don’t know whether the camera can home in on the aphid but let me just show you what aphids look like there you are now it comes into view can you see those little insects on that twig those are the aphids on the end of the soft twigs so whenever you get these soft shoots going on maples you can bet your bottom dollar if i can use that expression that there will be if it’s lurking in there so let me just go to another little trick and there you go look at that one you can see those little insects on the leaves there and on the stems those are airfields so wherever you look there will be hundreds if not thousands of maples uh that are covered in these wretched black fly and green fly you get them on vegetable plants like runner beans but i find that on our nursery they love the maple so wherever i turn i’m going to find lots and lots of aphids so let me go to some more plants and i will show you aphids of course only attack these soft leaves of maples but pines are affected by another insect pest which i often refer to and that is the adelges and that is a completely different insect altogether so let’s move on look at this one wherever i look you will find it can you see those insects there on the edge of those tricks all those black insects so if you don’t watch it they will suck the sap of the leaves and they will ruin the leaves and you won’t get decent leaves for a long long time you probably have to cut those leaves off and start again so aphids are a real nuisance big problem with maples so let me just go to another branch and i will show you more of the aphid problem now this is a deshojo which has just come into leave see some of these insects we have sprayed the previous day so they might be dead already like that one the end of that one you see those black insects that they are like dead insects and usually the telltale signs is that you get this sticky set and that sickest set is what the aphids exude look at this one look at the tip of that covered in those insects there so that is a classic uh sign of the aphids so as i said it’s the soft shoots that carry the aphid look at this one on the underside of the leaves they’re all covered with aphids so that is the insect that you’ve got to eliminate people give all sorts of weird tricks that they try i’ve heard a common one saying that if you use washing up liquid you know for dishwashers or washing your plates and dishes they say that that gets rid of it but i’ve never found that to be effective again look at the underside of this again covered in aphid so literally every leaf in this nursery look at the aphids there all covered in aphid so i’m going to spend about half an hour literally spraying all the leaves to eliminate the aphids unfortunately even if you use bio-friendly things like ladybirds how many thousands of ladybirds will you have to use to get rid of it very difficult look at that it’s absolutely smothered in aphids that one is smothered in aphid as i say it’s something you can’t help if you grow maples you are bound to get an aphid problem you cannot avoid it see wherever i look look at that one it’s absolutely smothered smothered in aphid so having shown you this i will proceed to it and get rid of aphid again look at that one so i hope you have learned something from me showing you this and then the telltale signs if you look at those leaves there you can you see this shiny sticky substance on the leaves that is the sap that these aphids exude and when you see sticky leaves that is a sure sign that aphids are about you see how shiny that is that’s a sap from the aphids so i hope you’ve learned something from this very short little six minute video right i’m not advertising any product but this is what you can buy from garden centers or garden stores you see it’s called a fruit and veg buck killer so the common pests you see this is something you can buy as well to eliminate aphids [Music] you

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