Bonsai Tree Starter Kit DIY Picea Bonsai

In this video I take a Picea (Christmas Tree) and shape it into a bonsai.

The dwarf alberta spruce bonsai is very very popular line ever since i started showing how to make it with the big ones we have them in three different sizes but this is the middle size which is about nearly 8 and 8 16 nearly 40 centimeter tall and you can either just wire the branches like an informal upright straight and don’t wire the trunk at all but since most people like the proverbial s shape in formula upright shape i’m going to supply enough wires to do the informal upright so we’ll have a thick piece of wire to do the trunk so you always begin by removing the soil from around the trunk to reveal the trunk amazing how much trunk there is below so we will remove some of the thinner branches we don’t need them and we’ll start by wiring the major branches so there are two major ones here those two can be wired with one wire but i’ll begin by wiring the trunk to give it that a classical s shape so with that in mind i will use three millimeter wire three millimeter wire to wrap around the trunk and to give it the s shape so we stick the wire into the soil this by the way is so popular that i have a group in finland i’m sure the viewers in finland are watching this video they are going to have a zoom class with me for christmas is their christmas treat christmas deal they’re going to do this on zoom watching me do it and they will do it so the kids are going to go to finland this is so popular so here we are again be careful not to trap these little branches so although i’m going to supply the thick wire to make it into an s you don’t have to make it an s just wiring the branches as an upright tree is still going to be very pleasing as a bonsai so one piece of wire will give it that desired s shape i’m going to just prop it up temporarily in one of these pots and then i find that two major branches three in fact i will wire the three together so if you get a three situation remember you can just wire the first two and then go to the next two afterwards so there is one which is thicker than the other so i will wire the thicker one twice so i’m going to go to this thicker one up here of all the conifers i love this one best because the fragrance from the branches is so nice really pleasing to smell and then there’s another one let’s see don’t use wire which is too thick but with the kit i’m going to supply the correct gauge of wire anyway now i found another branch that i can wire so i didn’t have to wire back onto the thicker one which already is done this was done last week for television so for those of you in the uk this is going to be shown at a later date i believe in january or february on a bbc one program so i will appear on national television and then all these little branches with thinner wires we will wire them up i think for those branches the thinnest wire we have is like 0.8 less than a millimeter but that does the job this is all aluminium bonsai wire if the branches are too tiny or too thin leave them alone let them grow bigger and then you water at a later date literally why every single branch that you can find if you didn’t want the tree to be too tall you can always take the growing tip out so you can even have cut it lower than that should you want to and then because there’s so much congestion here you can pick and choose and choose the branches that you want to discard the branches that you don’t want but wire as much as you can although i haven’t finished wiring all let me just put it in a bonsai pot now this we supply in a slightly bigger pot because this is the ideal size pot so that it doesn’t stress the tree it also gives it a chance to grow bigger it’s not the final pot the final pot can always be much smaller but for the first potting i always recommend using a pot that is slightly larger than it needs to be because by doing that you give the tree a better chance of survival and it will grow stronger and bigger and thicker much more quickly than if you put it in a small pot this is simple horticulture remember bonsai is primarily about horticulture and then the artistic bit comes later but understand your horticulture first so you cut off the things that don’t look right or shorten it as you wish a lot of these downward branches create space between the branches you see the effect i’m going to wash some more of these there’s so many more i can wire but i will do them all you see how nicely is coming along there’s still some more branches to wire the more you wire the more detail you create in the tree and the better the tree will look this is where the hobby is so fascinating you can make what you will out of it a few more there if you think there are too many branches just take the odd one out but don’t go too crazy and take everything off just be selective in what you take off and this is where your artistic skill and interpretation comes into play don’t forget to trim the tips i’ve virtually done it all there you go informal upright tree with the christmas tree so this is going to come in a kit form i certainly recommend this because this is very satisfying this is one of the most overlooked conifers and hardly anyone ever thinks of using this for bonsai i think i can claim that i have more or less pioneered the use of this piscea so there you go and we’ll take a after shot after i’ve tidied it up and those are your kits [Music] you

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