Bonsai Tree Sale – Styling Big Chinese Elm Bonsai

Continuing the evolution of my big Chinese Elm bonsai. Selecting and pruning the primary branches in this second pass at building the branch structure.

Bonsai Tree Sale

I reached a decision about which way to take this tree just have to find out it’s time to do the first pruning of this year of my big Chinese and bonsai plants online. You can surely see my big Chinese are bonsai has grown like absolute fury the scale insect the last time this tree made an appearance I was debating whether to remove the lower branches and train a crown higher up for more of a a literati feel or whether to keep the lower branches and go for more of a full-bodied crown more like a tree standing on its own in a field if you’re new to my channel my name is Darren and my videos all about charting my journey growing bonsai trees I’ll share progressions of the trees that I’m growing as well as lessons that I’ve learned and tips that I’ve picked up along the way so if that sounds like something you could be into please consider subscribing now the question is if this turn tape will going to cope I think it’s gonna be okay but I think if I’m gonna continue to work on bigger trees I’m gonna need a better turntable if you’ve got any suggestions let me know first order of the day is going to be to get rid of some of the obvious stuff that I don’t need in my language that’s cleaning so pruning to clean up week interiors down of growing shoots vertical growing shoots anything obvious that we really just don’t need so I’m just going to come in take away some of these interior shoots start with create a bit of space vertically down with growing shoots here they’re just gonna be in the way there’s a weak one there I can also go this one’s on the inside of a bend behind it go off with those so just take those stubs back a little bit further a couple of bits on the inside of a bend here we can get rid of those in terms of the length of this branch I’m gonna cut it back I’m really plenty of grace in case I’ve misjudged so I think for the initial work will go back to their reassess once the final trees taking shape okay so now onto this branch with this branch is very tall I think again definitely don’t want it this like my sanity let’s get it prune back a little just looking whatever I have with the tree now that I can see what’s going on with the tree a little better what this piece coming onto the fact that it’s coming into the trunk a piece of it I prefer coming inwards this piece has got a lot of twigs some weaker bits on the inside here let’s take those out drop these end pieces back I’m just cleaning out some of these weak interiors vertical piece there weak interior weak interior inside of a bend another inside of the bend and a funny angle on that one so I’ll leave so many smaller bits just for the time being not 100% sure we’ll need them but they can stay for now pruning when I come to pruning for style a much better idea of what I want to keep having cleaned all these obvious bits I can see what’s going on with the widest tree okay that’s looking better don’t need this bit I’m gonna come out same with this bit as well don’t need it crossing over the trunk there and then there’s just a couple of week of it’s as well that can come off just to clarify what I mean by weaker interior pieces these two pieces here are coming from some secondary structure and they’re like really small really piddly really weak shaded out by everything that’s around them so I just know that they’re not necessary because of where they are on the structure and their weakness. Here’s another one here where to get bonsai this is also an example of one but because of its position and its direction I might leave this one it might come in handy there’s another example just here this this little branch down here is growing straight towards that tronic never gonna need that in that position so that one can come out I dare say the same about this one although it’s not as weak it’s also going straight across to trot over there don’t need that one some more examples of weaker interior growth here although it’s a long way from where the branch originates from the trunk in where it is in relation to the trunk is still pretty close so it just makes it super easy to snip these off and not worry don’t need to spend ages I can izing over every little twig on a piece of material this size just cut them off I’m really not sure about this piece well you don’t need at all really but let’s just cleaning it off first so we can make a more informed decision later on wispy little bit what’s this bit up multiple interior bits that we don’t need interior bits interior bits interior shoot multiple all multiples lots of multiples and then from this it’s a bit long I’m just gonna drop it back a little make it easier to access the other stuff you’re just off to the back of the tree this branch comes up it goes around the back of the trunk and is actually as tall as the the actual apex of the tree but I’ve left that there for a reason so I’ll come back to that but I will just I will drop the length of that back a bit though where’s this one coming from that’s coming from there over there so again I’ve left this one long for a reason then I’ll come back to that one but let’s just make life a bit easier for myself and then the same goes for this one and starting to make a bit more sense right so I don’t need this one because it’s pointing down we’ve got a branch here that one also that one also this one’s smaller and weaker so let’s chop that one off and this is a strong one but it’s actually coming from the least usable position so that come off or two coming from this bit I don’t know if I’ll use one of them but I definitely don’t need to come from there so I’m can come out and then here we’ve just got a weaker piece coming from the same place as that one same last thing there get rid of those we’ve got a nice strong piece freaking moves there anyway so we don’t need those dead twig there nice couple of dead twigs this bit what taking those dead twigs coming on nicely now tell you what this dead root has been bugging me for absolutely ages lovely that’s looking better looking better let’s stop here take that bit off weak shoot they’re back there in terms of cleaning the apex up I think we’re there does anyone else out there forget why they bought a tree in the first place and then when you prune it you’re like oh yes yes I like this treaty I finish cleaning out all the unwanted bits and bobs I’m in a much better position now to see what’s going on with the structure what I want to keep and get rid of but before I do any further work let’s just go outside and I’ll give you a quick update on one of my previous projects so here are the little guys they wanted to update you on a few videos back I showed the process of growing elm from root cuttings link down in the description and I’ve had up to seven cuttings that I’ve planted I’ve had 6 produce plenty of growth I’m one of them looks like it’s got some buds forming we’ll have to see how that one gets on at six out of seven is not bad at all as you can see we’ve got a multitude of shoots coming from the cut end I’ll have to thin these shoots out so we don’t get inverse taper actually and this is the one that hasn’t produced any growth yet I’m not sure how well you can see there’s a couple of very small green dots just by my fingertip I’m not sure if this one’s gonna succeed but fingers crossed here’s hoping it’s the following day now I run out of time yesterday it seems that sad a hangover woken up as a teenager again sports foul mood there’s nothing new there I guess okay let’s talk about the apical region now we’ve got precious little branches from sort of Midway and up to here we’ve got very little branches to work with which is why I’m letting these long ones grow to try and fill in some of that negative space now hopefully we’ll get some buds further down the more I prune this apical region the more buds I’m getting when I first started working the tree none of these bits existed it was just a long piece up to the sky so I’m hoping after this working we’ll get maybe some buds further down we had two structural pieces here so yeah this this central piece just went on and on and on and I cut it back I probably shouldn’t have cut it back so far or I should have waited until I had the tree on the bench to make a more objective decision but I don’t know why I did that on an impulse there you go it is what it is anyway so now I need to make the decision do I use this piece to create the apex or do I continue building the top of the tree from this and treat this as a branch or shall I remove this as it’s become thick as a branch and it’s potentially going to create a bit of a bulge coming from the inside of this bend and use one of these in its place so we’ve got this one here that one to the other side that’s the decision I need to make I’d really love to have your thoughts on what to do in this apical region so if you wouldn’t mind dropping me a comment down below I’d really appreciate it I can cut back some of the lengths of these lower pieces bearing in mind that I want to try and let light through to these lower bare sections of trunk just in case some birds want to develop there I’m going to shorten them even not stick as I want them this branch is coming off at a very acute angle to this section to this section of trunk so I am actually going to just remove that one it’s in close proximity to some other branches on the same side so I won’t use that clean up that cut a little bit and oh there’s some taller bits towards the back here and reduce the length of those again cutting back the length of some of these pieces I want to keep them I’m happy that they’re going to survive but by cutting back and just hoping to let more light through stimulate hopefully some back buds further down now with this piece last year everything just run away from me and started thickening much quicker than I really wanted to which was part the reason I think why chopped this section off so what I’m at I’m actually gonna do is I’m gonna prune quite hard up here regardless of whether these branches are thick enough or long enough I’m just gonna be really quite quite strict with how far I’m cutting this stuff back leaving leaving a small number of leaves in place but just cutting right back fairly indiscriminately being an owl this is all gonna sprout new growth and so if I do decide that I need length and thickening later on I can just let any resulting branches run but for the time being like what my priority is hopefully stimulating some back buds let’s drop that back to the – there and this piece as well go back to two little pieces there a couple of little pieces there a couple of little pieces there that’s that same here and growing tip off that so we’re not how all the oxen that’s built up in this area by taking off those growing tips hopefully will stimulate back buds so now we can see a little bit better let me just talk you through what’s on my mind I could cut this thick piece off and introduce a nice bit of movement to use this as the apex but that’s gonna result in a a wound there now with this piece here this piece here I’m quite confident we could heal that but if this is the front of the tree that wound is going to be looking straight at us I suppose once we fill in some of this ramification over time if there is a wound there it wouldn’t be as noticeable but it’s just something to consider another option is to keep both of these and disguise that little bit of invest April we’ve got then the other option is to remove this piece here the angle of movement from here to here isn’t as sharp like you know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I suppose it’s up to individual taste the wound we wound from removing this won’t be as noticeable so yeah let me know let me know in the comments what you think what you would do in this area I’m not going to make any decisions now I’d be really interested to hear what your thoughts are I’m going to address this branch now this is the first branch it comes from the trunk here I know from the previous video that a lot of people think that the branch is coming from the trunk too low to be part of the design particularly if we go for a taller tree but I’m going to continue to leave it in place two reasons the first is to give it a chance to be part of the design it might be that as the tree evolved it would be nice to have a branch this low down and secondly because we can clearly see from some of the die back that’s occurred elsewhere on the trunk that this tree is prone to dying back so your forward to just chop this branch off there’s a risk that this dead section would progress further I’m not sure if I want that to happen or not so I’ll have to handle it carefully if I did chop this off for now I am going to leave it in place but I am going to shorten it back to a secondary piece which is facing approximately upwards cut it I’m leaving a bit of a stub on this one and I’ll put a bit of a bit of Calais mate on that cut site lovely it might be that we drop this branch down with some guy wires or what have you but I don’t think we want it any longer than it is now maybe tweak this out a bit remove one or two of these we’ll see what happens but for the time being that’s fine I’m happy with that onto this branch now after cutting back the apex down to its bare bones I can now see that this is far too long it’s gonna shade out this area of the trunk so let’s have a look at this one the reason I’ve left this one to become so long in the first place and I wide a bit of movement into it it’s because we’ve got no branches on the trunk here so it feels some negative space so on I’m in a bit of an awkward position now I’d like to cut it back to let more light through to this section of trunk and maximize the chance of buds forming here at the same time I don’t want to cut it back so far that I’d have to regrow it to fill in negative space and there are some side shoots around that we could use I’m gonna cut back to this side shoot that’s gonna let light through still while still allow me to fill in this negative space alright so I’m gonna have to use the saw to make this cut because a bit thick for my branch cutters it’s gonna be a bit awkward being so flimsy but [Music] domineering my branch cutters and a nice bit of callus mate again so I’ve left quite a big stub there but I’ll actually come in and clean out properly later ok so looking at this branch then we’ve got a nice piece with some movement down here to fill in this negative space this branch is more in an upwards orientation we’ve got this room in the middle don’t need this one so I’m gonna cut that one off and then looking at the length of this branch I don’t think we need to come out I think I think this is about as far as we need to come out for this branch whether we use that length we’ll have a look in a bit I think that’s a better length to start with definitely let’s me see what I’m doing it divides into one two three here although this middle section has a nice bit of movement to it it creates a very straight line from the main piece so I’m going to prune that one off and we’ll just have this Bend here with the side branch I think this is in slightly better position to fill in the negative space here anyway so I’ll go with that up here this piece is in competition with this this piece is in competition with this and this piece creates a straight line so I’m going to cut this bit off and we’ll have a nice branch here my speed of movement here and I’m much less cluttered appearance again I’m gonna come in with my saw because that’s just a bit thick for the branch cutters staying outside of that shoulder gotta be careful lots of damaged branches little nearby I’m coming nice and steady through there and as I’m near the end I’ll ease off even more getting towards the finish now I’m just going to support that not pushing into it at all just Lennis or do the work towards this end section there we go and I did exactly what I was trying so hard to avoid jabbed into that branch but I think I’ve got away with it there’s have a look at the story so far then okay so the length of this branch that’s looking okay we’ve got a bit of a bit of excess weight in this area so we’ll address that in a sec up here this is too tall so that needs to pick more pruning work all right so there’s a bit of excess weight on this side that’s just down here a bit of pruning work to be done there and towards the back here we’ve got a bit too much length on this branch and this branch this branch here has been trained as a back branch I’m gonna take it back to there where we’ve got some strongest growth and this branch up here is to fill in some negative space if we don’t get buds on this area again towards the back but it doesn’t need to be as long as it is now do a bit of wire it’s quite straight going back here like I’ve just thought to play with if we need it and then out here let’s see I don’t I don’t hate the length of this the movements a bit of an ass curve but I don’t hate the length of the main structure there I’m going to come in here snip that end off and we’ll come back to some stronger side shoots on this bit so this piece is coming from down here don’t actually need that piece at all so let’s cut that bit off clean out smooth unnecessary shot side shoots and same here that’s feeling much nicer how do you want to go with this bit okay I’m gonna take that little take off this little weak bit so I goes boom boom and then lengthwise this can come back snip off the growing end there off the end there looking better on that one finally this can come back into it can go up there alright so the intention with this piece was to fill in some space behind the trunk down here so I’ll leave this one a little longer just in case that still the plan come back to a directional peace there’s a week going down here that can come off don’t know but I’ll need these pieces week section week bit interfering with the branch next door don’t need that guy still interfering with another branch that I do want this bound prune back to a bit growing in the favor bring this bit back to a section of bring this back to a twig that’s growing in a favorable direction on that one drop that back take out some of these weaker pieces under load a me don’t need some of these weaker bits my arms on the inside of a bend and I’ll do another one on the inside of a bend not gonna need that one that’s not necessary and just quickly if this branch comes further down here somewhere I think this one can come more into this space here so I’m gonna drop this branch here to that piece and then and then cut that bit off it’s not very clean-cut I come to something when this old knifes sharp earthen point bonsai tools yeah yeah that was a terrible cut so I’m gonna put a bit of cast mate on that even though it’s not very big yeah yeah I am going to put a bit of wire on a couple of these apical branches just because I know that they tend to rock it off and thicken like crazy and if I get this wire on now getting this wire on now is just gonna mean that I don’t have to then try and forcibly benthic a bit as long as I’m careful as long as I’m careful wiring these fairly thin branches we’ll be okay just gotta be careful not to knock these leaves off or crush them otherwise a little heavy for what we’re trying to bend here but that’s okay this one being the finer piece I’m gonna have to be really careful it’s gonna be super easy to damage this so just gonna have to really do my best to support the branch as I wind the wire around hold the wire in place rather than the branch that way I can move the wire around the branch rather than the row by holding the wire in place rather than the branch I can wind the wire around the branch without without excessively damaging that branch and as you can see what I’ve got here is the wire is nicely wrapping round rather than ending up with a result that looks more like I’ve bent the branch around the wire there we go pleased with that okay and it close that off so I’m gonna take the initial movement of this piece up but then I’m gonna come down to create quite a sharp angle probably can’t be further than that there we go don’t it to be 90 degrees just back that off a little bit and then come in that way finally finish up pointing the tip upwards a little just use that tag to bring more upwards how’s that looking a little bit ass shaped with this piece I just want to very carefully its reorient it slightly backwards okay so let’s take it on a bit of an s-shape but what we’re gonna hopefully get some back Birds there’s not really a lot of length in this branch to play with but just a little bit of movement initially just to get it started I can refine that movement over time the apex is probably going to be cut back grown cut back brain cut back and we get lots of buds to play with so I’m not too concerned with some of the S shapes I can simply refine and build on that structure as time goes by unless just tweak it starting to fill Ian’s hope this negative space from above as well as below yeah that’s looking better I think some more wire is needed throughout these branches but I’m gonna leave it at that for today I want to know what your thoughts are with this apical region in terms of some of these structural pieces so hit me a comment down below what you think about those think for the rest of these branches I’ll use some wire to pull them down pull this into a better position this can come further round you know I’ll tweet that and update you but folks I’d be really excited to hear your thoughts on that apical region what would you do with it I still haven’t decided whether to create more of a literati crown somewhere up here or whether to embrace some of the lower branches thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time take care [Music] he was a motorbike calm down as you can surely see my big Chinese our bond site has grown like absolute fury

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