Bonsai Success Japanese Maple Trees Defoliation Update

A quick walk around of my bonsai garden in early spring 2021 here in Melbourne showing only my deciduous trees that are just coming into leaf.

You are a couple of weeks ahead in the leafing out stakes, compared to my garden. I just love watching the JM leaves unfurling, so delicate! The lovely fresh green of the leaves on the coral bark is really special when contrasting with the trunks.

Video Transcript

g’day youtube welcome back to my channel bonsai works i’m david i have been asked to do a little early spring update on some of my trees now this is um the only reason i’m doing this is i’ve got jose like a lot of quests for it but i’m only going to do my deciduous trees deciduous this is that group you would have seen me add some trees in and this is how it’s coming along really well it’s got a slightly larger foliage than i anticipated but you know i will just probably do a this year probably do a um uh what do you call it a leaf prune of all the leaves defoliation um and see how that comes about this is the big this is that big stumpy stumpy tree where the front is i’ve changed i’m going to change the front to be around there somewhere but you see a nice foldage coming out just starting to pop beautifully looking all right now i’m just going to go down here to this ginko now you see ginkgos don’t really they really are late and you can just see them starting open see i’m just starting to go nice and green this is a dwarf ginkgo so the ginkas are probably the last open um and that’s that one this is a try to maple one of my favorites now starting to become one of my favorites um it was repotted this year and you hopefully you remember that it’s got a nice standard kind of a nice shape i guess i want to try and get it more to a deciduous looking natural shape it’s got a nice foliage just letting it all pop out nice and healthy the bar is awesome on this tree it’s a beautiful little trident it’s going to be really good i think this year might be one of the better best years going to have it look like and should be nice and nice and good well this is another trident that’s in development i want to do a bit of wiring on this tree um but if anyone remembers the graft didn’t approach graph for the with it with the branch behind brought it around and i’m going to build builder with these branches here i’m going to build a new lower branch kind of thing so funny funny enough it worked it doesn’t look the best but it’s quite nice these are the two i remember saying to you guys this is the two layers i took off a coral bark um japanese maple and you can see the lovely red and the green foliage really green really pretty i’m going to do more layers of this tree a garden tree that i’ve got it should be really nice here’s another try maple that’s just coming into leaf looks a little bit scraggly yes still because obviously it’s still coming out um this is the tridents up tree pretty much i don’t do a pinching method anymore on these i just thought i’d keep that with the japanese maples these guys i just come in and trim uh with scissors all the long shoots so that’s another try to maple this one actually has a hollow trunk at the back so but you see that little see that little hole there the water comes out of that sometimes i’m just going to move across to this rudolph rock one of my favorite trees root of rock trying to maple well they’re just coming into leaf this is what it looks like coming into leaf sorry that’s impact is in that impact is the one i recently repotted nice and healthy if you remember that’s all the big base looking really good and healthy but just focusing on the trident that’s there another trial maple i know brian always comments on this i haven’t heard from you brian in a while but there you go that’s coming looking really nice look at the lovely foliage look at the lovely new shoots everywhere popping out everywhere move on to oops i’ve got a lot of seedlings here happening this is the oops i’m just going to move these out of the way this is that japanese maple uh semi cascade or casca semi cascade style again just popping out i’m pinching this one pinching the middle growth on this um especially want to try and encourage all these inner buds see how there’s all these inner ones i really want to encourage those issues i love the color look how beautiful that looks like sorry these guys are just i know some of you’ve been watching my videos for a while but these are seedlings that i just grow and twist up and let them grow nothing too fancy there this is this tree is going to look okay i’m just trying to get the camera around this is another trident that’s starting to become really a nice beautiful specimen remember those branches out there that i want to try and grow and make a more deciduous looking it’s starting to really come together start to get the width on it in the canopy to really start to to make it look more natural shape rather than a triangular um pine shape i guess you’ve got that trunk there on the right side then i’m trying to build that foliage out here and then you’ve got the rest of the tree so that’s really looking nice this is my last try and that is leafs out always at the end this is always every year this this is the last one to leaf out you can just see that it’s starting to leaf again another big trident another very tall one notice how it’s getting you a bit more i’m not really wiring it i’m just letting it grow and become quite a just a kind of a rough looking maple and i’m just trying to get some nice naturalness to it so that’s what i’m trying to do with that tree i had to move this tree so you can see better looking this is the japanese maple you would have seen many times it’s the one i also do um did a video on of doing the pinching out of the middle shoot just look at that foliage isn’t that just beautiful really hard to beat japanese maples when they’re leaked out first thing in spring the yellow and then the red tips just looks absolutely beautiful and that’s coming along really well the canopy is very forming a really natural looking tree i know in some areas i’m going to have to do a bit of a maybe wiring or trimming back but looking absolutely lovely really is if you’ve been following me for a while last year i laid the top of a trident maple and this is the air layer i took off it’s actually quite a nice interesting piece in terms of it’s got multiple trunks at the bottom and it’s really starting to shoot out so that looks nice and healthy and ready to go well another success on a deciduous tree earlier here’s another trident maple that i haven’t shown this tree in a while um i haven’t haven’t showed a video on this tree either in a while but it’s needing it’s a lovely another lovely trailer the base with all the moss growing on it um just just looking forward to trimming this up this year i’m not trimming anything on it yet but you see those ones out of whack already um but it’s yeah lovely little lovely tree just wanna just need to work on a bit more get it get it more fuller and canopy but it’s a lovely tree i’m a real big fan of this one this is still the leaves need to really come out hard enough before i do any trimming now i’ll just come back and show you some of these little rudow rock trying to maples that i’ve got so this is a lovely little one that’s developing well the next one to it as well looking really good and the last route over rock is this one they’re all coming up nicely this is a slightly bigger trident with a really good base just going to work on that that’s in development just want to show you this little and you guys would have known this one because i repotted it this year it’s starting to really leave out but it needs a good trim and um hard prune back so i get some more um closer in buds happening so that’s looking now the prunus has uh finished flowering so there’s not much to look at except for nice healthy foliage nice trunk um yeah this finished leafing finished flowering this year um didn’t do as much flowering as last year because i repotted it this time around but should we just plan for it next year to be even better yeah i keep always forgetting the name of this guy but it’s a it’s a very it’s a mini um flowering chinese flowering quince so i’ve got this little mini it’s very cute very small tree it’s a very um very small tree that does flower um just can’t remember the flower i think it was white flower from memory but i haven’t got it in flower this year just wondering if it will flower this year or i missed the missed the time but it’s a good little tree hopefully you can see that that’s the clump style again flowering um chinese quince chinese flower and quince japonica someone always corrects me on it but hopefully you can see what it looks like that he’s gonna that’s coming along really well as a clump style i don’t want to be far away from it but um it’s got a really interesting base just hasn’t it’s not in flowers i think it’s a white flower from memory it’s a good tree all right guys they’re my deciduous trees and um hopefully you guys are enjoyed that walk through and um we’ll see you around take care bye

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