Bonsai Soil Basics: How to Choose Bonsai Soil (2019)

Bonsai Soil Basics: How to Choose Bonsai Soil (2019)

How to select bonsai soil that will be best for your trees? I talk about bonsai soil basics in order to choose the best substrate for your bonsai trees, in your climate.

Master the bonsai soil basics.

Is traditional potting mix suitable for bonsai soil?

By the end of the video, you will understand what a tree needs from the substrate, important factors to consider to maintain bonsai tree health via the soil, how to adapt a soil mix, and how to cope with a bonsai substrate that is sub-optimal.

I also list commonly used bonsai soil media to give you a good idea what kind of components to search for in your area.

Bonsai soil is often seen as a highly complex subject, but my aim is to make it simple for you to give your bonsai the very best health via the substrate you choose.

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