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We don’t often get snow in the south of England but for a few days the snow stayed. In this video I take you round the nursery to show you the beautiful sights.

Today is the 8th of february 2021 and because we never get snow much in this part of england i thought i’d do a little video of what it looks like when it snows the snow started falling yesterday and we had just a sprinkling of snow but it’s not really thick it’s barely a quarter of an inch thick but certainly it makes the whole place look very beautiful so many of the trees have been put away but uh the pines are the hardy trees that is a zelkova serata and that’s the scot spine and they’re very hardy and this little snowman of mine is also very hardy so there he is staying in the cold but i don’t think he will freeze or suffer oh winter is a lovely time a bit bleak if you can’t stand the cold but it’s so pretty nevertheless you can only just see a little bit of snow drifting people who live in the midwest of united states and canada and in sweden and the northern european countries will laugh with us because this is hardly any snow as i said it’s barely a quarter of an inch thick and it’s great fun when it falls and people who live in the tropical countries will also envious because they never see snow i had so many emails from friends in australia saying that they had temperatures of 34 degrees centigrade and they’re right in the middle of their summer so as i walk through let me just show you what the place looks like we have some trees under the grain shade netting and look at the poor shade netting is almost collapsing from the weight of snow there you are but those trees are protected under the shade but they still freeze it’s just that they don’t get snow settling on the leaves and over there we have our satsuki azaleas our japanese white pines and our junipers and they’re perfectly hardy so you’ll be surprised what a lot of trees we still have out in the open because they are hardy trees many people say oh one they died no they’re not are so tender that they will die tropical trees like ficus may not survive so we take care that they’re put away in our conservatory but things like pines horn beams oaks cedar trees uh hinoki cyprus they’re all very hardy so this is our shade tunnel so they only have the protection of the overhead frost and there you are loads of snow on top of the shade netting and here we have the satsuki azaleas they don’t turn yellow or drop all their leaves most of them keep most of their leaves and right in the middle of all this cold we have a beautiful little camellia flower in bloom and we have many camellias in bloom as i walk through i see so many comedians in bloom another one in bloom and here we are even more in room covered in snow this is not beautiful so here we are in the shade tunnel it looks dark with all the snow on top of the netting and despite the netting the snow does drift inside here it’s drifting right inside the tunnel so it’s not entirely uh protected it gives some protection but not a great deal and look at that beautiful picture oh the pine needles cover deep snow and this is our ordinary plastic tunnel and because the snow can’t drift through the plastic this one is slightly warmer but we don’t seal it off so it’s kept open so i dare say this is just one or two degrees uh a bit warmer it is frozen i’m touching the soil the soil is frozen but whereas outside is -3 inside here is probably just freezing rather eerie atmosphere so what do we protect here we protect our pyrocanthus it’s important to know the species which need protection this is protection but it still freezes it’s just that it doesn’t let it go too far below freezing so pyro cancer i protect some of the trident maples i protect some of the azaleas i protect more pirate counter pomegranates pomegranate although we sell sometimes as indoor trees we always suggest that people should put them outdoors in the summer and protect them in a cool room in the winter so this is where uh with most of the so-called indoor trees they prefer a cool room they can’t stand hard frost so they prefer a cool room and they will survive up to about zero degrees this is ficus carica which is the fruiting edible fig and these we protect in here as well still see the snowflakes falling these are our big tried maples some of them get protected i leave some outside as well the newly made trees i also protect mulberries i sometimes protect these are in here but i have others which are outside so they’re quite variable many of the evergreens like these ew trees so i keep them here because by keeping it here they don’t all turn that rusty brown so i keep it more to maintain the color and these are olive trees olive trees are mediterranean they can stand frost because this greenhouse is maybe freezing or maybe minus one so they get some protection and these are our newly potted trees we’ve already started potting up some of our trees maples cherries they’re all potted up recently repotted only about a week ago but they should be okay this amount of protection is fine i wasn’t planning to do any filming today but it’s so pretty i couldn’t resist coming out and this is another tunnel this is our twin span again the doors are open and this again provides quite enough protection for the plants that are in here mostly the maples which we have started repotting some of my more tender trees olive trees and here outside is bleak bleak as anything so this is going to be fairly rare footage because we don’t get a lot of snow i think this is the first snow we’ve had perhaps in i would say three years for the last three years we’ve not had much snow at all so here i am continuing my walk this our zen meditation hall and all our fields are covered in snow i’m just going to take you to the pond the pond is frozen solid [Applause] so that’s a very large horn beam that we dug out a year ago and it is spot growing well these are the use that we potted up waiting to be made into bonsai and that’s the tree that fell a year ago so last year we had severe storms but we did not have snow at all that’s our guest bungalow so different from what it is in the summer a large trident maples because they’re in large pots i don’t worry about them at all they’re perfectly okay like this everything is still dormant but in maybe a month or six weeks time everything will be springing into life again look at our thousands of maples all waiting to become bonsai thousands of them so we have to grow it on a large scale from seedlings planted about 20 to 30 35 years ago some of them already our young plants planted in the ground these are cherries and maples planted last year so they are already five-year-old trees but we only planted them last year from our pots that were grown in the greenhouse more pines and this is our orchard and i’ll just take you for a view of the warmer lake which is behind our nursery the lake i don’t think has frozen yet because we’ve only had snow for one day but because the river flows through it it doesn’t tend to freeze so easily but it does freeze so there you go this is the view of the lake so with these youtube videos you will have seen all the different phases of parents right from spring into summer into beautiful colors of autumn and now this beautiful snow-covered feels of our nursery these are the large maples that i planted 30 years ago from young seedlings and look at them they’re about six meters high and trunks of almost i would say 45 to 60 centimeter in diameter and they’re all over the place these are all maples that’s a big oak tree that blue one is a [Applause] maple and you don’t know you might find a deer leaping through the hedge because we had deer last week take a few more shots this is the third day that we’ve had the snow lying around on the nursery we haven’t had snow like this for about three years normally in the south of england we seldom get snow but when we get it it stays for a while i remember in 1986 when i first came to the nursery i moved house on the 27th of january so we came on the 27th of january and for the next six weeks we were covered in snow ever since that year 1986 i’ve never seen snow uh in any serious way and as i said it was three years ago when we last saw snow settling so we are lucky to escape but then again the snow is very pretty so i’m now ending this video on a rather lovely note because the sun is shining it’s cold and frozen but things are looking up and today is the 9th 10th of february and very soon it will be spring and already the evenings are getting lighter it doesn’t get dark to 5 30 in the evening which is a good sign so let’s look up to the next few months when everything will be warm and bright and full of life so this is a view that you don’t often see at herons my large sequoia tree and it continues to grow some birds are flying around i haven’t seen our robin for a while so there is life around so i hope this view of the snow will prove relaxing for you the sun’s been shining all day so most of the snow from the roofs have melted so just goes to show we don’t ever get serious snow even if it falls it doesn’t last very long and here’s a view of our frozen pond i don’t walk on the ice because the ice is not very thick there’s my shadow casting a long shadow and that’s the silhouette of our oak tree which is a beautiful broom style and i’m reminded that this coming year i will have to prune the spine i didn’t prune the spine at all in 2020 and it’s grown a lot so i’ve got to reduce it by about half again so a lot of pruning to be done lots of work to be done today is the 12th of february and it’s seven o’clock in the morning and the sun is just beginning to rise i’ve been trying to end this video so many times but every time i think that’s the last shot i take there are still more and more beautiful shots to record so there’s still snow on the ground but the sunrise is so beautiful and it promises so much for the coming year and of course being of chinese ethnicity tomorrow the 13th no today is the 12th this chinese new year i had forgotten so happy new year to all my chinese friends and happy new year kong haifa choi to myself so let’s hope that 2021 the year of the ox will be a very very lovely year and a nice year when hopefully the covet 19 will be behind us so here’s to a very lovely beginning and may all your dreams come true and may i see you at the nursery sometime so with that i will definitely end happy new year to all my friends [Music] you

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