Bonsai Medium Plant DIY Cryptomeria Bonsai

In this video I take cryptomeria raw material and show you how to make it into a bonsai tree.

The kryptomeria this is the variety called yokohama now this is another of those trees that literally require no wiring whatsoever you can wire if you wish the wires will be provided but just to show you simply by pruning and creating layers between the branches you will get a very credible looking bonsai just a word of warning don’t go too mad or enthusiastic because you may end up cutting all the branches off just judiciously look for the visible branches keep the visible branches and trim spaces between the branches i’ve used this in a lot of workshops number of our beginners come to the workshop and they have created very successful little trees just by trimming like this again remove the soil from around the trunk and simply putting it in a pot you will get a very credible looking tree now i always advise people not to take all the soil off just remove the soil begin with the soil underneath the pot to get it to sit uh comfortably there you go you can tie it in you don’t need to and i’ve used quite a deep pot here how easy is that that really looks a credible tree the kryptomerias are grown either you can thin a little more but i probably don’t even need to do that so this is the cryptomeria yokohama i’m now going to show you the next variety we do which is the kryptomeria vilmoriana now this one is not as easy as the yokohama but it is nevertheless still a simple tree so the first thing i always do is to remove the soil from around the trunk just to reveal the trunk as soon as you begin to reveal the trunk it begins to take on a tree-like appearance from past experience i know that the habit of this tree is to be a multi-trunk tree so let us thin some of these longer branches i’m trying to get like a dome shape or a triangular shape and i’m again trying to create spaces between successive layers of branches you got to be careful not to prune any of the principal branches or the trunks off very congested a lot of growth prune the young shoots keep the visible branches now that branch is almost like a separate tree that’s so congested there you’ve got to just be a bit careful not to knock the branches off they are quite brittle and if you’re not careful you can break the branch so do be a bit careful when you wire or snip it that pad is very dense and thick so i’m just going to thin it a little more i’m trimming it to a conical shape that’s all i’m doing or a dome shape this is a very wide triangle so you can see the shape is becoming like a low growing tree you do get these low growing trees looking like this so i want to use a single piece of wire so far which shows that you don’t always have to do much wiring i’ll use another piece of wire so second piece of wire coming up i’m using here uh one and a half no this is two millimeter two mirror so you get a couple of pieces of wire more than enough i hope with the kit so it’s just to separate the trunks so for a novice producing something like this look at the beautiful roots you can’t complain that the tree is not growing vigorously so we are supplied with a slightly deeper plastic pot and all you do is put it in a pot and there you have the makings of a very nice tree better than a lot of these trees you can buy commercially and use the same soil you don’t need to have extra soil the soil that came out of the pot is very good so that is your kryptomeria vilmoriana so it’s another type so they’re quite different the two are completely different in character so that is your kryptomerias [Music] you

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