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Leylandii and Aphids

Do you remember the time when there was an outbreak of aphids and most Leylandii hedges were transformed from luscious green to ugly brown? For those who were affected by this onslaught of the said insects, it was quite memorable. It can be a traumatic experience for the homeowner to suddenly see his prized Leylandii hedges turn brown.

Placing and Planting the Leylandii

The location where you will grow your Leylandii hedges should have access to a lot of sun as these trees are greedy for sunlight in order to grow. Plan well and you will reap a good hedge.

Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Planting

House moms are already pre-occupied with their tasks inside the house so a garden is just a “second” priority after all the household chores has been done. Although gardening is another task to be done, a garden idea makes house more beautiful and lovely. It is also a relaxing hobby that gives many benefits not just to the gardener but also for everyone living in the house.

Create a Wonderful Garden With Special Mulches

Are you planning to set a garden? Well garden has a very important role in determining the beauty of your house or office.

Plant Nutrients – Part 2 – Benefits Of Nitrogen, Blood Meal And Potassium For Plumeria Plants

Part Two of the series, Plant Nutrients, continues with the benefits of nitrogen, blood meal and potassium for plumeria plants and plants in general. What are the signs of nitrogen and potassium deficiency in plants?

Garden Ideas on a Budget

Gardening ideas on a budget can be done if you use your resources wisely. In order to create some gardening ideas on a budget, begin planning how you want your garden to look, and plan how you can create a nice little place using a low budget.

Ten Easy Steps to Growing Organic Vegetables in Your Own Organic Garden Without Breaking the Bank

Starting an organic garden and growing your own vegetables is becoming more and more popular particularly with the resurgence of the allotment. The reasons for this are numerous, but the two key reasons are probably the public’s concerns with the quality of food on our supermarket shelves, and the ever rising cost of foods. When one reads the country of origin labels of some of the fruit and vegetables one has to ask how fresh are they? The benefit of growing organic vegetables is that you know they will be fresh.

Garage Doorways Prices: Study and Obtain Full Bang for Your Buck

The door must provide the outlook of your property a great and indulgent look which makes it distinctively yours. Periodic changes also play a huge role in identifying the costs of garage doorways.

Reasons To Use LED Grow Lights

Plants need three basic things to grow and flourish. They are water, soil and light. When deciding to grow a garden indoors, it can be a challenge to provide the adequate environment for the plants to grow to their full potential. Gardeners…

Aquaponics: How to Do It Like a Pro

Are you tired of the usual, expensive, and high maintenance ways to grow fruits and vegetables in your garden? Aquaponics is the simplest yet effective way to do it. It’s an easy method to grow plants and fish quickly without the use of harmful chemicals that are commonly used in traditional farming methods.

Plastic Garden Mulch – Which Color Is Best?

Plastic Garden Mulch is available in several different colors. Each color has different uses in the garden. This article will review which color is best for which crop.

How To Care For Garden Tools

Whether you’ve got a small container garden on the patio or a large plot filling half your back yard, every gardening chore is easier with the right tools at hand. Collecting all the garden tools you need can be an expensive proposition, but if you…

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