Beginning with Bonsai

If you’re looking to start with growing a Bonsai  tree, here’s a few tips that will help you! There’s two common ways to start with Bonsai. The first is to simply purchase a Bonsai  tree and learn how to keep it alive. The second way is to create a Bonsai  yourself, from cheap nursery plants. Of course you can also propagate  young trees from seeds or cuttings, but it will take at least three years before  you can start shaping those seedlings. If you purchase a Bonsai tree, first  decide where you want to place it, and then pick a tree species that will grow there. If you plan on keeping your Bonsai indoors, select sub tropical tree species  like the Ficus, Jade or Carmona. If you want to keep your Bonsai  outdoors, pick a Juniper or Maple. If you want to create a Bonsai yourself  from a nursery plant, make sure to watch our tutorials on YouTube, these explain what  to buy and how to style it into a Bonsai. Taking care of a Bonsai tree  really isn’t that difficult. But you will need to learn  how to take care for them. The first topics you will want to learn about  is placement, watering, fertilizing and pruning. These techniques are explained on our website,  and also in our online Bonsai courses. Bonsai takes patience, and you don’t want  to restyle your tree every other month. The solution is to buy lots of trees, grow new trees from seeds, collect trees from  gardens – so you always have something to do. Also, try to build your collection  with many different tree species. The more variety, the better! I hope these tips were useful  and will help you get started! Learn how to create your own Bonsai trees, by  enrolling in one of our online Bonsai courses. We explain techniques like  pruning wiring and repotting, and you can ask questions to the teachers. For the curriculums and free lessons, go to:

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