Bartosz Warwas Bonsai demo – BonsaiKunst

Bartosz Warwas Bonsai demo - BonsaiKunst

Bartosz Warwas was born 1990 in Poland and startet with bonsai in 2005. Since then he has taken part in numerous workshops and learned from many international bonsai masters, like Taiga Urushibata, Manuel Germade, Bjorn Bjorholm, Naoki Maeoka, Kevin Willson and Koji Hiramatsu. In 2013 Bartosz Warwas has founded his project Bonsai Discovery and since then teaches students while he still keeps learning. He loves to make bonsai demonstrations while the health of the tree is the most important thing for him.

With many thanks to BonsaiKunst Hamburg for creating this online demo!

Produced by: BaumRingeBonsai
Reposted by: Bonsai Empire

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