Austrian Pine work and Bog Forest Update, Part 2, The Bonsai Zone, Oct 2021

The detailed pruning continues in part 2 of my Austrian Pine bonsai. It will be interesting to see the tree in spring when the new growth develops!
This tree was started from nursery stock 25 years ago and is a Pinus nigra or Austrian Black Pine.

To see previous videos of my Austrian Pine, click on the playlist here…


Gardening Recommendations Before the Summer Season

Gardening is a hobby that calls for special techniques and skills. Being equipped with this arsenal of skills and techniques is vital to maintain a green garden, healthy, especially through summer – the hottest and driest season of the year. As the temperature rises before and through summer, cleaning the garden will help to ensure you have a beautifully maintained garden.

Except Gardening Accessories, Which Factors Influence Your Garden?

The gardener should educate himself about gardening. Nature is always mysterious to mankind. It has great impact on the garden. A little idea of nature helps a lot in gardening. Some factors which play vital roles in gardening are soil, environment (including climate and weather), types of plants etc. These all are integral parts of nature. Apart from these, choice of plants, pots and containers along with other gardening tools have impact on a garden.

How to Use Mirrors in the Garden to Add a Feeling of Light and Space

Why Use Mirrors In The Garden? 1. Frame a pretty view or plant 2…

It Only Takes One Seed

You may not have the ambition to become a farmer, but you do pick up a fork, stop and relish the beauty of a rose or even meditate at a garden of cacti – gardening brings all these pleasures and more if you just take the time to start with just one seed. When that first sprout breaks through, you can try all you want but you can’t stop that smile from lighting up your face and your day.

“Even Solomon in All His Glory Was Not Arrayed Like One of These” (Matthew 6:28) Easter Lily

Of the mandatory (for some) Easter Lily. They come in just before the holiday. Often with only one flower open and many buds promising good value and good looks, too. It is of this plant the Easter Lily – Lilium longiflorum – that I wish to speak for it is, verily, the symbol of the day and its world-changing events.

Walnut Tree (Juglans Regia)

The walnut is a large, deciduous tree which can grow up to a 100 feet tall and with a spread of up to 40 feet. Native to Central Asia and South East Europe it is widely planted in the United Kingdom and is very popular in parks and large gardens.

Western Hemlock Tree (Tsuga Heterophylla)

The western hemlock, not to be confused with the deadly poisonous herb hemlock and to which it bears no relation, is an evergreen conifer, broad in habitat, with a narrow conical crown and a drooping leading shoot. Having been introduced to the United Kingdom sometime in the 1800’s from its native western North America it quickly became commonly planted for its timber and being extremely shade tolerant made it ideal for planting underneath other trees in forestry plantations. This impressive specimen is capable of reaching heights of up…

Starting Your Garden Seeds: The Basics

Learn some of the basics on starting your seeds, including: what kind of soil to choose, how much light and heat to give, when to transplant, how to decide if the plants are healthy, and more. Enjoy some lesser known facts and a few hidden jokes along the way.

How Trees Can Affect the Value of Your Home

So you have decided to sell your house, tidied away all the clutter, given all the rooms a fresh coat of neutral paint and the house has now been on the market for several weeks. But with plenty of viewings and favourable comments about your home you still haven’t had any offers and you really can’t understand why. Have you thought about looking at the condition of your garden?

A Rock Garden Or An Alpine Garden?

What’s the difference between a rock and an alpine garden? Well… an alpine is often a rock garden, but a rock garden isn’t necessarily an alpine garden. The difference is alpine plants are typically plants found in mountainous regions.

Plants That Will Feed Your Chickens For Free

Feeding your chickens a harvest from the landscape and reasonable space you already have. So how do you do it? What should you grow? Here is our list of fruiting plants that will feed your chickens for free.

What to Do If Plants Wake Up Too Early in the Winter

While some swelling of buds is normal, seeing them swell and open is something else entirely. Here’s what you need know if your shrubs and trees are waking too early in the season.

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