Advanced Bonsai Course – Trailer

Advanced Bonsai Course - Trailer

Introducing the Advanced Bonsai Course – the latest online tutorial from Bonsai Empire and Bjorn Bjorholm. Enroll now at:

The course is divided into four main categories – Philosophy, Aesthetics & Design, Advanced Techniques, and Display, each of which is designed to take your bonsai knowledge and abilities to entirely new frontiers.

The first two sections, Philosophy and Aesthetics & Design, take an unprecedented look at the more nuanced and introspective elements of bonsai, including the philosophical underpinnings and etymology of the term bonsai, the notion of bonsai as art, and the elements of Japanese nature, culture, and history that have influenced the development of bonsai.

The theoretical aspects covered in the previous sections will then be put into practice in long-form case studies in the Advanced Techniques and Display portions of the tutorial. These case studies feature advanced bending techniques for a variety of plant species, various grafting methods, as well as design principles applied to Conifers, Deciduous, and Broadleaf Evergreen species. Learn how to build bonsai from raw material to exhibition piece, with the latest and most advanced Bonsai techniques taught in this online course.

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