A New Bike and My 10 Dollar Cedar, The Bonsai Zone, Oct 2021

I bought an old Schwinn bicycle and then I begin the long process to converting a hedge Cedar into a bonsai.
The Cedar is a Thuja occidentalis that I bought at the end of the season for 10 dollars.

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7 Myths About Grow Lights

Most likely it’s the many myths, some started by the light manufacturers themselves, which have given LED grow lights such a bad reputation with indoor gardeners. It seems as if many LED lighting manufacturers don’t actually grow with their lights: their leadership team usually consists of a lighting engineer, plus an entrepreneur with an interest in gardening. Neither of them has much indoor gardening experience, if any.

Choosing the Right Shed for Your Garden

Whilst you may not live in your garden shed, you will use it to store important tools and outdoor machinery. Investing wisely in your shed, whether you choose the shiplap style or the tongue and groove style, has its own benefits including the price, is the best protection you can give your outdoor tools.

17 Essential Gardening Tasks for Summer

With June almost over, now is the time to prepare for the gardening tasks which face us this summer. Whilst you may think a lot of the hard work in terms of planting and preparation has already been done during Spring, you’ll be surprised at how much there is still to do in the summer. Find out some of the most important tasks, below.

Blossom-End Rot Disease – Damage to Your Garden Vegetables and Tomatoes!

Blossom End-Rot is a physiological condition that affects your tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and melons. Caused by a calcium imbalance a black/brown lesion will appear at the flower site of the produce indicating calcium damage and ultimately destroying the vegetable or fruit.

5 Keys to Perfect Lawns – Quick Guide To Lush Green Lawns for Anyone

An easy to follow guide on creating a great lawn, outlining the basic methods required to create the great lawn you want. Providing enough detailed advice without overloading you with complicated explanations. Covering lawn mowing, weeding and moss control, soil aeration, over seeding, lawn feeding.

Opting For Organic Garden Essentials For Healthier Plants

Gardening can be both fun and challenging. Many people who are into gardening love to spend time tending their plants especially when they see them growing luscious and healthy. Although it may sound really simple and easy to maintain a garden, it can actually cost you a lot of time, effort and money.

Natural Way to Eradicate Lily Pads

Do you know that beautiful Lily pads not only grow in ponds but also are a part of the natural life support system of any pond? They help provide oxygen to the water and provide a covering layer for fish and other aquatic and amphibian life such as frogs. A major problem occurs when these pads begin to overtake the surface of the pond and refrain light from reaching the water.

Blue Roses and Their Meanings

Have you ever heard about blue roses? This type of rose is unique and beautiful at the same time. Want to know more about blue roses and what do they signify? Read this article to find out the answers.

Bringing The Outside to Life With Garden Decor

I enjoy the outdoors and watching the changes as we go through the seasons. If you enjoy gardening, it helps to relax you and you can help the environment by adding flowers to attract birds, bees and butterflies. You can also enjoy the view you have created, as you take time to relax!

Dressing Up Your Yard With Garden Decor

I enjoy the outdoors and watching the changes as we go through the seasons. If you enjoy gardening, it helps to relax you and you can make changes to the environment by adding flowers to attract the birds, bees and butterflies. You can also enjoy the view you have created, relax and watch your garden grow and change.

Plant a Butterfly Garden in Containers With Smaller Flowering Shrubs and Perennials

You can easily make a beautiful butterfly garden in containers. Here are some ideas for plants that would work well in containers, so you too can attract butterflies to your garden- no matter where it is or how big it happens to be!

No Fail Perennial Plants for Any Garden

Perennial plants are basics that are essential to landscapes of all kinds. These perennials should be as reliable as they are beautiful. Reliability should come in the form of disease resistance, ability to “play nice” and not become a spreading pest and ecological threat, and add to the natural beauty that exists around and outside of the area the landscape is in.

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