$200K BONSAI?!

Today there’s something very special that’s gonna happen at the nursery I’ve been waiting for this for a number of years and I’m very excited about it so I’ll show you guys when we get there [Music] so this is what’s happening at the nursery this week I’ve been doing bonsai for a very long time as a matter of fact I started when I was 13 years old and I’m 30 now so I’ve been in at more than 17 years why I’m shooting some video I’ll call you right back I’ve been here at copán in Japan for almost nine years at this point there are a few trees that have come through the nursery that I’ve gotten to lay my hands on during that period that have been standout pieces of material first was hockadoo which is probably our most famous tree here at copán I featured that tree in a previous video another tree is our very famous you know cypress here which is probably in the top three to five Hinault keys in all of Japan [Music] and the third tree is this one right behind me here I’ve been waiting to work on this tree for almost nine years it’s been here since long before I became an apprentice and now it’s in need of being wired so this week I’m gonna transform it from a bush back into its form as a bonsai what’s interesting about this piece of material is that it originally started out as a junipers procumbens or a per combination of her also called Sanada and Japanese and it was grafted with fine etoy gaya foliage about 15 years ago what’s even more interesting than that though is that this tree is worth about the cost of a small house [Music] so what makes a bonsai worth $200,000 well it’s not the easiest question to answer because you have to factor things in like market economics supply and demand but there are certain objective things that we can look at on individual plants that we can identify as adding value to that tree so in the case of this particular Juniper the deadwood the size of the tree the type of foliage has been grafted to it how long it’s been in development how well-developed it is all of these factors added together make the tree worth $200,000 in the Japanese market [Music] I remember when I first started my apprenticeship here at copán almost nine years ago just to be able to pull the seeds where the berries off of a Juniper like this would have been an honor and a privilege so to be able to get my hands on a point like this and actually wire and style it is just an unbelievable honor in my opinion so thus far I’ve gotten about halfway through the plant and I think it’s looking pretty good so far as we get towards the top though it will become inevitably more difficult as the apex is always the hardest part of the tree to style so let’s see how it goes [Music] you got thought [Music]

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