Styling & Carving a large Yew with Kevin Wilson – Part 1

Crew cab So today we have a very very special uh Privileged event I have here Kevin Wilson who in the UK is one of the Best best Bonsai artists uh who can Create some beautiful beautiful Bonsai I'm nowhere like that I only teach Babies how to do bottom line so as I Said Kevin has very kindly agreed to Come to herons to show our staff what Can be achieved and teach us a few Things Learning and teaching are two different Things we all like to learn but very few People can teach and I'm sure Kevin can Teach us because he's forever conducting Workshops and demonstrations so we are Privileged to have this opportunity to Have him so I know that Kevin likes to work on Youth And these are the use that we grow here At Harris These views Believe It or Not were only Finger thick about 20 years ago and they Were sold to me for one pound each one Pound each because they were not very Straight they need straight use so I I Think I bought 1 000 of them one Thousand one pound use now I won't tell You which university it was it was an Order that was rejected because I told You the trees were not straight so I Planted the Hedge all around the nursery The you Hedges were planted with those

One pound use and after 20 years in fact After 17 years this year became So thick Some of you will remember three years Ago we had a digger and we dug up quite A few of them we in fact dug up 10 News Subsequently we dug more But of those 10 seven survived and this Is one of the seven so these were hedge Height which is six to eight feet so we Cut the thing down two three feet and we Let all these new shoots go thick Branches will cut off and we're Encouraging thin branches to grow so There we are so I'm gonna now ask Kevin To tell us Think about what he's thinking when you Look at the tree like this Well for a start yeah this tree has a Really really powerful base if you can See there yeah it's not too ugly over Here no no the way it leaves the ground Is perfect for my sort of style yeah Um because like when we're doing Treasure what the way I think about it Yeah is the story yeah the tree yes so What I have to do is I have to think you Know where's this tree growing what's The height of it what's the scale of it What elements have been lashing this Tree yeah you know obviously we're Trying to make a really old tree here Maybe you know a thousand years old yeah You know trees which are four thousand

Years old I'll take you there if you Well I'd love to see them yeah But you know that's the that's the Impression we're trying to make is a Tree that's a thousand the mother tree You share of the forest basically yeah You know I mean we're not after growing All the little seedlings around all the All the trees that are you know sort of In mid growth here we want the mother Tree to create the whole Forest okay That's what I'm after anyway yeah a Mountain style of tree Well because of this big root on this Side Um what this enables me to do is change The orientation on this because it's not Really no it's not Converse but what We're showing here is the wind oh you Know so we need to show the snow and the Wind and this will show the wind yeah so What I'll be able to do is I'm going to Change the orientation on this tree to Show that this tree has maybe been Living near the coast and it has a 50 Knot wind gear crashing into it you know And this route yeah will enable me to do That yeah so when I see something you Know quite ugly on a tree yeah I I don't Dismiss it immediately I'll bring it to The four year and try and make sure yes Okay you know and I've seen you do a Similar thing okay you know Um so for me this is beautiful yeah good

So what is ugly can be beautiful Absolutely yeah absolutely A bit like me But you know there you go see so we've Got this very vertical tree here you Know and uh what I'm going to do next Actually before I do anything here is Find the front the absolute front on the Street because if you start styling a Tree here and spinning it around you Know you never actually designed the Tree here it needs a front and a back Okay so that's what we're going to do is Find the absolute front here and I might Have to bail down in front of this tree Here to actually do that yeah do you Want it higher up Um no I think I'll I'll work here again Then we'll see how we go yeah So absolute friend but that route on the Left will dictate the front to a large Extent absolutely yeah you know I mean I Mean that's the whole at the moment yeah Okay that's all I'm thinking about yeah That's the other thing why if you start Thinking about the whole tree yeah when You start designing a tree you'll never Get to the end you have to Decompartmentalize what you're thinking About yeah you know what I mean so the Front and back of the tree is largely Largely determined by The Roots Absolutely okay not many people realize That don't know absolutely

So what I'm looking for I'm now also Thinking about the carving that I'll do On the tree and Um and the movement where the movement Starts from because the other thing Right is it's repeating patterns through The tree if you look at Mr kimura's book Every book here that he's written has a Fractile on the front of it a computer Generated fractal which is a a repeating Pattern you're into the miniature and Into the infinite yeah and that triangle And triangle that's right it's it's like The growing you know and then this is What we're trying to do here here you Know what I mean is make this so it has The same movement yeah from root to tip You know and if we've got that same Movement all the way through there yeah We're getting somewhere near Nigeria so So what I'm looking for now is this Route And how that's going to determine the Way I carve it yeah And also yeah sometimes these trees have A cut me hairline yeah it's Extraordinary yeah yeah like this one Yeah you know look it's you can see Right this is feeding the same yeah it's Feeding certain branches up here yeah Look at this look oh we've got that Swell in there and we've got that Swelling there And like I know right yeah that that was

Probably for this middle part was Probably feeding this part yeah and uh I Know I can remove all of that here in There yeah no problem at all here Without damaging that tree So that's a good thing also yeah now if I can just air my thoughts yeah with This thin part here I'd often thought That this is a potential leader but Perhaps not is it too drastic it's so It's too tend to linear okay you know my Idea is to make I can't make any curves By cop no that's right yeah and and the Thing is we're being dictated by this Route yes so very powerful yeah so what I'm going to do now is there are three Bits of wire yeah I'm going to put a Datum in the absolute front Okay well I Say the absolute front yeah you know I Mean it's organic here so as we move Along I might change it slightly here so In goes the Dyson And then we know the front And that's my front in there You want to show that yeah So for those who are watching this video Kevin has put three spikes in very very Often people just put one but one Doesn't line up doesn't line it up so You need at least two if not three to Line it up so there's a little tip that Some of you may like to learn from okay Foreign At this stage are they too long

Um There's going to be a lot come out yeah Yeah that's for sure no I mean the Length is not all the length no I won't Do that the thing is here what I do here Is even the best Bond soil is when They're working you you see these guys Come along and chop branches off right And all the branches they don't need you And then when they come to style it yeah They go maybe if I hadn't got that one Off it would have been fine yeah so what I tend to do right is take off what I Absolutely know I'm not going to need And then I'll leave all the others yeah Um and we'll see even the long branches Even the long branches yeah but I'll Take off the ones I absolutely know that I don't need you so the first thing We're going to do is I need some muscle For this Is change the orientation it's one of The it's one of the major things we've Got in the Armory yeah to show to show The nature yeah so immediately this what Do you want to do we're going to lift it Up this way and put blocks underneath Okay Steve you want to have So if you want to help me better we're Just lifting Richard okay See that's why we didn't throw these Things you know we were building and we Were going to burn them I said no

Um You know see now yeah when the soil goes In there these juvenile root are Quite ugly now you will be a little bit More buried okay you know and this comes To the four yeah this this thing here Are you tilting it because the tree is Too straight or it's too straight and Also yeah this is dictating yeah okay Because this you know you know maybe We've got 50 not windier going over a Year in the winter yeah and this tree Has been pulled over here over time and This tree is actually one thing trees Know how to do is balance themselves Here you know and hang on yeah so this Is what this has done so immediately Here the story is becoming real yeah you Know with this with this lean on the Tree yeah So There you see immediately this is this Has got stability here you can see this Is holding the tree in that position Yeah It seems quite dramatic yeah but like What we've done there is set up um some Dynamics here you know I mean the tree Is now looking Dynamic yeah So Now I'm gonna have a good old think About What branches I'm going to need Also now what I'm going to do is clean

The front of this tree away here so I Know I'm not going to need any of these Sponges that are in the front So I'm gonna dismiss those Um [Music] [Music] I left these thicker branches in case They could be used yeah the thing is These two of uh Yeah you know I mean so we're gonna but The other thing is um you know you were I saw one of your videos you would say You know we're better off working with a Soft boat yeah so Okay This is quite a good branch This could be our Apex here along with Some of these here you could work so Have you more or less decided that You're going to just general this that's Coming out yeah you know I mean I'm Gonna saw that back I'm not going to do Too many Gins here on it yeah what I'm Going to do is mostly trunk cars yeah Um They seems you know there seems to be an Over proliferation of Ginger these days And you end up with massive grow Gins Like this here that are long three foot Long and the thing is what is long jeans Yeah or young jeans short dunes or old Jeans so you know we're going to try I Mean obviously this we're trying to get

A thousand year old tree or something Yeah so you know I'm not going to do too Many We're applicable yeah then I'll do them Yeah but you know it's uh So one of you guys has got a saw yeah I Need this thing saw now Which ones you want to remind one that Was using the other day yeah As I've got over I've got laser as well Yeah if you just saw across there and Get rid of this one Foreign Yeah obviously done Jig the trunk Hold it up Let me see the Rings [Music] So that's all I'm going to be using I've cut it out now All over you so what I'm going to be Using is uh Makita Die Grinder yeah okay This is the 901 this has been Discontinued Um but I still have a few of these and I'll repair them you know when they Actually burn out the brushes here bud There's this one the new one Which is the Makita Max yeah and uh this Is just as good as just slightly Underpowered here from the night the 906 Yeah okay Um But it does the job

You don't use a router or not for this Job No I mean This is the best thing here because Right this is really ergonomic yeah and It's really easy to hold yeah the other Thing is I use some full speed at 25 000 RPM because I'm used to using it yeah But what I suggest anyone starting with The Makita is there's a dimmer switch You can buy here you plug in and it's Got a little Um and you can actually change the speed To much lower speed yeah and I would Actually have a code doing that you know Um excellent tool yeah start off with This year you're not meant to do the big Cuts and the block carving yeah and then We'll come with smaller tools as we get In there yeah so going so what I'm going To do now is Mark that lining I was Talking about It's really helped me out that's true Yeah I do Now I absolutely do Actually this one I'm gonna try and save This one so I'll come out a bit you know And then go back in Okay So when you're using these power tools You have to remember yeah that you if You push in right yeah you're gonna Absolutely get rid of wood immediately

Yeah so what you have to do is just let It run slowly don't push in you it's a Soft thing yeah [Music] Instagram [Music] [Music] And even as you can see here the way I'm Carving here yeah I'm actually putting a Directory here This is the same as that roof Playing with the flow going to the flow Of that route yeah Just gently gentle here no push in here Just Foreign La la la [Music] [Music] La [Music] So we pretty much got over there The bark on the front of the tree now And uh if there is such a thing as a Focal point would you say that this is Going to be the fourth group absolutely Yeah this is the whole thing here it's Right here yeah yeah you know so what We're going to do now here is uh have a Play with light and Shadow in there yeah But I'm just what I'm going to do first Right is just look to see if I can Improve the edge the line of this Living Part yeah it's a little bit straight

Here here I've noticed you so I'm just Gonna Do something with that And I'll even leave so it's a little Bits of large candy in like that yeah They heal up really nicely yeah you know So I'm going to start from right down Here Foreign [Music] Router would normally do isn't it yeah Absolutely No that's right but this thing will cut Smoothly yeah and uh whereas a route Will bounce about yeah Um this Cuts smoothly if you don't apply Too much pressure to it yeah it will cut Like battery yeah you know all right Colorado would cut more more quickly no No there are essentially both routers They're both routers here yeah but this Thing is a smoother but the one you use With the other one you know they're Botch water yeah they have the different Type of boots yeah they do yeah they Like the calls around you but they kick A lot yeah and these are these actually Run smoke yeah all right so okay you can See what I've done there you've just Gone in there made an informal shape in There right now what I need to do right Is I really need to make that Hollow Here to get the drama Um and also what we need to do is leave

The outside uh fascia you have the trim Intact because then we won't have a Shadow if we get rid of this year if you Carve in too deep and open it up the Light floods in there and there's no Mystery or anything to it yeah so I'm Just going to start to open it up a Little bit more [Music] Into them just see that The minute I cut that rainbow yeah Starting to pop there yeah [Applause] [Music] And also yes you know when it looks like It's really thin because I've cut a Rebate into the back of this tree yeah Yeah Um but actually the virtue of that yeah Is really quite strong I have a feel of That thing to you it's not going to bust In over time because your wood is harder You will charge it but also right you Have to leave quite a lot there so the Virtue is still there you're over time So if you cut too thin obviously it's Going to rot off you you know so it's Very important to keep that rebate here Quite chunkier You can see yeah it's much longer yeah And the head is much smaller yeah so What tool is this I don't even actually know what it's Called yet but you can see yeah you know

I mean I don't go by the name share There's like you know the tornado and The El Nino and the Nibbler there's a Million of them you know I mean but That's the one I use I don't even know What it's called yet don't even know the Part number yet but that's the one You're going to need a small one can you Compare with the other one yeah now yeah It's go deeper yeah to make that one Darker yeah so there's more so why have You changed it a bit well because if you Go too deep with this one inside yeah it Tends to Rattle yeah you know I remember This one yeah this one is a smaller head So it can go deeper you can go deeper Yeah you know what I mean much quicker Yeah so [Music] All right [Applause] There's a bit of dark sawdust appearing On yeah Yeah we're getting into the center of The show yeah You can see already yeah the darkness in There you know I mean we're getting more Of a dramatic failure You know this is uh reflecting light Yeah so we have to get rid of all of This yeah [Music] When we come to clean that up yeah I'll just give an indication yeah

You know we're a branch was yeah maybe There was some harder wood you know and It just there's a little natural thing That you can do here [Music] [Music] Foreign But this is where the artistic bit comes In you know a lot of people call they Just call for the sake of carving and Sometimes they get treated with salt in The car and there's nothing left you Know that's what you have to watch out For the first tree that I ever carved Here was a a pretty substantial Hawthorne and it was like this yeah and Um I went to that show we were talking Yeah 1919 Birmingham and saw Dan Robinson making a uh a juniper into a Piece of Swiss cheese and uh and I Thought oh my God yeah this is Incredible yeah something that's Immediate in Bonsai so I immediately Went home yeah bought myself a Makita And um and carved the Hawthorn into Oblivion you know and then realized yeah That there is a point where you have to Stop are there certain trees which are Easier the wood is easier Whole film is fantastic Um you is fantastic privilege is hard No they're all fantastic it's fantastic To carve provided you're cutting into Live wood yeah you know um yeah if you

You know if you start to get into Hardwood yeah you know what I mean There's quite a bit of bouncing going Off but you know carving uh you know When they're soft here and still Malleable like this is uh probably the Best way to carve you you know the Detail here is another thing yeah that Comes when the wood's seasoned yet and You can do the small things here with The you know with the Dremel yeah What I'm going to do now is clean that Yeah Foreign [Music] So It's a less powerful tool it's less Powerful yes and you got final work Yeah you can get fine at work and if you Leave that through for one year to see So yeah then you can get in there and do Much finer work here without it fluffing Up like marrow yeah you know what you Wanted to carve You know So yeah [Music] Has that been smoothed up yeah it looks Very nice Is facing upwards yeah well now when we Style the tree every single Branch here We're going to have to show the snow Here on this tree yeah it's a mountain Tree yeah so we're going to show the

Snow on it yeah and this one right here Is in the wrong direction so anything That's facing up on a tree should have Been a desiccated trunk here you know What I mean it was facing up would you So you need something to be a little bit Bigger here if it's going up right if It's a junior you know I mean it needs To be in the same Rhythm like we were Talking here about the fractals yeah This needs to be in the same Rhythm yeah So I'm gonna have to shorten this year And and disguise it and make it look Like it's going down yeah so what I'm Going to do Oh man I'm trying to do that via telekinesis But it doesn't work You are on So first off [Music] Just cut my profiles first So you can see I'll change the direction Of edging Yeah and I've also cut underneath here You know so it looks as curved yeah so You know it's not it was straight here You know I mean you know and the other Thing is if you're carving a stump yeah Where you've got one branch coming out Here yeah and you need to do a seven Mickey that's got some energy in it that Stops IT being straight what you do is You carve your profiles in here before

You cut the interior out you know it's Very important you can't just go cutting The interior out you have to get the Profiles right So now I'm going to give some thought to What's going on here where we're going To finish okay we look at that again Because the back we were discussing That's thread branch That's quite interesting things isn't it Is interesting isn't it yeah it comes Out there then goes around wraps itself Around but then when it comes out that Side it's absolutely stretched yes Street so I think probably what we're Going to do here is just cut it yeah and We're cut it down to that maybe now I Think maybe right down you know okay Yeah we need it out of the way basically Yeah it's it's not going to be the top Yeah you know what I mean the angle is Wrong anyway yeah but it could maybe do You know make something later on down The line yeah yeah okay so I'm not gonna Sauce Enjoy you do it Tell him where Right there job with that noise yeah Cool She's gone okay okay So the other thing I have to get rid of Some of the Some of these ones that are distracting Me now yeah that are actually dead

Like this one This one here But yeah we can cut the tape Bridge into This we can get the energy into this Branch yeah so what you're going to do With the top now yeah that's it the top 30 centimeter yeah 12 inches are you Going to carve that or cut it off Completely I think I'm going to cut it Off because it's so powerful I want to Keep the power yeah yeah if it is Too Tall the sense of power tends to get Lost isn't it yeah so there's a short Stumpy strong tree like a sumo wrestler That's it it looks stronger So [Music] I've got a small chainsaw We haven't Just hold the top for me don't pull it Or anything just tell me where it is Look at the dark wood in there Well we can count the Rings Then why don't you calling the Rings and It's not show us it's not that old Who's got good eyesight You felt sip yeah just a DOT every ring It's not that old yeah as I say I Planted it 25 years ago That's about right Yeah yeah you get I've counted 17 until I get to there and then they get very Close and tight 17. so 25 I'm not Bluffing

Now if you bought this tree from Japan They probably says 100 years 150 year Old I remember in the 60s and 70s all the Bonsai came in they were either 10 20 50 100 150 and 200. Okay [Music] Are you going to take the hollow right To the top now Sam yeah what I'm going To do now is um Yes [Music] [Music] So I take it you're trying to introduce Some curves to the top to soften it yeah We have this wire yeah yeah it comes This way yes so what I'm trying to do Now is Well actually it's really important here I said it earlier on yeah What you do is Imagine yeah what was There not what is there yeah so what I'm Imagining now is this tree comes this Way here comes up and had a baby this Way yeah okay so that's what I'm Imagining so the top would have broken At some point yeah what was there yeah So I'm giving it Direction yeah so you Actually think there was a band year This way That's why I said cut the profiles first Yeah and then start to carve yeah you Know what I mean and then you start to

Get that more natural feel to it So yeah [Music] So this you this is as far as we've got Looking very good the Height's been Reduced by a third and now Richard is Doing some wiring to the tree And then we will see the end result so We've only done like Barely two hours work on this tree and There you are now we're going to look at Another one foreign [Music] Foreign

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