Real Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree


Japanese cherry blossom bonsai tree

In case you’re wondering what these are, these are the stock of our Fuji cherry prunus incisor real cherry blossom bonsai tree. Oh my – and this is what we make of Fuji cherry bonsai foam. So I’m going to show you what we will do with some of these we’ve got about four or five hundred of these.

We keep them and grow them old, and when they get thick enough trunks we then make into bonsai. We don’t always show a lot of our stock, because this is a part of the stock that we keep growing and using, but we don’t rush to sell these because we know what we can do with them.

So I’ll just pick one of these, and I will show you what we can do with this. The other plan that we have here are these Japanese quince. This is kind of Lee’s and this is a lovely scented white version.

Look at the beautiful flowers they’re, almost like cherry blossom, but they’re not so again. We’Ve got about 200 of these and, as with a lot of these plants, we just grow them till they have a nice trunk and then we’ll make individual bonsai with them.

So this is going to be another YouTube exercise, so we are a large nursery, so this is the stock that we hold. We also have foresight here coming on. These are three year old, cuttings and they’re going to be cut back.

The prunings will be made into further bonsai as cuttings, and this is how we keep propagating them. You will have seen this picture of the Fuji J in quite a few of my Facebook postings, but this tree, you won’t believe, has been in flower for the last four to five weeks and it is still in bloom, such a long flowering period, and it is One of our favorites is a really large tree.

The pot is every bit, I would say, 18 inches long and it’s a big tree. We’Ve got other ones as well and they are all made on the nursery from ordinary stock plants. So I’m going to show you what we do to create these, so this is my attempt at self videoing, because I’m keeping a distance from people.

So really this is just a pruning exercise. All the way the Fuji cherry can be struck from cuttings very very easily, and this is how most of these are propagated. You can even use these hardwood cuttings and just dip it in hormone rooting, powder or liquid and then stick it in soil and you will get a lovely plant, so all I’m doing is pulling it back to a shape and there you are you’ve, got a lovely Tree shape there, I’m not going to bother about cuttings, because they’ve got hundreds of these, and you can see how well they’re grown, and we will now reduce the root ball spring is a very good time to do all this.

What you mustn’t do is too radical new pruning, like this in the middle of summer, lovely radial roots, and all we need is to put it in a suitable, bonsai pot, which I will find for you. Most of these nursery trees are good in this organic compost, which is usually either repeat substitute or peat and bark, and they seem to grow very well in this these trees, I would say about eight years old from cutting, of course, if you grow it in a Large pot with a lot of soil, it will thicken much faster and some of these thick roots here.

I know it make the tree grow strong, but I don’t think I need that, so we can either put it in a very basic round. Bonsai pot like so I look under tie it in, I can tie it in if you want, I can put the same soil back.

It’S quite amazing. What a bonsai pot can do to a simple shrub, just putting it in a bonsai pot, makes it look like a pond sight. I’Ve made it slightly leaning that way, so it’s quite different from what it started off light.

Also we can make literally hundreds of these. We can make one of these one every three minutes there you go, we’ve pulled it hard. We’Ve sacrificed all those flowers, but no matter next year we will get all these lovely flowers and I’m going to take these flowers and arrange them in the house.

Cherry blossom bonsai for sale

I’D usually decorate the toilet, so I’m living room with these little flowers. So there you go Fuji cherry so easy to make. So this is what we’ve pulled off all these lovely flowers. We prune it off and that’s the Fuji carry bonsai that we’ve created.

I could have put it in a bigger bonsai pot to make the plant grow stronger, but in this pot this seems okay and this tree next year, when it comes into flower, will become very saleable and during the summer we’ll keep pruning in the new shoots back To about two or three buds, and that’s how I will create the flowering shoots, because the flaws are born on the shoots that are created in the previous summer.

That means the shoots of this summer will bear the flowers for next spring. So hopefully we will have flowers like this next spring on that tree, so I’ve done a self videoing exercise and I hope it didn’t detract from the quality of this video.

So today is the 6th of May and I’m self building because of this lock down and I’m going to talk about how you deal with the prunus incisor of booty cherry after it’s finished flowering when the tree is in flights.

Absolutely spectacular, we show you some shots of this. This is one of our favorite trees and it really looks like a mighty old natural charity. The leaves are small, the flowers are small, many people are hanker after cherry bond design, because the cherry blossom is that iconic tree of Japan.

Japanese cherry bonsai

They always associate Japan with the cherry blossom, but the real cherry blossom. The flowers are about one or two inches in diameter and when you try to make bonsai with them, they don’t really lend themselves to the scale of the tree that you create as a bonsai and the fuji cherry is ideal in that respect, because the straws are Small and the leaves are small and they flower quite early in the year.

I have some Fuji cherry that flower from as early as I would say, January onwards, and they have a long flowering season, sometimes lasting four to six weeks now. This tree has finished flowering. So I haven’t been ruining it for the last two or three years and it’s time I did something to it.

So too, kindly proverbial Peter Chan phrase: we’ve got to bite the bullet. If you don’t prune the tree, it will get completely out of hand. I will just show you another tree, which has become so tall and lanky that it’s gone completely out of hand, so this tree has nothing wrong with it.

It’S a lovely big tree and in nature the tree when the solar canopy will have a trunk this size. It’S just that in bonsai we tend to emphasize the trunk so much that we’ve got to scale the tree in keeping with the pond, sir, you may so what you see in nature and what the image you get as bonsai are two quite different things.

Maybe I should start with the simple one so that I can show you how hard you need to prove it. So let me get this out of the way on the simple one first now with this tree, because it was covered in blossom.

I didn’t have the heart to cut it back. The tree should really be above this sons, so all right have an image in my mind that the tree should be like this, this one’s, not that high. So I just go around and cut it into a dome or beehive shape, because that is the shape.

Most Bhansali should look like if you’re, not sure of how much to cut. Why? Don’T you start by cutting little bits at a time, have a look at it and then go further back, but because I am quite a daring boy.

I also have a vision as to how hard I need to cut to get the shape I want. I will do more or less what I feel is right. I can always adjust it, but the thing is not to go to extremes so by not going too extreme, I mean my mother, I’m going to cut it down to the stomach here.

That would be silly. You know even cutting here would be a bit hard, so I have just done a very moderate cut, so you can imagine what the tree was like before I cut. I think you will agree that this is more in keeping with the size of the Trump that I have here, this being a square pot.

You can look at it from different sides in growing branches we like to get rid of so it’s got a rounded shape. So that’s the shape you need to. I think that would be sufficient for the street, don’t cut more than that.

You can get carried away and keep cutting, and you end up with nothing. So be careful, so no special bonsai tools. Just by secretary, you will find the Chinese do get smite die back. That’S in the nature of the tree, especially the 10th race tends to die back, and the twigs growing on the inside take to die back for lack of light.

You might be say that many a time – and that is the shape, I think, would be complete. So comparing what the tree was before this is the shape I would prune to so I’ve done that one. Now, let’s go on to the big water.

Well, here we have the big one this one again. This is really like a spreading natural looking tree, so I’m going to start by cutting off like two or three inches all around the perimeter of the tree.

Don’T worry about it, branching, because the more you cut the better be density will become so it is like any deciduous tree creating ramification. I don’t like using that word. It’S just making it more tricky.

You just keep cutting the ends and it will break into more shoots, so you double or quadruple the number of shirts every time you do this, so the logic of what I’m doing really is that if I didn’t do anything to the tree, if you cherry starts Producing four inches wide you end, it’ll become four inches here.

Next will be eight inches, so the tree will become nothing so you have to at some stage, let’s say, bite the bullet and give it a hard rule. Of course, you only thrown hard if the tree is healthy, therefore tree for any reason it is not healthy.

You should make sure that the tree is healthy before it is given a hard cool. So this applies to all trees. All these industries, in particular like a miracle, for instance, don’t prove too hard if the tree is not strong like leave, proving many people are very fond of doing deep cooling, but we put a sickly maple, you might kill it completely.

So do be careful, so burning and leave. Pudding are very similar in that respect and because we are in late spring may be regard as late spring. There is still a lot of chance for this tree to grow and in fact, no sooner than I have cut this, I would say the next two to three weeks we’re getting a lot of new shoes.

I will return to the sphere and show you the progress of this tree doing in here. I think I should do more of it, because many of you think that what I do is just the end of this story and I don’t show the after-effects.

The trouble is, there’s so much to show that I soon run local video time, so I put it quite a bit here and I think I’ll leave it like that. I don’t want to go too mad. I’Ve done quite a bit. So this is what I feel is adequate to take care of.

The street still has a very natural shape. Try trees do go in the shape, so I will keep it like that. What I want to do next is to show you how we make one of these from scratch. So let me put this tree aside and I will show you how we make one of these on site from scratch.

Nice turntable – and these are typical, Fuji cherries – that we sell as potty-training trees. They are already partly trained and if you can imagine all I need to do is put it in one cycle. So you can imagine that tree in this pot like so it will be a complete one.

So now let me start with the simple one: now these have been trimmed already quite hard, so this shape is there. They do take the time to take them into the trunk, so this again has a very natural shape, and this one, if you turn around you’ve, got to select the front that looks most natural and I think this is a lovely front like that.

So, let’s take it out of the. If you cheese around the soil surface, you will find that there is one company, [ Music ]. Many people got a bit aghast when they see me working on trees throughout the year.

They think that, because I’m working on trees throughout the year, some of them might die. I’M not like some of these demonstrators and ones awake conventions and shows they work on the trade they take.

So much fruit off of a tree dies as a result. Nowhere ever knows what happens to the tree after, but I can show you that none of my trees do. I know how much work to take off. So if you can see what I’m doing, there is no slight design, no magic.

The root ball is still intact. I’M just teasing enough so that it fit support. I think if I were to cut a turn of the root over here off the root away and this time of the year, which is made me, is not in hot summer.

If you did it in July and August, it might be dangerous, but certainly doing it. In May is not dangerous at all, so I will just choose it off, put it at the right, correct position, in fact, because this is the same soil that was come on, I can put the same song back, tie the tree into the pot, and then I Have so that’s the start of a very nice foodie cherry here, you can pull it a little more if you wanted to go the whole hog, but I think the proportions are quite nice as a test, so this one it produces stars will look like a real Tree love, all these trees have a single trunk.

I just got another one out and if I look at this one, it’s got several trunks. So when you get a situation like this, although it’s got several trucks on the base, I think it’s got one single trunk right that they’re very important, so it’s still single trunk freely.

These trees are quite old. I would say that at least 10 to 12 years old from cutting it’s just a grown quite strong, so there you are, the trunk is quite thick. The truck is coming up to see. If I can cut back only route off, we may not because it may be a bit dangerous at this time of the year, but because there are too many trees coming out from the central portion, I will just remove some of them so that it doesn’t look.

So congested so I just removed two so that it becomes like a tripper trunk tree. Looking at this from the front so looking at it from either side looks nice and all I have to do is put it in a similar type of I’m just loosening the soil teasing the roots a little practice.

I will try not to cut fruit. If I can help it, none of it is common sense. You can judge how much loot to cut without the tree suffering too much you’re, putting it in a very offering with trees like this, you get trees that look like a multi-prong, but they are in fact several cuttings put together, so you can split it and get More than one tree out of it, but this one has got a nice triple trunk, so that’s very nice looking so far mastered that.

So that’s all you do. This is how we create the Fuji cherry from nursery plants, so I hope you’ve learned something and I think something is added to the front of this video as well. So you will have had quite a lot of learning material from this, so I hope you enjoyed it.


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