Pruning & Shaping A Ficus

I have here a large Ficus as you can see And in the pink of Health it's Absolutely healthy and the customer who Has brought it here Has told me that he's owned it for three Years and it nearly suffered and died at Some point And he's recognized that this tree has Become literally like a Pom-Pom a poodle What we call it and not like water Bonsai should be so this as I was Telling customer is a very common Occurrence trees like people lose their Way they lose their way and they don't Know how to get back and you need Someone to bring it back so what I'm Going to do I'm going to open it up Because it's a blob it's literally a Blob you need to see branches and space Between the branches so I'm going to Open out like that for a start so this Needs wiring so this needs wiring And then also some of these branches Could do a bit of wiring and then I'll Do this trip Normally I do the trimming and then do The wiring but this is a different case So I'm going to do the watering first I'm always Amused when people tell me that oh they Can't keep their Ficus healthy But there are some people who are very Green fingered And

This tree is a good example of someone Who has green fingers Yep very well Not everyone can do that Leave it on some people kill it within Six weeks Focus is by far the easiest all the Indoor subjects but we will see So If you take a view from the front side We will show you I'm going to create again more of a Triangular shape as with all Bonsai Where the indoor Bonsai or outdoor Bonsai The Triangular shape is supreme If you stick to the Triangular shape you Can't go far Foreign We need to open out the front a little Bit Most people when they have trees I guess Although all they do is they trim the Extremities and that what creates that Ball Dome shape Pom-Pom effect So we created one card Some wires might not even do the job Because it is very very Stiff like those thick ones so if you Again take a view from here I'm trying To create that Dome effect There is one odd route here which is Doing nothing It's suspended in mid-air that is it I

Saw [Music] This Stone These wires can be taken off probably in A year's time let's see how it goes you Can always bring it back we will charge It for taking it off okay we need to Keep an eye on it Once it's done it's working So you see I've opened up the tree okay It's less of a Pom-Pom shoot that Doesn't matter and no longer like a big Ball like that so I've created the space There Okay now on this side I can also do Something like that by spreading the Branches out Lots of hands Lots of cuttings which yes I'm not brave Enough to do all the cuttings Got to be quite brutal with it yeah So we're just going to open it up more Thank you Foreign Foreign Yes See by showing the trunk it looks more Tree-like so that's the reason why I'm Doing that Seems like an animal print on it isn't It yeah These two little punches A lot strong enough Foreign

Soon because that's true Was it as dense as this when you got it No you could then What topmost for you Put it in the window by the um the Lounge and it now fills the window oh it Came in It's framed by the way You like it so far you see how it's Opening though yes You can see much more the shape yeah Oh Without water it's very hard to create The shapes that we want Which side faces the window do you turn It right you should turn it on otherwise It becomes one-sided good Foreign Cool Foreign [Music] Yes So surprising how rough you can be with It branches No but wiring is not that easy you've Got to make sure you don't break it you Know if you bend it too much it can Break so I've got to match the thickness Of the bunch with the thickness of water So it's a bit of wire thinner than Others you notice so the thicker ones I Like to use much thicker ones All right So I've now selectively spinning it

So it doesn't look so painful and I'm Also doing this to let light into the Tree This also has no pom-poms so it's Seafood it should have opened up the Canopy yeah That's what you've been doing clearly Oh we just wire two more branches to Open it all by that and that will make It less of a Pom-Pom thank you So you're almost there I like projects like this I'm thrilled the insurance too much To bring it into order it's lovely but It was it was quite healthy exam yes Very good I always said do people bring sickly Looking trees that I wish you could keep Like this one So hopefully I've made the tree look much Different from what well it looks looks Like a tree yeah that looks like a tree Because you can see the trunk absolutely It's no longer a And it has much more interesting shapes Yeah so To ensure you can continue to look after It right so there you are all right Let's take over all this Okay Thank you [Music]

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