Making Bonsai from a Rose Bush🌹 🌳

In this video we're going to make Bonsai From a rose bush after taking it out of The pot I slowly loosen as much soil as I can with a chopstick and after this we Give the roots a nice wash and some Water it already has this beautiful even Root spread so all we really gotta do is Give the roots a nice trim I'm putting It into this little pot that I've made From polymer clay and I'm putting in Some drainage Mash in the bottom so that The soil doesn't fall out of the pot I'm Also adding in some sphagnum Moss to Retain extra moisture and after adding The rest of the soil to the pot I print Off those rose buds and reduce the Height of the tree so there's no strain On the roots to feed so many leaves and After finishing it up with some Moss our Little Rose Bonsai is complete

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