Make your own bonsai soil – my recipe for bonsai soil

BE A Valentine

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Are you ready to make the shift and become more loving, every day?

Did I Just Call Myself?

I am old enough to remember those days when there was nothing like cell phones. Oh, those quiet, golden silent days. At the time, I did not realize just how wonderful that time was. Every time you needed to make a phone call, you had to go to where a phone was. Those were the days of the telephone booth. Remember those? That’s where Clark Kent turned into Superman. We don’t have Superman today because there are no telephone booths. I well remember the day I bought my first cell phone. I hesitated because I enjoyed my quiet time. However, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage was enthusiastic about getting cell phones. That way, she could call me whenever she wanted. I thought that was rather nice, and we went out and bought our first pair of cell phones. But it took me a little bit of time to learn how to operate this new technology. Unfortunately, at the time, I had no grandchildren who could walk me through this process.

In Praise of Crazy

I made a mistake the other night of complaining out loud. It is one thing to complain under your breath so that nobody hears you or knows what you are complaining about. But when you complain out loud, then you run the chance of somebody hearing you. The somebody I was most concerned about was the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Some things are meant to be kept to yourself and for obvious reasons. For some reason, who knows what it was, I let my guard down and vocalized my complaining. I must confess that it rather caught me off guard. “What are you complaining about,” my wife said, directing the question to me. At first, I did not know what she was talking about because I did not realize that I was vocalizing my complaints. All I could say at the time was, “Did I say that out loud?” My wife has a delicate way of backing me in a corner where I have to say what is on my mind. Fortunately, I do not have much of a mind for anything to get on. Unfortunately, my tongue is not attached to anything, and so it is loosey-goosey.

2 – The Still Small Voice Within

Masses of people don’t understand or listen to their INTUITION. This is unfortunate, because our INTUITION is our supreme, powerful inner guide that leads us to make the right choices, at the right time. In the words of an intuitively-lead writer of our times, Neale Donald Walsch, he was told by the Supreme Highest Court of the Universe we live in, that “All We Have To Do Is Listen”!

What to Look at When Buying a Tent

Number of tent occupants When searching for the right size of tent, it is not right to assume that a 4 man tent will be able to accommodate 4 people. It won’t. It may be able to let 3 people fit inside but it will only be comfortable for 2 people.

What Are the Features to Look for in a Tent?

Tent that has aluminium poles Some tents have fibreglass poles that could easily break because these are fragile. In case a pole bends or breaks, replacements/repair kits are available in majority of camping stores. Tent that has sufficient rainfly A tent’s umbrella is called rainfly.

Historical Footage Adds a WOW Factor to Family Legacy Videos

We’re used to seeing historical film footage in big-budget documentaries – but did you know you can also use it to add a Wow factor to your next legacy video? Here are some tips on how to get started.

What Did We Know Before Facebook?

To paraphrase one of my favorite humorist, Will Rogers, “All I know is what I read on Facebook.” I must admit that I also get information from Facebook. I can keep up with my family and friends, know what they are doing, and know what they are saying. The information there, whether true or not, is available to all who read. Quite honestly, I don’t always believe what I read on Facebook. Just saying! As you grow and get older, you adjust to the changing environment that you are in along with the technology. I well remember the day I transitioned from a manual typewriter to a computer. My first computer had no hard drive, and many, perhaps cannot relate to that. However, I thought I was in writer’s heaven. I never thought much about this until one day a young person asked me, “How did you know anything before Facebook?” There was a young man born after the invention of Facebook. At first, I did not quite understand what he was saying. I had grown accustomed to the developing modern-day technology. Not that I am an expert, I am just a user.

To One It’s Monday to Another It’s Wednesday

Time goes so fast at times that I do not always remember what day it is. I get so busy trying to get my work done that I forget if it’s Monday or Friday. It is a good thing I am getting older because I have a built-in excuse for forgetting what day it is. Recently, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I spent some time in St. Augustine for some vacation days. We don’t often get to have vacation days, but when we do, we try to enjoy it. Just down a few blocks from our motel is a place we love dinning. It’s called the Village Inn. What I like about this restaurant is that on Wednesdays they always have free pie with anything you order even if it’s just coffee. Free is always a good thing with me. I know that nothing is free, but sometimes it is. Anybody who knows me knows that I do not take many things seriously. I enjoyed being around people who are very seriously minded because I can get away with a lot of jokes with them. Some things are to be serious, but those are rather few.

Weston Electric Pasta Machine Review

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Oh, Those Alluring Lizardly Eyes

After months of planning and rearranging our schedule, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage finally organized a little vacation time for Christmas. It takes an awful lot of work for her and, I let her work as hard as she wants to work. That’s the kinda husband I am. She scheduled us to stay for several days in St. Augustine. We always enjoy our stay there and look forward to going there. The people who own the motel where we stay are good friends of ours. It is great to get together with friends that you only see once a year. Being exhausted from a whole year’s work, my wife and I looked forward to this time of doing nothing. I did not realize how much work was involved in doing nothing.

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