India Trip – Part 4 – Visiting a Bonsai Nursery Near Delhi

So today is the 3rd of January 2023 and you must be wondering where I Am I'm in India and I'm just outside Delhi in a new area called Noida but This is So before I go too far let me introduce You to my host and as you can see Something he is So let me just explain to you the Nursery is called Our Nursery Global Revolution so they are creating a Global Revolution You may laugh but when you see what Material they've got you will be Absolutely dumbfounded and mesmerized I have never enjoyed a visit so much as I have today now I thought that There wasn't any entrepreneurs in India Doing Bonsai I gave that Zoom talk about Being an entrepreneur in Bonsai but They've already done it 10 years before I could even imagine it so I apologize That I've made a mistake I made mistake That I didn't think there were Bonsai But when I show you that Nursery you Will realize how wrong I was Standing beside this beautiful waterfall Construction and these are natural rocks That are found in this area They have sourced these rocks I won't Tell you where they are because there Are so many and look at these beautiful Rocks everywhere

There are so many of these beautiful Compositions and they are almost as good As anything you can find in China So this is only the start wait till you See the trees It's such a large Nursery that I don't Even know where to start from This Bonsai area must be about four or Five acres Four acres of bonsai And every nook and cranny is filled with Bonus oil A lot of it are made over here But some trees they import the stumps From China and grow them I won't talk about the individual trees Just yet but I will show you some of These trees so I will now hand the Camera over To my friend Sanjay and he is going to Take the pictures because I can then show you the relative size of These trees with me standing next to Them So I will hand the camera over to Sanjay and he will now take so let me Show you some of the work that they do There are some trees which are imported From China like these ficuses they are Commercial trees which are sold for Large developments and other Landscaping Work but the true Bunga is here and to Show you the skill of some of these boys Which have been done here look at this

J3 this is a perfect jade tree if you go From there and see the ship Perfect and formal upgrade Style Beautiful taper conical shape and all The branches are in the right position And the wiring if you come close and Look at the wiring in detail I don't need to teach them how to wire The wire is perfect look at just like The palm of the hand perfect watering So this is the quality of the work that Is being done and this is all almost Self-taught they've had one or two Instructions but they've carried out the Rest so this is really good quality work And right through this industry you will See that they've been applied simple Bonsai principles I will show you one of The focuses here there are so many trees Like caches Tropical varieties are so intriguing That I can't remember all the names even Uh These are ficuses you know what variety Is this Coronda okay now this is a typical Example of what you can do to make Simple Bonsai this is a variety of Ficus All you do is chop the tree grow a new Leader chop it again that's how you get Taper and there you are big Bonsai like This it seems that they're very Fond of big Bonsai most of the trees are Huge but I think for commercial purposes

They may need to reduce the size a bit These are Banyan trees Look at them look at them going on the Rock And when I say there are thousands of Trees I'm not joking there are thousands Of trees like this of this quality and This size and then these are focuses I Believe the base came from China but They've grown it on the Rock here so They buy the small cheese and develop it By growing it on Rock so these are the Local rocks you can see how they've used The Rock Egg Pizza No cemented Multi-piece joined together join Together And so these Ficus are grown on this There's so many large trees We're spoiled for choice we will go Through there's a big tree there that Big Focus we will go through Look at this Look at the size of this tree The trouble is Big Trees like this are Really for large private houses Estates Who buys these trees Yeah some Builders multi Developers developers yes Who has big Gardens like that they will Purchase the big bonsais okay very nice Okay now this is another beautiful piece Here oh let's look at this look at this

What variety is this one this is a Beautiful Forest this is dvdb dvdb I Don't know what botanical name is a Beautiful Falls look at the look at from The side look at the perspective in There And this beautiful Rock I wish we could Get rock like this this is all natural Rocks beautiful And these are little seedlings of the Same plant Seedlings of these trees And this is a Beauty look at this Look at this look at the size of this Tree Look at the size of the Street next to The Buddha this tree must be heavy bit Four foot six tall And the detail of it look at the detail Look at the roots And the wiring you see the pads have Been Wide a lot of people just grow it and Don't wire the pads and you must be Wondering how it is growing in hardly Any soil but there is a trick I was told Bye These guys here that the little Roots Grow And it goes into the soil and that's how It gets its measurement but if it is Sold and goes to a developer I don't Know what they would do so this is

Almost a root of a rock but not growing In soil Look at the size of fish trees Absolutely mind-blowing So this is another large tree I think this is pilkan is it yes because There are so many types of Ficus and Look at it these are trees that are dug Up from the roadside you talk of Collecting you know when they do road Construction building new houses these Are the ficuses that go on the Brickwork and they're discarded and Thrown away so rather than being thrown They rescue these trees and make a big Bonsai I thought I was making big Bonsai In the UK but these are bigger than mine They're bigger than mine look at it and Look at another one here And look at the quality of this one see This is the beautiful base I think They've got to just prune it a little Bit here a little bit and that needs to Be perfect tree look at the details here Absolutely beautiful I'm itching to have my secateurs in my Hand to do something which is the other One okay we will go this way You see all these principles of chopping And growing new leader Now this is a beautiful tree look at That Look at that Can you skip the whole Tree in

What's the history of this tree Base is imported by from China okay and We are working from eight years eight Years to develop with flops so they just Buy the roots of the trunk and they go This is what I do with the Japanese Trees we import the maple trunk and grow The superstructure so this is exactly What they're doing Beautiful beautifully maintained Beautifully maintained So many beautiful streets and things oh Now this is Circus finances Celtics will try to go but it never Grows well and these are grown hairs Ordered trees in the field they've got a Fear full of shelters and when they're Big enough they chop it grow a new Leader chop chop chop and that's how They get tapered this is due for Trimming so they're just going to make It bigger and because we are living in The tropics or this is in the tropics They grow very rapidly Oh So many mesmerizing Big Trees ah another Big one subject come here look at that One Look at this I hope it gives the viewers another idea Or impression about Bonsai in India the Hobbyists are doing small things but the Commercial people are doing serious Serious Bonsai absolutely serious

Mind-blowing so I hope this gives you a Different idea of bonsai in India but They are the biggest I think commercial Industry that I've seen there are other Commercial nurseries but this is the Most impressive that I've seen Congratulations to you So I'm just going to Take pictures at Randomness so many that I can't explain all of them Look at the size of this one This is mega mega I think I have to Stand next to it If you can just hold the camera for me It's running See the size of this tree Absolutely massive And another one Again the best from China yes this is And then they grow the superstructures And these are acacia's here They all locally produced How many years old seven years from Cutting yes take cutting or small Cutting this is Small cutting yes from about Matchstick Yes Um like a Matchstick in seven years they Can get a tree like this we can't get it In temperate climate we can't get over Here also oh from seed as well okay And look at this another example of Beautiful Jade Street Twin trunk it's Almost like my twin trunk maple look at

That beautiful Trin trunk Jade and Perfectly wired perfectly wired Absolutely beautiful Circus Circus Again just cut it to get paper and there You go And everywhere you go here let's walk Around here So much Innovation this is all locally Produced produced here produced here Another example of a big tree they cut Chocolate And then grow new leader that's how they Make it See all these the same Principle as you Throw Just a thick drunk chop and get a new Leader All these are same principles this is a Banyan tree I've never seen a banyan Tree as thick as this most of the Banyan Tree got multi-trans this single trunk New branches new taper This is a new concept of bonsai really Look at that that's like a benjaminer Growing new leader And you just see the pots are so small Okay let's move on Let's jump This is a variety of people isn't it the Main types of people 's religious yeah and look at the base Of this one

Beautiful dish beautiful dish Okay Look at this one it's like a spoken Wide wide And these are all made from roadside Trees collected from the roadside Another beautiful one Crying out to be carved Oh Beautiful I have to stand next to the trees Because we don't realize how big they Are They really are big it's what I love I Love big Bonsai whether they sell easily That's another matter If you love big trees this is the place To be Look at the body of this Look at the wiring of this Okay So it's not Only Big Trees they're producing Marketable size Ficus this is Ficus what We would call the The reducer But these are all propagated here from Thick cuttings Because in the tropics they grow very Rapidly and there are just hundreds and Hundreds Of bonsai in the making In the making All these trees in polybags are all

Potential Bonsai material And these are beautiful pots These are plastic pots plastic bottles IPods Beautiful And look at this Ficuspirkin Hall Tech stumps grown from Cuttings and they're just placed on Mounds of Earth and the roots go into The ground and it helps them to grow Fast Foreign This is a serious Bonsai Nursery And they're building up their stocks so That they can sell them they haven't Developed the marketing side so much I Believe but it will come you have to Have good material unless you have good Materials you can't serve And of course India has such a big Population and people are getting more Prosperous so the market is absolutely Huge Just looking on this look at the focuses There They're all Big Trees two feet high with Thick trunks Another example of good wiring I will show you there's another area Where they're producing the root over Rock trees I will show you some of this But I couldn't get over this has has he Got big Lopper I don't think this will Cut that

Hold this for me someone to take a video It's running Oh Okay so I don't know whether this will Do a job or no I'm used to my fair call Baba I don't want to be presumptuous it's Just that when I see it feels like that I just can't resist working on them For me This really is too thick I don't know You can go thinner branches Maybe Do you want this saw It is soft Is that any better yes That's all I don't need to teach anyone how to do This This is all simple simple principles a Little more wiring here maybe like so But the front is nice look at another One here let's come there Please At the back yes Look at this jungle But behind this there's a beautiful Bonvoy And they're just letting it go this is Probably Maybe a couple of months ago Look at how beautiful the trunk is Tropical Bonsai you get vigorous growth Not like in temperate countries where They find and junipers grow in a

Different way But there's a Fascination and beauty With these tropical trees Many of these Ficus varieties I don't Think they go in China and in China they Only go the refusa and the Michael Copper But this variety of spices is not often Used in China So enthusiasts will probably Love to see this sort of tree used For Bonsai all over the world I think they need to make layer Maybe more layers In the jungle I'm behind the tree I think we can go to the front again I'm dying to go inside the tree but I don't think I have the right tools for It I should introduce them to using Secretaries they find it so much easier See inside you need to make layers What we call my kind of tree big tree All right You must be wondering why these bonsai Trees are being grown on top of these Pots this plastic chemical containers Are filled with soil and the roots from The trees go into the soil and support The trees so it hastens the growth also Some of these there's going on these Plants but the roots are going into the Soil into the soil so this is the habit

Of The Ficus and that hastens the growth So all these trees you'll find that Wherever they're going The roots are gone into the soil Which speeds the ghost So that is the trick of getting it to go Fast So this area is just the root of a rock I will show you in the the polyhouse how They make the root over Rock root over Rock made here So we will go there in a minute I have here these are my YouTube Followers from different parts of North India and I was surprised that The in this Gathering there are so many YouTube followers and many of you said You started the bond line with the YouTube can you just start with yourself Introduce yourself hi I'm Prashant and I Happen to be from dehradun which is in Uttarakhand it's a state in North India And I believe that post covered a lot of Us have come into doing a lot of bonsai The the interest which was already there Is increasing and one of the reasons is That you have Access to such good content being Heaven's Bonsai I mean I mean when I Have been following it for a very long Time and the best part I like is like Like suicide but no plant is impossible You can make a nice Bonsai out of every Plant it's got its own character so so

That's what I like best about the videos That the instructions are so simple to Follow okay and it they are very long Videos they're very detailed videos so I Mean day after day you can just keep on Watching them and learn actually Yes sir hi uh I am a digital marketer by Professional oh you can have work for my Company In fact I attended your session on Business Ideas Okay it would be an honor and I remember From that that 70 of your sales come From the online website yes that just Amazes me that in the future Yeah okay yeah and how is your interest In Bonsai developed so uh I love them I Love them since my childhood itself I Was very much into gardening in the past Seven eight years I started for for like Towards Bonsai uh I am from a relatively Smaller City where uh I don't get access To uh it's it's called Harper oh I know Airport yeah Dr surender was from there If you might know that way yeah So I didn't have access to direct Masters or anyone so YouTube was the oh Really yeah so nice So my name is So your interest is growing and this sir Just introduce yourself My my name is I am doing the Bonsai from last

Four years four years four years mainly Through my YouTube channel okay don't Worry okay Uh I majorly learn from you So you're using Indian material yes Okay How nice okay great delighted to meet You thank you okay all the best Thank you

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