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[Music] When you see a Beautiful bonsai like this chinese zone In its pristine condition and all the Leaves in place It may not occur to you that the shape Doesn’t happen by chance These beautiful shapes are created by Meticulous pruning It’s like keeping your hair in good Condition If you don’t go to your hairdresser or Barber Regularly it will get completely unkempt And misshapen So it is with bonzoin you’ve got to keep It trimmed So that it looks nice at all times This is an example of a tree that is in Good condition This chinese oil has not been pruned For just four weeks because we’ve had Such a hot Summer this year the shoots have grown Virtually 30 centimeters in just the Space of four weeks And it’s time it was brought back to its Original condition You may ask me why don’t we prune it Regularly there’s a reason for not Pulling it straight away There are two different theories As to whether you should prune them all The time or let them grow

And prune back if you let it grow Strong like this it makes the plant Stronger And you can then bring it back so Encouraging shoots to grow Gives you a stronger plant but there is A danger that you can get a lot of Internal gaps that means you’ll get bare Twigs In the middle of the tree if you don’t Prune regularly whereas if you keep A tree like this constantly prune you’ll Get much better growth So there’s no right and wrong way both Methods of pruning Are acceptable so you can keep it pruned All the time Or you can let it grow and then prune Back now As you can see this tree is well Overgrown it’s completely Unkempt and it is beginning to lose Its original shape so when you face a Situation like this This doesn’t apply just to the chinese Zone it applies to all bonsai Even the japanese maple junipers you can Apply the same principles that i’m going To show you to all these trees So what i would advise you to do is to Create a triangular shape you can i Think Faintly discern the original shape of The bonsai which is this

So if you prune everything outside that Triangle then see i’m going to do it Very very fast You can see that already this side i’ve Created that Triangular shape now this side i’ll do The same So it won’t even take me half a minute To do the entire tree So you do it from all sides Keeping track of the triangular outline That you want For the entire tree both front and back And the sides as well so as you can see In half a minute i brought the tree back To its triangular shape What a difference from half a minute ago Now that’s not the end of story i have To still go In and cross any Crossing branches you’ll find that Because the tree has been growing Unkempt a lot of the branches have Meshed into each other so i’ll try and Get the crossing branches out and i’ll Try and create More pads a pad is like the palm of your Hand Flat so you should be able to see spaces Between the different layers of branches That’s what we call a pad So anything which is going downwards we Take off Anything going too much into the top of

The next branch we also take off So we create this gap some people call It A cloud pruning or cloud trees but It’s really just the pads that we have Tried to create And this is where the more regularly you Prune the tree You will get more definition And it won’t merge into each other So the pads become more defined more Clearly defined By constant pruning so the basic design Of most bonsoi Is a conical shape and this is the back Of the tree The front of the tree is usually the Side where you can see the chop better But different people can have different Opinions as to which is the front which Is the back So from that tree you can see we’ve Taken A lot off so you can do it with ordery Pruning scissors Some people use the root cutting Scissors any scissors Will do you can even do it with [Music] Secateurs

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