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Hello and welcome back to another Episode of notion Bonsai and today we're Going to be creating Bonsai from a rose Bush [Music] All right so before we begin with this Rose bush I'd first like to show you This little Rose Bond site that I Created two years ago from a little Piece of material quite similar to this One here so as you can see on the bottom Of this tree it's got quite a nice Nibari or root flare on the surface that Makes the tree look sort of ground and In and Powerful although on the back Side of it here it doesn't have much of A nibari so I've put that to the corner Of the pot but maybe in the future I'll Plant this deeper in order to try and Get more radial roots coming from that Area but I'm quite happy with how it is At the moment moving up the trunk and Into the branches you can actually see Some buds starting to appear that will Open in Spring and the same year that I Planted this Rose I actually got a flyer On it which I was really excited about It just looked really cool having like a Little tiny Rose Fleur on a little Bonsai tree so this is what we're going To aim to create something like today From this material and the tools that We're going to be using here to today Are a chopstick a Bent Fork some

Tweezers some root printing shears wire Cutters Branch Cutters twin Cutters and Some Gin pliers in total this rose bush Cost me Six Pines which was quite cheap For what it is and it grows these Beautiful white roses and in the pot in Total I can see there is three stems Going into the soil so we can actually Make three bonsai trees from this one Bush roses don't really mind being Repotted in winter so long as they're Protected from the frost if they're put Into shallower pots so let's take this Out see how the roots are this is my First repot of the year The Roots look To be in pretty good health no signs of Rotting so I'm just going to start by Breaking away the top piece of the soil And my first goal is to separate these Three stems so as you can see here the Tree there tree there the tree here so Let's see if this will separate if I Pull it Don't want to rip too many roots here But All right All right so now we have three separate Trees now I'm going to take a chopstick And begin to loosen the soil around the Roots trying not to tear or snap any of The roots that's here it's got lots of Big healthy roots coming off of this Here which I'm really happy to see I'm Going to assume that this came from a

Cutting off of a different rose tree Just based on how it is in the pot and If you do take rose cuttings you will Notice that roses root extremely well Even without any ridding hormone rose Cuttings can really be taken at any time Of the year although it really depends On which type of cotton you take you've Got hardwood cuttings and soft wood Cuttings if you want to take a hardwood Cutting from like a thicker Branch it's Best to take them in Autumn or Early Autumn just after the tree has finished Flowering and for soft wood cuttings They can be taken in late spring and Summer from the new growth of that year So I've now removed quite a lot of soil From this let's go give these roots a Nice wash Foreign [Music] And I'm going to decide which roots to Keep and which ones to print off Whenever the tree sits in the pot I Would like all of the roots to Fan out Nice and radially and as I wreck these Roots out I can already see a root that I don't think belongs which is this one Growing straight down all I could maybe Stretch it this way have it like that Yeah I think that works pretty well it's Always good to try different things Because I was going to cut this off just A moment ago and now that I realized

That I can stretch it this way I'm going To keep it it already has quite a nice Nibari as it's nice and flat underneath Here so it's almost like this was Trained to be a bonsai from the get-go I Can already see this route here I'd like To remove although it is a feeder root It's on a different root plane from the Other Roots around it so I can remove That There's many more roots on this side of The tree than there is back here remove Some of these undersided ones that are Not on the same red plane just to try And thin out this area So this is the root flare on here at the Moment nice and Radial to me that's a Perfect starting for a nice nibari on a Bonsai I'm going to plant this into this Little small plastic pot and as I was Looking for this pot I ended up finding A rose that I did just like this last Year and you can see here where I made The first cut on the trunk and the new Leader developed growing up here I made Another cut here and then another leader Developed and I think I made a cut here And then this Branch developed quite a Lot of taper and because roses grow so Fast you can get that much taper in the Space of one year and if this were in a Little Bonsai pot now this would be Amame Bonsai Mame in Japanese means Bean As it's a little tiny tree now as you

Can see I can't quite get this into the Pot as the roots are too long so I'm Going to give them a profile cut and I Never really want to try and stuff Roots Inside to make it fit as this will grow Rich in weird directions and it'll ruin All that nice work that we did trying to Get a nice radial nabari Now I'm going to make up some soil that I'll be using to pot these trees into This is maybe one to three millimeter in Particle size and this is normally for Mame bonsais And the reason why I'm mixing the Compost with the Bonsai soil is that Roses in particular really love loamy Type of soils that hold a lot of Moisture just like this one here it's Been in there a year and I think it's in Pure compost and it's doing quite well I Would also like the soil to retain a Little bit more moisture than pumice Akadama and lava rock can hold because It's going to be in quite a small pot I Wouldn't want to be watering this four Times a day in the summer so to wire the Tree in the pot I'm going to use some One and a half millimeter aluminum Bonsai wire the holes on this pot are Quite small as they are so I'm just Going to cut Bigger holes in this thing I don't Really mind if it breaks like it did Here I'm going to be putting some

Potting mesh on the inside So I've wired the potting mesh like this So I'm just seeing now what height I Would like the tree to be at and if I Were to put it here and wire it in the Soil would be up to there so I think I Need to bring it a little bit higher So as I potted I want to make sure that That root that was springing in still Goes out radially I want all these to be Nice and spaced properly you can really Take your time with this so long as the Roots stay nice and moist push them down A little I'm pretty happy with how this Is looking now just to bring this little Wire around the trunk now that I have Wrapped it around the trunk like this I'm just gonna intertwine them by hand To start with And I can cut them here And then just tighten it in with the Gin Pliers And that prevents it from moving and I'm Just going to top it off with some more Bonsai soil that should keep the roots Nice and moist until it grows more [Music] It is already beginning to look like a Bonsai so one option is to cut the tree Way down in height and have this Branch Here as the new leader of the tree or The new Apex and we'll have quite a Short tree then it would take quite some Time for it to get more leaves and

Branches again but another option which I think is the more preferable option When it comes to a rose is to leave it Tall and slender with delicate lines so It'll be kind of the opposite of this One this one's got nice strong taper This one's going to look somewhat dainty And it kind of lends itself to the small Leaves on the rose also and when it Blossoms I think it will match that Style so I'm taking more one and a half Millimeter wire I'm going to start by Wiring around this branch and I'm going To treat these branches very delicately I don't want the wire to be super tight Around them Foreign I'd also like to say that this tree is In leaf at the wrong time of the year And that's because it was growing as an Indoor plant in a shop and sold as an Indoor rose bush which is a little bit Strange I think so if it leaves its Leaves now I think it's going to be okay A little stub in here I can take off And I simply by wiring these two Branches out the tree looks a lot less Congested I think these branches can Stay as they are as an apex and it's Starting to get a nice shape as an Outline for a tree I'm going to leave This tree as it is now just to see how It develops in Spring and let's work on The other two trees

[Music] Thank you [Music] So that's all the root work done on These other two rose bushes I'm going to Plant one of them into a soft plastic Pot this really flexible plastic they're Really cheap to get and they're good for Younger trees that are just in training So I know immediately I'll be taking the Flyer off of this So beautiful so I've wired the mesh in And I'm going to feed the wire up Through the bottom it can be a little Bit tricky with these soft plastic pots As they Flex a lot but if you're a Little patience You'll be all right So I've pushed the wire out to the Bottom just to give the pot better shape So I'm packing the soil down quite Tightly I think that gives the pot a little bit More integrity Again just wrapping the wire around the Tree and giving it a Twist to hold it in The pot please let me know in the Comments if you have worked with a soft Plastic pot like this before if any tips For working on it as it's a little bit Fudgetty That's it held in place right just a Little bit more soil Now that this is repotted I'm just going

To give it a quick prune and all I want To do is prune it back to its first set Of leaves I'm going to try and make this One quite compact Quite a lot come off there I think as This tree has been in my garden a few Days after buying it the tree Acclimatized and realized that it's not Meant to have leaves at this time of Year so I just touch the leaves here They knock off quite easily which isn't A problem I'm sure it will bod back no Problem in Spring I can actually see Some little buds starting On here this one here is quite large I Think I'm going to make this as small as Possible Just so there's not too much strain on The roots Take this off And I can take this main branch off So now you've got a little mermaid tree Which I think looks a lot better than All them other branches for this Particular tree and this here will Become the new leader and now for this Final tree that we're going to be Planting I'm going to plant it into this Little pot that I made earlier in the Year I made this pot out of a stuff Called polymer clay quite strong too as It's not like ceramic clay just a Plastic I made little feet here on the Bottom I think this will look quite nice

In this little pot and I'm actually not Sure if it will survive being in such a Small pot but I would like to experiment And see not too worried if this dies but If it does survive it'll look really Nice so the first thing I'm going to do Is take off the thicker roots that don't Feed the tree so much Maybe half them in size because these Are the ones that's preventing me from Getting it into the pot All right that looks pretty good there Instead of cutting these I think I'm Okay to just push them inside as I want As much Roots as possible for this tree If I can get that to stay in there and Shorten the height so there's not as Much strain on the ridge to feed so many Leaves we could in fact get a pretty Successful instant mommy Bonsai let's Get some drainage Mash in this little Pot when making it I decided to put one Big large drainage hole and then I made Three little holes for wire This wire doesn't seem to want to fit in These holes see if we can make them a Little bigger I think I made the hole with a one Millimeter wire and this new wire that I Have is one and a half millimeter not a Problem because this is a very small pot I want to try and keep as much moisture In here as possible so what I'm going to Do is just put a little scoop of that

Bonsai soil mix in the bottom of the pot And now here I have got some sphagnum Moss I'm going to cut this up in the Little pieces end of the pot And sphagnum Moss retains a lot of Moisture and I don't mind the roots Being directly in contact with this as The sphagnum Moss has lots of really Good properties like being anti-fungal Antibacterial and because it's so Aerated you can get lots of oxygen in There and it promotes lots of new Roots Let's just bring this wire here really Take your time with Mommy trees as They're very delicate you don't want to Damage anything so if it takes you five Minutes to get a tree wired in let it Take you five minutes because better Than rushing it and maybe hurting a part Of the tree or doing something silly That may damage it I like to treat it Like a mindfulness exercise So that's that tree now wired in the pot Now once I have this other layer of Sphagnum I'm going to top that off with Some more Bonsai soil see how that's Almost spongy with the Moss I'm not Afraid to compact this down so let's Have a look at this now as you can see It's a little bit top heavy still so I'm Going to begin cutting off the flower Buds to begin with they have quite a lot Of weight on them All right it's not top heavy anymore and

I would just like to say as a side note Roses in general don't really like to be Planted in Shallow containers like this But if you get the dwarf varieties like This one with the smaller leaves they Don't mind to be planted in containers So much although reducing it to Something very small like this it may Not like it but I'm just going to make Sure that it stays well watered as is Right now there's still too many leaves On it so I'm gonna just begin printing It down to all the first sets of leaves As it's quite heavy on this side I'm Going to take off This whole branch A little stub there I can take off All right I've pruned quite a lot and I Think it's going to be okay like this I'm just packing in as much soil as I Can so that trees Roots will have lots Of sources of water and I think I'm just Going to top this off with some Moss [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Guys have it that's where I create Bonsai from like a little rose bush if You do not wish for your tree to be so Small in a mermaid Bonsai pot you can

However place the tree into a larger pot And then over time the tree you will Thicken and you're able to get maybe a Shohan or even larger size tree please Let me know in the comments what you Thought of this video really love to Hear what you guys think and have you Tried anything like this yourself from a Rose and if you have any tips for me on How to improve these Bonsai or things That you would do differently I'm always Open to new ideas if you'd like to stay Updated on these little mermaid bonsai Trees follow me on Instagram it's just At notion Bonsai and you're able to see The progression of all the things that I Do off camera there but on that thank You so very much for watching [Music] Thank you [Music]

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