Happy New Year – Winter Wonderland

15th of December and looking at the Sunshine you would think it is high Summer but it's not The sun is shining but the temperature Is still minus two degrees Centigrade Last night we had minus five degrees Centigrade The snow has Been here for Four days since Sunday afternoon And it is expected to get warmer on Monday when the temperature will rise to 12 degrees or 16 degrees Centigrade so The temperature is really going crazy All the time but while the sun is Shining and the snow is still on the Trees let me walk around and take some Of these lovely lovely images I know that you don't get bored with all These little walks but we don't often Get snow and the images are so beautiful I thought I'd share it with you so here We go walking around the nursery the Planes are flying everything is looking Well So let's take a little tour And share these images for your Enjoyment The benches are there we've moved the Trees from the benches because the snow Will slide off the shade tunnel and can Crush the trees So these trees are on the ground at the Moment when the weather gets better I'll

Put them back again The beauty of nature is that with every Season The View that you get of the trees is so Different so they look almost like Different trees You can hear the snow crunching under my Feet Foreign How come these trees are left in the Open well the trees that I leave in the Open are the Hardy trees I know that Nothing will come uh Harms where all the trees won't get Killed they're very Hardy so horn beams Pines beach Horn beam Lodge they're all very Hardy So these are the trees that are left out Here Foreign This is the shared tunnel Look at the effect of the snow lying on Top of the tunnel they almost look like Clouds But they're not it's Snow on top of the shade Foreign Thank you We have a pond that's frozen over And of course we make sure that no one Walks on it It is very dangerous Frozen solid You wonder how the fish survive

Foreign I hope this little clip will be brought To cast at Christmas I will ask my film Editor an office manager body to put it On YouTube so that you can enjoy it and Have Scenes of a white Christmas although on Christmas Day I'm not sure what will Happen I will be in India Foreign That happy note I will wish you a happy Christmas again And hope you enjoy our YouTube videos And more in 2023 [Music] Foreign [Music]

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