Chinese Elm Bonsai Part IV Lots of root prunning & potting

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Let me check the health of the roots Before deciding which potting soil to Use what’s a combination us check first Yeah I’m not gonna do the the cutting on Half saying I’m not gonna use a saw to Cut this in half to do the rule Reduction that’s for the nursery plants That I do but this is it was a bonsai Before so I really know with the trunk Is so if I were to cut it like this I Would have cut the trunk in half and That’s not good so I’m just gonna take My time and use the cultivator to remove The soil and a lot of thick roots here Developed here at the bottom I don’t Like that don’t want it cut those off Keep trying I see a lot of sick roots And so just gonna try to make sure They’re all spread out so I can Determine what to do I’m gonna rinse the Root ball off with some water at this Point this this water is beneficial at This stage because it’s kind of hot Right now I don’t want the root to root Ball to dry out and you also help wash The soil soil away so I can take a Better look okay pull the roots out this Is the the longest pudding session I’ve Done so far I think I mean what’s off The camera I didn’t want to cut them off For now because I want to study them First okay now I don’t know if you can See a lot of roots and this is where the Soil line was and I also telling you

There’s a lot of trunk underneath I mean A while ago here this was all trumpet Before I want to go this is one of my First bones eyes I probably had this for At least eight years and I was not I Loved it But eventually he weakened that week it Was dying so I kind of panicked a little Bit and I repot decide to repot it in a Bigger training pot and I for some Reason I decided to bury the trunk also Thinking that it was gonna be just a Very short training period me one or two Years but now actually went on for at Least 3 or 4 years now so a lot of roots Are growing from the original trunk so What I’m gonna do now the decision is to Remove those roots So that the top level of the route I’m Just gonna remove them there for showing More on the trunk and you know by the Way nice and thick roots very pretty Very very juicy and do you know that the Roots since I’m going to remove them you Know do you know that this roots can be Used for cuttings I mean some plants Actually if you plant a section of the Root in the ground and whatever is Exposed outside it will become the trunk You might get a plant this way I’ve done It successfully with Weist areas before And I’m going to try was with the Elm Okay there finally took the time it was A very long session I had to you know

You cannot just cut the roots Indiscriminately you actually had to Find out exactly what is coming where It’s going before pruning it so Otherwise I get the risk of severe in Cutting a very important root so anyway It’s done I’m so happy and actually While I was doing root pruning I Remember why I remember why I buried a Trunk at a higher level because I was Trying to get the roots to grow some Thicker surface roots that was my Purpose and that’s why I did it so and Now it looks like I do get some I do Have some roots that could be very good So I think the new soil line will be Here this is more or less what it was Before Ok now let’s prepare the soil ok so the Soil consists of 50% regular organic Soil 40 percent perlite and 10% sand Chinese elm is not very picky when it Comes to soil it will grow in almost any Soil sauce But I do feel that they prefer a little Bit more organic material that’s why the 50% organic soil and of course the sand And the perlite is just to help the Drainage and also looking at the roots Of this plant is pretty healthy you know It’s very thick so I don’t need to do Any adjustment if if the roots were not Very healthy and you want to encourage More root growth I will probably add

I’ll probably change the soil to you Know forty percent organic and sixty Percent you more Ganic just to add a Little bit more you know perlite to help The soil grow if I looked like this very Healthy and probably I don’t need to do That so I’m gonna use this okay here’s The pot I’m gonna use I’m actually Running out of large pots I need to go Long’s iPod shopping but so I actually Had to reuse all of the old pots I’m not A share of that you can always reuse old Pots even when this one’s broken I mean I have to do I mean this is probably Gonna use this pot for two years if you Recall this is this used to be the part That I have my California oak in yeah Okay all the mesh in place the wire in Place I’m gonna put some soil and then Put the plan on top got a war class Roots already start drying out fast Even though I rinsed it with water okay Tie the bonsai to the pot and do a Little bit upwards right now the bonsai Is is in the center of the pot I could Have I could have moved a little bit More to the left Okay just need to add this lawyer now Add this piece of rock in the back just To help the pot a little bit Okay All the soy are in press a little bit Now watering Because it’s the middle of the summer

And I really want to make sure the plans You get will water so I decided to put It in the pan with water and let it soak Up the water also from the bottom you Want to make sure the planet gets well Water this won’t hurt the plant anyways If you just soak it for you know how or So and then take it out later playing Well which therefore means I’m using It’s very fast raining so you To worry about that

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