Best Cannabonsai Seed Updates in the Plant Room

Bonsai Updates in the Plant Room, The Bonsai Zone, Jan 2022

Loving the Autoflowers. Watching you plant them from seed in 2016 got me hooked on Bonsai. Next task: Get more aerial roots on my other new trees. The rain barrel, can you fill it with snow to get more water?

Video Transcript

hi everyone nigel saunders here a nice sunny day today i thought we’d start this video in the plant room where it’s nice and sunny and warm i haven’t been in the plant room much this winter for the videos i’ve been out in the greenhouse most of the time i’m going to start with some updates today so you can see what’s happening with some of the projects in the plant room i’ll start with my australian umbrella tree in the last video i leaf pruned it i repotted it i put these columns of soil under the aerial roots so they would grow down to the ground i put all the sphagnum moss around to hold the soil in here you can see it’s leafed out once again so everything’s doing well on it nice and healthy so i’ve just got to wait you know i don’t know how long i i’ll have to keep all the soil around the aerial roots and that but i would think i could take this all away by mid-summer probably i may even leave it on until the end of summer just to make sure everything’s rooted properly it all depends i guess if it’s growing really strongly over the summer i can take it away earlier or i can at least you know slit down the the tube here and start exposing a bit to see what’s happening with the roots so it the plant’s doing very well i’m pleased with its progress it should get some nice sunshine later on today beside it i have my ficus plain the one i call plain so it’s it’s doing really well also the canopy up here is coming out into leaf you can see there’s new shoots all over it so yeah i think it’s going to look quite nice i think it’ll grow really well this summer i’m going to repot it uh do some i think i’m going to have to do some pretty severe root pruning on this this year um it always had a bit of a funny root system and i i think it’s probably time to correct that so yeah some root work coming up for that tree for sure this year beside that i have my ficus cutting of a cutting it also has a lot of new shoots coming out on it you know new shoots all over uh starting to grow again i gave it quite a pruning last time and it’s starting to look pretty good up here i have my guava tree it has come out into leaf once again you can see the exfoliating bark is just flaking off like crazy look at that it’s like a reptile or a snake shedding its skin amazing yeah looking really healthy growing really well my guava will also be getting repotted this year i did a lot of root work on it last time i potted it trying to get a nice radial root base so i’ll continue working on that and i’ll probably put it in a different pot this is more a semi cascade style pot but it’s a good pot for growing it in way over here i’ve got my lychee tree that i got from zinn and i did really really severe root pruning to it last time i repotted it and it’s not dying that’s all i can say about it it’s not dying so that’s a good sign they kind of go dormant this time of year it’s not their like growing period so i’m expecting it to recover because i mean as i said it hasn’t died and once spring hits i think it’ll just grow like crazy once again so i think it’s made it i mean it’s not a hundred percent sure yet but it’s certainly looking you know okay way down here i had an acacia tree that was growing in one of those seed trays it was really really tall and i cut it back hard i did some root work on it and put it in a bone sized soil and a bonsai pot and you can see it’s leafed out once again it’s looking really good so i’m so glad that survived now this acacia tree if you remember back there was it was a couple of years ago i went and visited i think it was alan gardens in toronto it was at the cactus and succulent show and there was a big acacia tree growing in there and it had all those seed pods on it and i didn’t dare take a seed pod off the tree because i’d probably get in trouble or something so i was kind of disappointed and then i noticed in the pathway where everyone was walking there was seed pods laying in the pathway that had fallen off the tree and i thought well surely they can’t mind me taking two seed pods off the floor there so i did i put them in my pocket and uh and out of those two seed pods i’ve got i got two trees growing one didn’t make it it kind of withered away but this one did which is just amazing so yeah that’s the story behind that tree i hope i don’t get in trouble for taking that seed pod off the ground i don’t think so i mean it was right in the pathway where everyone was walking so better to you know have some good come out of that seed pod laying in the walkway than it’s just getting stepped on and mushed into the ground over here i have my ficus lyrata my fiddly fig and the last time i worked on it i pruned the top off to a new chute here my new apex to the tree and i had two branches on it i cut the branches back and now you can see there’s a new shoot coming in on that branch nothing coming on this one yet and the apex also has a new shoot growing in so i’m hoping all goes well with it i did remove some lower branches on it so it looks like it’s doing well just above my fiddly fig i have my ficus microcarpa the one i grew from a seed and it’s getting giant i don’t know if you get a idea of how big it is but it’s huge the canopy on it and it just keeps growing as soon as you get sunlight in the plant room i just notice oh it starts growing again which is good i’m going to grow it even larger it’s in a big pot that i got from the bonsai supply from jerome and murray so it’s got a huge pot under it so i can grow this tree quite large so i’m just going to let this canopy grow again this summer i might do some pruning to it but it’s definitely in a growing phases tree i want to thicken it all up and it’ll be one of my larger bone size there’s a look at the roots down there yeah it’ll be grown as a large bonsai eventually now that doesn’t mean i won’t be cutting it back hard eventually i’ll have to do that these branches will get kind of long and without much taper so eventually this whole canopy will get pruned back hard to you know a small compact rounded form and then it’ll be allowed to grow again so it’ll be you know clipping growth through the years building up that taper and movement in the branches and ramification my other ficus microcarpa the one i call fancy i did a lot of thinning to it before i brought it in for the winter and it’s also starting to grow and fill out again it really loves these sunny days so it’s doing really well also i brought my sarissa up from the basement you can see it in the sunlight here and it’s just starting to grow now it’s been up here for just over a week i think and already it’s responding to the warmth and the sunlight it’s got all these new leaves growing in so that’s kind of exciting i just i didn’t want to leave it dormant in the basement for too long i just i don’t know i did that last year i brought it up earlier too so it started growing in the plant room yeah i don’t know how much dormancy they can handle but i thought you know it’s the end of january almost and i thought yeah i’ll bring it up and start warming it up and growing it i think it’s had enough of a rest period that’s what i did last year and it grew really well over the summer so that’s the story on the sarissa back into the sunshine and the warmth speaking of acacias here’s my forest that i grew from a seed over here i pruned them all back before i brought them in for fall they had no leaves on them they had already dropped their leaves actually outside and now they’re all growing in again growing like weeds once again so they’re doing quite well very happy with the growth in those i’ve got my cheflera here on my spinning tree bonsai turntable the one adrian sent me a wonderful turntable so i’m trying to uh keep these aerial roots misted so on the turntable here you can see the aerial root hanging off the edge of the pot here and there’s a whole bunch hanging off the branches here so i just missed it here i’ll show you i spin it and mist you can see there’s an aerial root growing across the trunks in there that’s really cool yeah lots of area so i’m trying to keep those alive kind of babying the tree misting it a lot and yeah you can see all the roots hanging down in there so it gets good sunlight from the windows here and then on the other side it’s got that ufo light from connor that lights up this side so it’s getting good light and i can rotate it around whichever side needs light so right now i’m kind of lighting up the back side with the sunlight because i want this to fill in a little more at the back and beside that i have my ficus my franken ficus or fusion ficus uh let me get in there it’s doing really well so i same thing i’ve got the ufo light above it here shining on this side and then i get the sunlight on this side so it’s growing out fairly evenly it looks really really healthy amazing in fact i can see early spring it’s going to need a pruning trying to build up that structure which will be a long process getting you know a beautiful branch structure on this tree but it’s going to be worth it i think the trunk and root base is just looking really good and i just gotta get the top filled out and sorted out and it’ll be a really nice tree my ficus root over temple a strange thing happened to it when i initially did the hard pruning on the trees i had two of the major trunks die back to nothing and one trunk survived and i shot out a whole bunch of shoots and now all those shoots have died off you can see in here these are all the initial branches that it shot out if you can see that and they’re all dying off and then new branches are growing in now on top really thickly so i don’t know what happened there while the old branches died off and now it’s growing new ones all i can think is that when i initially pruned it it sent out a whole bunch of branches and then as it reorganized the living tissue maybe some of those branches weren’t destined to make it and it’s sent out a whole bunch of new ones now so interesting it looks really good like it looks really healthy i don’t anticipate any problems with it you know there’s always a chance it may not make it but so far it’s doing really well i’m happy with it over here we have the monkey ear trees i pruned those back before i brought them in quite short and now you can see how much they’ve grown again these trees grow incredibly fast especially that one in here i don’t know if it’s the genetics of it but the one the biggest tree you can see how tall it is it seems to grow about twice as fast as all the others and these are from seed so yeah this will be their fourth year they’re building up big trunks really cool trees they’re kind of similar to the brazilian rain tree in looks but maybe a little larger leaves and more vigorous growers yeah i really like them all the leaves fold up at night they’re really cool plants speaking of brazilian rain trees it is actually budding out now finally i’m getting new growth on it i don’t know if you can see it in there ah let me right here there’s buds all over it and now they’re starting to come out which is nice to see it’s looking a little sparse at the moment but i think once all those new buds come in it’s going to fill out and look quite nice because a lot of the older leaves have dropped off on it now they went yellow and fall and they just they’re kind of dropping off as the new growth is coming in down here is my snow queen hibiscus from connor i did some really hard pruning on it you can see it in there looking really good getting all kinds of new branches looking very miniature and starting to look more like a tree so really happy with the growth on that and over here i have my yellow hibiscus here it is here and the same thing i did some hard pruning on it and it’s coming back really nicely all kinds of new branches looking good nice to see and it’s also beginning to look more tree-like rather than a nursery plant beside my cyrissa here is my silk floss tree here it is it’s growing in fantastically so i did a hard prune on these before i brought them in for the winter and they were dormant down in the basement and again i felt sorry for them and i brought them up to start warming them up and they just exploded in growth you can see all the new shoots coming out on them actually that’s not that’s my k-pop tree here but yeah new shoots growing out all over them looking really really good down in front of the light down here is my cityscape penging all those trees are looking good i did lose two trees in the forest here and i think it was from lack of light and maybe lack of water i’m being very careful watering them now and they’ve got this light shining on them and so far they’re doing all really well so i can always replace those two trees that died with cuttings down here is my crown of thorns i don’t know how well you can see it but it’s beginning to come into leaf now there it is there the silhouette of it anyway yeah it’s starting to come into leaf again there’s all kinds of new leaves coming out on all the branches so that’s exciting it looks like it’s doing well the jade i repotted my flowering jade is in here it’s also doing really well still got lots of flowers on it they’re starting to fade away and it’s starting to grow again the tree but it was nice while it lasted those flowers and they last a long time you know a couple of months which is pretty good down here i have a lemon cypress from bonsai j this is the only one that’s survived he gave me a tray of cuttings and the other ones just slowly withered away but this one’s doing really well so i’m glad i got one out of the group of them that survived my norfolk island pine forest here you can see the new growth coming out on it that’ll need pinching soon you don’t want to get the tops too vigorous otherwise the bottoms get weak so you’ve got to manage that kona vigor keeping the tops tightly pruned letting the bottoms bottom branches grow a little more freely over behind the schafflera we’ve got the lithops down there they are doing really well there’s a look at them yeah some of them are getting big and juicy looking yeah really cool interesting plants my ming aurelia that i got from derek is still doing well down here check that out it’s looking really good awesome that little ginkgo seedling it’s doing well too you can see it down there there’s my mini pencil cactus it’s doing really well also and my rat tail jade down here is getting quite long and the trunks are actually getting woody on it so it’ll be really interesting to see what i can make out of those in the future interesting species over here on top of the rain barrel is my aloe bonsai getting quite monstrously large you can see how big it is yeah um i got a lot of pruning to come up on this uh you can see in here there’s kind of a branch that goes horizontal it’s got all kinds of cool aerial roots on it but it doesn’t fit in with that kind of upright design so i think i’ve got to remove that and do some sorting out of some of the trunks and that yeah give it a bit of style right now it just looks like a big clump of aloe but underneath there somewhere is kind of a cool bonsai so maybe remove some of these lower leaves and that my rain barrel remember i had it full well it’s getting down close to the halfway mark now so yeah i’ve got 30 gallons or 113 liters left so hopefully you know we’ll get a thaw soon and i can fill it back up i always get worried when it starts getting below the halfway mark i don’t want to run out of rain water yeah so that’s some of the updates of the plant room everything’s doing well i don’t think i’ve really killed too much uh here’s the this is the pile of the lemon cypresses from bonsai j that aren’t doing well there’s one at the back that’s still green this one here but not much i don’t know what happened to them i had them over here by the window and maybe they just got too cold i don’t know yeah i’m not sure what happened and these other ones these are the madagascar jasmines so these are cuttings and then this is the original plant i’m hoping it’s all right i don’t know i could scratch it and see if there’s green under the bark but i’ll just leave it if it takes off it takes off if it doesn’t it doesn’t behind that are my my baobabs they’re just sitting there drying out for the winter they’ll just sit there dormant all winter until spring comes and then they’ll start growing again my other bab is over here it’s with my those hibiscus that i started from seeds the hawaiian hibiscus so i’ve got one hawaiian hibiscus there and then i’ve got two of them two or three over there in a forest way back in there i can just get into water and they’re doing well they should be fine my bullhorn acacia here is doing really well that got a pruning it needs another pruning soon but yeah it’s doing well my natal ficus back there still doing quite well i don’t know why that one branch is kind of yellowy on it i’m going to investigate that when i pull it out i think it’s just i don’t know maybe it was too cold there on the one side i don’t know it should recover i think there’s all kinds of buds on it yeah there’s all kinds of buds on it so once it starts growing again it’s kind of just dormant in here it’s too cool for it it’ll start growing and should green up fine way down under here i don’t know if i can get in here between here there’s my my wild almonds i’ve got two of them growing down there that are doing well so the third one didn’t survive but the two are growing really well and then my jerusalem thorn trees the trunks are still green on them but the leaves are all falling off so i’m not sure if they’re just waiting for spring and warmer temperatures before they start growing or or what but uh i just keep watering them just keep watering them and hopefully they’ll recover and grow over the summer i should update my bougainvillea here this is the one i defoliated root pruned repotted changes the front this is my pink pixie bougainvillea and it’s doing awesome it’s doing really well very happy with that you can see it from down here maybe right there yeah doing really well my portulacary afras they’re also doing really well and my trunk scarring worked really really nice it’s awesome in fact i scarred the trunks down there to kind of uh give that bab look like the elephants have scarred the trunks kind of put it some gashes in the trunk with my scissors and yeah it’s healing over really nicely i don’t know if you can see that there it is yeah they look really good so i’ll be doing that to the front in the summer i got some nice gifts in the mail the first one is from scott winter from the youtube channel let’s do bonsai he sent me a bonsai starter kit a deluxe one it’s in a wooden box it looks really awesome so once it warms up a bit i don’t have any room in my plant room here to plant any more pots so i’m going to wait till i can do it outside in the greenhouse and we’ll get these uh the starter kit going it looks really awesome you get some really nice trees in it there’s a look at the trees you get [Music] four different species [Music] that looks pretty cool so thanks a lot scott that’s awesome i also got some seeds from emmanuel in france and he sent me some rows of sharon seeds so that’s really cool and some persian silk tree seeds so thanks very much emmanuel and again i’m going to wait until spring before i plant all these seeds because i just have no room anymore in my plant room i’ll do one last update now and that’s my hibiscus bullseye behind my ficus is my hibiscus bonsai here and these get sunlight in later on in the afternoon you can see it’s doing really well there’s all kinds of new leaves coming out on it i don’t know if i can show you much more it’s kind of back in here there’s the trunk and the branch structure doing really well my yuccas back here are also doing really well they’re growing well this winter i was going to chop them when i brought them in for the winter but i decided i want to get them really really strong before i chop them back it’s going to be quite a severe pruning so i’m letting them grow in the plant room this winter last winter i had them in the basement and they kind of stayed dormant all winter so this year i’ve brought them up in the plant room and they’re growing they’ll get the sun later on this afternoon too and then i can transition them outside and when they start getting that full sun and warmth i’m going to cut them back really severely back to just you know basically the stumps and a few branches and then we’ll see how they fill in i hope it fills in with all kinds of new branches they’re kind of unpredictable the recovery of these yuccas but yeah it’s getting too big this forest and needs pruning it’s being so nice in the plant room here on a sunny day i think this is just an excuse for me to hang out with my tropical trees today and make a video so that’s all for today i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone [Music]

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