Best Cannobonsai Seeds Review And Tool Restoration

Ficus Friday, Book Review and Tool Restoration, The Bonsai Zone, Jan 2022

Examine This Book On Best Cannabis Seed For Bonsai

I bought that book about 2 years ago and it totally got me hooked on Cannobnsai. Now I have about 10 different species of weed that I personally work with and whenever I have a chance at a new one I just get it. Really amazing read, I can highly recommend it 🙂

& select a reputation That could be a common for example White Widow or Northern Lights because tips on how to develop them is perfectly documented.

Or if you’re hungry for that strike of unrivaled fruitiness along with your higher, sample the zesty Zkittlez pressure for any style from the ganja rainbow.

Whether you’re trying to find seeds for rookies or for people hunting the headiest substantial or from the charts CBD creation, here within the cabinets of SeedSupreme’s seed financial institution, you’ll obtain only the highest good quality weed seeds available.

While you care for your vegetation, you study things such as the amount light and h2o they have to have and which different types of nutrients will induce them to flourish.

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But, when developing cannabis for your own use, topping a couple of times (or a lot more) will do The work but when talking about cannabis bonsais it is probably not the best selection since, despite causing a shorter plant, it will likely not resemble a traditional bonsai tree so you can even now have to use LST techniques.

Considering the fact that that fateful day, these cannabis seeds have grown to be the prototype, foremost the best way for the development of well known strains for example Shiva Skunk and Silver Haze.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t get large yields a result of the ultimate size from the plant so this isn’t proposed in case you need to get an enormous harvest, it’s in fact far more of a hobby for house growers who would like to experiment with new factors.

Lowryder is most often applied as an out of doors strain for “guerrilla growers” due to its smaller extra resources stature and easy concealment, this pressure also has some superb properties for that aspiring indoor grower.

The bonsai tree is an artwork and labor of love that requires endurance and perseverance from the element. However, I’ve defined the main points you need to know about increasing a gorgeous bonsai as a novice.

Since it is a vital rule, position the bonsai out of doors in a dazzling location with heaps of sunshine. If the summertime temperature is amazingly incredibly hot, then early morning and afternoon gentle will probably be ideal for your bonsai.

Very similar to the Blue Desire, you may feel calm but nonetheless attentive towards the atmosphere encompassing you.

When you have noticed the seeds sprout, it’s time to choose excellent care of these to build lovely bonsai. Submit-Germination Treatment

The very first bending you’ll do is with the leading stem, or “trunk” of your tree. Several bonsai trees tend not to expand straight up, but in many cases are bent into more striking or wonderful designs. Sink a stake to the soil beside your stem, very careful not to wreck any roots. The stake will work as an anchor that you should bend or twist the trunk around in any course you end up picking.

Video Transcript

i’ll show you some of the frost patterns on the glass of the greenhouse they’re really quite beautiful they’re all different there’s swirls and just amazing it’s like art on your walls that changes every day this one over here amazing i like feathers just amazing just amazing hi everyone nigel saunders here it is ficus friday today and it’s a very very very cold ficus friday in the greenhouse here it is 4.3 degrees celsius and outside it’s minus 14.4 or inside it’s 39.7 degrees fahrenheit outside it’s 6.1 degrees fahrenheit a cold day so tonight we’re getting our coldest night of the year it is going down to minus 27 degrees celsius that’s getting pretty cold i think it’s too cold to be working on ficus today but i have a ficus book this is a book by jerry meislek jerry’s first book was called ficus the exotic bonsai and this is a revised edition of that with lots more content and it it’s a really awesome book i first heard of jerry way back when the internet was just starting i was at work and we were allowed to go on the internet for half an hour at lunch time and i stumbled across his his site his website and it was just awesome i i remember every lunch time reading i went through the entire site and there’s just a there’s tons of content on it it’s really good if you like ficus that is the site for you and he brought out this book ficus the exotic bonsai and our club got it in the library and i never got to see it um i saw it i flipped through it and then someone signed it out and i never saw it ever again i don’t know what happened to the book it’s probably still in the library somewhere and then uh he brought out this revised edition the world of ficus bonsai and i thought well i’ll just buy the book myself why wait for it to show up in the library and so i did and it’s a really good book it’s just excellent i asked jerry for permission to review the book online because you know books are copyrighted you can’t just be showing a book without permission so i’m going to show you the table of contents so chapter one the fig family chapter two special fig characteristics chapter three figs in nature chapter four identifying and naming a fig chapter five figs for bonsai and then we get into chapter six cultivation and care of figs indoors chapter seven problems growing figs indoors chapter eight aerial roots in bonsai chapter nine basic bonsai styling chapter 10 fig styles chapter 11 small size bonsai chapter 12 wiring clip and grow reduction chapter 13 defoliation chapter 14 moving and shaping heavy branches chapter 15 grafting and fusion let me come over chapter 16 propagating figs chapter 17 getting ready for a show chapter 18 age size value and time chapter 19 before and after in chapter 20 fig species suitable for bonsai and chapter 21 fig species less suitable for bonsai and i think i have some trees in both of those categories so it covers if i was ever to write a book on ficus it would be exactly like this i mean he discusses ficus in nature bonsai ficus all the different species the styles the techniques it’s just an excellent book if there is a book like this on every bonsai species that that’d be all you’d need to buy you could buy you know if there’s one on junipers like this or pines you know on each specific species it’d be fantastic so there’s jerry there there he is with his ficus he’s a really nice fella and he loves his ficus just like me so i’m going to show you i’m not going to show you too much of the book because i just if you like ficus bonsai i would just go out and buy the book it’s just fantastic i’ve been reading this book for i don’t know weeks i just you know if i have some spare time at night i just grab the book and i read a chapter and it’s just fantastic it’s one of those books that’s just a great resource to have and yeah so i’m so glad i bought it and i’m going to put all the links to jerry’s website in the description down below he’s got a blog he’s got a website he tours and does uh you know bonsai workshops and he’s gone all over the world africa and taiwan and that um yeah fascinating fellow uh i hope i get to meet him someday i’m hoping at the next u.s national show maybe i’ll meet him there that would be kind of cool because i i’ve known of jerry since yeah since the early days of the internet i’m thinking i’m not sure when he started his online website but i think i think it was like in the early 2000s maybe maybe even before that i’m not sure but uh yeah it’s it’s been quite a while so check out his website and then yeah if you like his website buy his book it’s just fantastic i think it’s one of those resources that’s just good to have especially if you like ficus bonsai and i do i’ve really enjoyed looking through and reading jerry’s bonsai book the world of ficus bonsai and just to let you know jerry didn’t approach me about the book and i just bought it with my own money and i liked it so much that i wanted to share the book with you guys because i think it’s worth getting i think you know i’ve seen a lot of books out there bonsai books that i see them and i think oh that looks like a really good book and then i buy it and i get it home and there’s very little good information in it it’s yeah this is one of the good books so i just wanted to let you know that you know this isn’t sponsored or anything and i’m not gaining money off this i’m just trying to spread the word of ficus bonsai all over the world today i’m going to continue the restoration work on my spherical branch pruners trying to make them look brand new like they just came out of the factory so my liquid gun blue came in after 11 days so this is a blackening solution that you put on the tool and it should make it look like it just came from the factory here’s a look at the solution i’ll be using it’s perma blue liquid gun blue it’s a cold bluing solution and this was the only one that i could see that was available from my local hardware store uh it’s quite expensive it’s 16.99 for three fluid ounces or 90 milliliters i got two of them just because you had to have a minimum order of thirty dollars for online so i got two um so the directions it says clean metal parts to be reblued with birchwood casey cleaning degreaser or denatured alcohol and rinse with cold water for complete reblueing remove old bluing and rust with birchwood casey blue and rust remover brighten area to be re-blued with steel wool or abrasive cloth clean again and rinse apply blue with saturated swab or sponge allow to work one minute rinse with cold water and wipe dry polish lightly with steel wool then you repeat steps four five and six to attain a darker blue saturate metal with barricade breast protection allow to cure overnight for best results so basically one application will darken the metal you do another application it’ll get darker and darker and the rubbing in between the coats gets you a nice smooth consistent finish if you just pile it on you’ll get it’ll look blotchy it won’t look very nice so that’s what i’m going to do now i’ve read online that you should try and heat your steel up before you apply the solution on it gives a better result so i have the little heater in here so i’m going to blow the hot air on the tool before i apply the solution that should work quite nicely i’m all set up to begin the prep work so the first step is to clean the tool down thoroughly i’ve got rubber gloves and i highly recommend you wear rubber gloves when you’re using this perma blue solution because it’ll turn your skin a bluish black color and i think it’s quite quite permanent too i refinished the tool already and then i tried boiling it in that vinegar solution and it turned part of it black especially where it was heat treated at the nose here so i’m going to clean all that off i’m going to rub it all down and i’ll put the gloves on because you don’t want any oils on your tool before you put the bluing solution on it has to be clean right down to the metal and even you know the oil from your fingerprints will leave blotches in that so that’s my first step get the rubber gloves on and start rubbing the tool down refinishing it with a really fine sandpaper i’m going to do all the prep work in front of the heater here when i turn the heater on it’s going to be quite noisy but i hope it’s bearable i hope it’s not too loud so here i go [Music] all right step one is to get these rubber gloves on hope i could do that and these rubber gloves were sent to me by tom way long ago i think when i was working on a denium or something something that was poisonous maybe it was my pencil cactus he thought i’d better get some rubber gloves on so thanks tom and thomas from growing clipbone cyphers seniors fantastic youtube channel there we go there’s one on this might help keep my hands warmer too i’ve got my thousand grit wet sandpaper i’m not going to use it wet but and i’ll just give it all a rub down restoring that bright surface to it removing any oils that are on the surface of the steel from my hands or and some people i don’t think i’ve seen uh people on the internet they they put a salt solution on their tool to actually rust it with the iron oxide kind of rust and then they apply the cold bluing over top of that and they say that’s really good it gives good protection but i don’t know so i don’t think it’s critical i get all this rust off and it’s almost impossible to get it all off because it’s really hard to get in some of these spaces on the tool i’ve got the tool sanded down i mean it’s not perfect but you know this is going to be blackened so i don’t have to get like a mirror finish all over it i think it’ll be quite good the only important part is these cutting edges and this won’t affect the cutting edges at all i can always just you know touch those up and the rest of the tool stay black all right so next i’ve got to clean it with the denatured alcohol to clean it i’m going to use a cotton ball and you have to be careful not to double dip these you got to keep them clean so i’ll open up my alcohol which like that soak my cotton ball okay that’s soaked my cap back on so it doesn’t evaporate it’ll go back on there it goes okay and then i’ll wipe my tool down that’s working well and this will get any oil off prep the surface and you can use any you know you could use lacquer thinners or anything to clean this with it doesn’t have to be alcohol and the instructions say once you’ve got the tool where you think it’s all clean and wiped down do it again so i will all right so here goes cotton ball number two there we go and we’ll get the tool wiped down for the second time all right i think that’s thoroughly clean i’ve got to let it warm up now in front of the heater here so i’ll leave that sit for a little bit and then we’ll start the cold bluing all right the tool is warmed up so i’m going to try this out give my bottle a shake i’ll open it up now you’ve gotta never double dip this so once you put it on your cotton ball you don’t you know reapply it because it’ll dilute the mixture so i gotta peel this off somehow with my gloves on [Applause] i may have to just kind of poke it away like that okay here i go this will be interesting come on ah i’m spilling it all all right here i go let’s see if this works whoa whoa that ever turned it black wow that’s way better than the vinegar you see the colors in it too it’s beautiful now let’s see if it does the heat treated part of it oh yeah it’s working nicely it’s doing its thing i got to get inside the blade here now the one guy said you don’t let it dry on the surface of your steel but i don’t know how i avoid that you can see kind of the colors i don’t know if you can see that but it’s kind of a greenish blue color really really nice now it’s not a you know it’s not a real durable finish it’ll scratch still and but it’s you know it’s probably better than paint or anything like that so you gotta dunk it in water to uh stop the reaction i’m still shiny on the inside here i don’t know what happened there maybe i missed that handle a bit we’ll get it on the second round okay i’m going to let that heat there i’m going to get another cotton ball and we’ll try coat number two now this is a fairly thick liquid it doesn’t really soak into the cotton balls so well there we go just give the bottle a squeeze okay here i go again it’s coat number two i haven’t rinsed it yet but oh yeah that turns it really dark especially those areas i missed wow the side of her darken it get all in those nooks and crannies inside the jaws here yeah those are turning really nice they’re really nice finish okay i think that is good i’m going to get some water and i’ll dunk it and that’ll stop my reaction and then we’ll let it dry and we’ll put another coat on okay i’ve got some water over here i’ll dunk it in there okay so that stopped the reaction i’ll let that dry and heat up again and we’ll try a second round very exciting i’ll just dunk my hands in there too stop any chemicals on my gloves yeah so here’s what it looks like i don’t know how well you can see it here but it’s definitely definitely nice [Music] it’s not that black yet but it’s got some nice patterns in it yeah it’s just beautiful the way it is but i’ll try and get it a little darker and i’ll maybe buff it a bit between coats i looked around and i don’t have any steel wool unfortunately i should have got some but i’m going to try just buffing it lightly oh these are very warm i’m going to try buffing it lightly with the sandpaper you can see it it kind of it removes it from all the highlighted areas like the high spots okay i think that’s ready to try round two so here i go i’ll get a fresh cotton ball get our bluing solution on it let it shake [Music] squeeze that a bit there we go oh spilling it everywhere okay here i go this is very exciting [Music] there it goes turning black again some people dunk it they say it gives it more even finish but i think the cotton cotton ball does a good job i i see a nice even finish on it let’s get inside these jaws get those nice and dark if we can so some people you can use any oil to stabilize this and oil the tools to stop them rusting some people say linseed oil is the best because it kind of leaves a permanent coating on it so i don’t know if i’ll i think i’ll try against the whale it should work fine all right i think that’s it for round two i’m going to dip this in the water and then we’ll try a third coat they say you know it takes four or five sometimes up to ten coats before you get the nice dark color you want okay so into the water it goes [Music] and i’ll be sure not to use that water on my trees there we go so you can see how black it’s getting now really really nice i like that okay get the lid back on we’ll let that dry and warm up once again all right here i go with the next coat of my blue i’m getting in all the tight areas first then i’ll do the handles again so i’ll rinse that and that’ll be the final coat and then we’ll oil it up so here goes the rinse there it is rinsed up yeah that’s a nice i like that that’s kind of what it’ll look like with the oil on it’ll be dark like that yeah that’s awesome i like that beautiful so i’ll let that dry again open it up put it like that and then i’ll get the oil and i think i’m going to use linseed oil because linseed oil leaves a film on it’s like well linseed oil is an ingredient in paint and uh yeah it leaves a permanent layer on it and i think that’ll really help with the rust proofing all right so off go the gloves i’m done with my dangerous chemicals my hands are still skin colored i’ve got my jug of double boiled linseed oil out here before i put the linseed oil on i’ll show you what the tool looks like in the sun so if we come over here here it is so you can see the nice color on it and the sheen it’s shiny it has beautiful colors yeah just just beautiful all right here i go with the linseed oil get my cork out of here and i’ll put a dab on the cotton ball like that [Music] and then we’ll get the tool all oiled up and this is a rust protection and like i said it’ll leave a permanent small film of linseed oil on the tool that’ll help it not going rusty in the humidity and you can use any oil you can use motor oil vegetable oil whatever you’ve got any oil works i’m just using linseed oil because it’ll leave a slight film that’ll dry on the tool wipe that down and then i’ll let it dry i’m just wiping it with the cleaner side of the cotton ball you don’t want to wipe it all off but here’s a look at the pruners now they’re all finished and i think it’s more beautiful than it it’s ever looked in its whole life it’s smoother it’s got that nice bluish black color to it it’s just it’s just beautiful i can’t believe it see that color that’s just fantastic wow amazing just amazing i’ll put a shot of the pruners before i started the work in so you can see the comparison of the before and after here’s a close-up look at the pruners and you can see there’s surface rust over the entire surface even the handles so i’ve got a lot of cleanup to do there’s a maker stamp yeah that is just amazing wow so that that was a successful refinishing of a bonsai tool i am so pleased with that that is just amazing here’s a shot that compares the pruners i just restored with their nice bluish turquoise glow to the metal first is the factory ones here which are just kind of black and boring yeah i sure like that uh gun blueing it leaves a beautiful finish i’m so pleased to get my concave branch pruners restored looking beautiful sharpened up and ready to do bonsai work fantastic and that’s all for today for this ficus friday i’m nigel saunders thanks for joining me in the bonsai zone [Music]

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