Fun Stuff We Can Do in the Lockdown to Have Laughs and Keep Active

We’re all locked down, but we don’t have to be down at the same time! Here are some fun things we can do to keep busy and active and fresh! The lockdown doesn’t have to be all bad, we can make it quite fun actually!

Every Dilemma Has a Silver Blessing

For the last several weeks, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and myself have been enjoying some quiet time in our parsonage. I cannot remember the last time we had such quiet time all to ourselves. One of the blessings of this time is the fact that telemarketers are not calling. In a way, I miss them because I used to harass them as much as they were harassing me. But we will come back to that in a few weeks or months. I did not know what a wonderful time it was until yesterday as my wife and I were enjoying our supper together. Usually, throughout the week, we spend quite a bit of time at a restaurant because of our schedule. It is not often that we can spend a whole week having our meals together. Enjoying home-cooked meals is one of the great pleasures of being married to someone who knows how to cook. If the cooking were left up to me, it would be a completely different story. The truth is, it is not up to me and I say a grateful, hallelujah!

Time Alone Is Time Invested

During the past week, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly have been spending quite a bit of time together. I cannot recall any time that we have spent this much time together. The exception would be when we first got married. Even then, both of us worked during the day and were going to a Bible Institute at night. Occasionally our schedule collided, but rarely. Because we both had energy, we did not realize how much we were doing. Every day had its own blessing. It was not long before the babies came knocking on our door, and we graciously invited them in. From then on, time alone was a thing of the past. It is amazing to me how much time a baby can take from you. But it was time well invested, I assure you. As a 21-year-old father, I thought I had lots of energy. It was not until the babies started coming that I realized my energy was long ago spent. Why does God give babies so much energy? I think He does it on purpose.

8 Tips to Working From Home During the Pandemic

It is a time in the nation where many are having to work from home. 8 tips to doing so effectively and getting it all done with the children at home.

Panic Buying Is It the Survival Instinct or Greed?

Has the survival instinct taken over? Are we like squirrels hiding their nuts? Is this why we as a population are behaving in this idiotic manner? How long does a bar of soap or a soap dispenser last? Moe than a week I would think, even with plenty of hand washing, and don’t people usually have a spare in their homes anyway? Cleaning materials, are we suddenly all spring cleaning? Toilet rolls what on earth are people buying a massive surplus for? Not to mention fresh vegetables, has everyone turned vegan?

Have Nose, Will Sneeze

Many things about me could be called into question, and a lot has. I get that. However, the most attractive thing about me is my nose. I am not sure of the reason why, it looks like anybody else’s nose. My nose, however, attracts everything around it, from dust to pollen and other unmentionables. If there is something not attracted to my nose I haven’t found it yet. This past week has been no exception. If it was in the air, it was in my nose. I do not know why my nose is so attractive to things, but there it is. I am the one that suffers the consequences of that attractive nose of mine. To be very certain, I did not pick my nose, it came with my face. It seems the older I get, the more attractive my nose gets. I do not know if that is old age or if I am just beginning to notice it. When I was younger, of course, I was busy with other things, although I cannot remember what they were. Now that I am older, I have more time to pay attention to stupid things like my nose.

In My Humble Opinion

It was a busy week last week. I was chasing my tail so much, I thought I would actually catch it. What I would do after I caught it is beyond my imagination. However, I was quite busy, and then the mail came. Whenever the mail comes, I’m always expecting “the check.” Rarely do I get it, but my expectation is that I will get a $10,000 check. I don’t know from whom. “What are you going to the mailbox for?” The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage would ask. “Are you looking for your $10,000 check?” One of these days, I am going to get a $10,000 check and rub it in her face before I take it to the bank. This time the mail brought me a package from one of my relatives. It turned out to be old pictures of my family from decades ago. Most of them were black-and-white, so you can imagine how old they were.

Four Visual Clues To Determine If Your Child Suffers From A Sports Concussion

Coaches, doctors and parents should pay attention to a number of visual clues to determine if their athlete is suffering trauma from a sports concussion. Our practice has treated a good number of students who have suffered from an on-the-field concussion. A number of visual clues can reveal if the athlete has suffered a head trauma and the severity of the injury.

Organic Farming and Organic Gardening

This article is about the important of sticking to organic gardening and organic farming which save the human beings from toxic foods. Organic food produce have good nutrients that are health to the consumers.

The World Needs More Grandfathers

As time has gone by, I have learned a few things. According to the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage, I have not learned enough yet, but that’s just her opinion. She gave me a great compliment the other day when she said, “Dear, you’re as smart as you will ever be.” I am still not over that, and I walk around with my chest pushed out a little bit, not in front of her, though. Honesty will make me say that I do not know as much as I really ought to know. So much I do not know that I am not quite sure how much that is. I really won’t ever come to that conclusion. I would say, and do not repeat this to my wife, but I am smarter today than I ever was in my life. To put it bluntly, I am smarter today than the day she married me. That is as far as I am going to go on that topic.

The Unique Goodness of Christian Love

Christians have no exclusive claim to love. Among human beings it is a treasure sought, claimed and enjoyed by most – whether religious or not. There is, however, a uniqueness to Christian love that should not be missed. In this piece I attempt to bring into sharp focus this special love God has for everyone, wants everyone to experience.

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